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Focal Elear with 10 foot Silver Dragon V3!!

Trader History (3)
  1. spiderking31
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    A9448023-CB2E-4F0D-8372-676951197A33.jpeg A9448023-CB2E-4F0D-8372-676951197A33.jpeg A9448023-CB2E-4F0D-8372-676951197A33.jpeg A9448023-CB2E-4F0D-8372-676951197A33.jpeg 76AA1BFD-27D3-46CF-87EA-91590E592591.jpeg hi,

    I’m selling my Focal Elears, as my Focal Utopia’s get all my attention now....what you see in the photos, is what you’ll get! They’re in “like new” condition. Im selling the Elears along with the Moon-Audio Silver Dragon V3 as a package deal! The cable is a 10 foot cable, I'm also throwing in the stock cable as a small bonus....I am asking $1100, as that will cover PayPal fees, and shipping costs...it will ship USPS Priority Mail, and will include a tracking number...the price is firm, and the price is nonnegotiable! The Elears are an awesome headphone! Now you can own a pair with a 10 foot Silver Dragon. PM me if you’re interested! What you see in the photos, is what you’ll be getting! Storage box included!
  2. JVal
    You can buy this combo brand new for about 1000, so you might want to reevaluate your price.
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  3. spiderking31
  4. spiderking31
  5. CreditingKarma
    Are you willing to sell the cable on its own?
  6. spiderking31
    Yes. $450 for the cable...$450 will cover PayPal fees and shipping....
  7. CreditingKarma
    Think I will pass. I can buy it brand new from moon audio for like $60 more. GLWS
  8. spiderking31
  9. spiderking31
  10. spiderking31
  11. spiderking31
    If you’re still interested in the cable, I’ll do $300, and that includes PayPal fees and priority shipping....let me know
  12. spiderking31
  13. spiderking31
  14. spiderking31
  15. spiderking31
    Not for sale anymore....please take my classified down

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