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Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by grizzlybeast, Jun 21, 2016.
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  1. JWahl

    They're a fun and clear headphone for listening to Hip Hop and electronic music. Good basshead cans. My biggest gripe has just been the pad shape. From what I've read about the Elear and my brief listen, they seem like they reach down low with good impact, though less exaggerated than the Fostex. And while having better balance to be used with other music. Now I just need to slog through this thread to look for reports of good amps with the Elear. I'll probably upgrade my amp/dac again come tax refund season.

    I've been really happy with the Chord Mojo so far having downgraded from much more expensive gear. Considering a 2qute and dedicated amp again later on. Maybe another Torpedo III, or the Metrum Aurix has caught my eye recently also. My past experience with tube amps has me thinking I may just prefer amps with transformer coupled outputs. I suspect that may apply with solid state as well. Just need to see what has good potential (and value) with the Elear.
  2. JLoud

    I believe it was my Elears you listened to last week at the Head-Fi meet.  Did you try them on the Jot I brought?  I have been very happy with that combination.  Also just got my balanced cables and the did improve sound stage and maybe instrument separation slightly. 
  3. JWahl

    Unfortunately I didn't notice the Jot at first, or I was too distracted with other stuff. I'm sure it's a great value though. I almost got one instead of the Mojo, but I was curious about all the Chord hype.
  4. b3wannabe
    Super interested in a comparison of the Elear and the Fostex TH900. I am debating between the two and hoping I don't have to buy both!
  5. BunnyNamedCraig

    My 2 second 2 cents- if you mainly listen to edm, electronic music ect then go for TH900. Listen to anything else go for the Elear.... for me I couldn't justify paying the extra money to buy a 900 over an Elear for like one genre of music
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  6. ForceMajeure
    Did someone tried to switch pads on the Elear to the Utopia?
    I know about that being measured already from various sources. I am just curious to know if someone tried that here and what he thinks of it. 
  7. jaredjcrandall8
    I will by the end of this week. I love the pha-3's soundstage through the balanced config so I bet the elear will sound great.
  8. GU1DO
    I LOVE my TH-900 ,, I ordered the Elear and wating for next shipment ,, when i have it will report back :)
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  9. SHAMuuu

    The Th900 might not be the best sounding, but man its full of Japanese Soul. I think its the most beautiful woodie. I know the Lawton ones look real good, but that red900 with that Japan magic . When you BIG IN JAPAN...
    After the 900s, i'm done with this headphone world :D
  10. Defiant00

    If you haven't already decided on an amp, I'll have Asgard 2/Elear impressions and comparisons with the HD800S in the next couple weeks, as I'm next on the loaner program.
  11. Headphone4Life
    I never thought I'd contemplate selling my Nighthawks because I really like them as much or more than any headphone I've had but since getting the Elear I don't see a need to keep them anymore.  This headphone is just a power house of fun with such a dynamic sound and mids that I love.  I don't even care that the soundstage is quite narrow because the depth is outstanding along with the imaging.  I really think I've found my endgame headphone, now I just need my endgame amp/dac and I'll be set.
    About the amp/dac I'm thinking of getting the Jotunheim or getting the Vali 2 along with the Modi 2 Uber which would be about $200 less than the Jotunheim with dac.  I know of some using the Jotunheim but anyone using the Vali 2, Modi 2 Uber or both please let me know how they pair with the Elear.
  12. Tagjazz

    I have owned the Nighthawk and am possibly considering the Elears but have been reluctant as many have commented that there is a suck out in the mid range/lower treble. Have you noticed this and how to they compare to the Hawks in terms of being immersive? 
  13. cold ears
    I think they sound great with my Lyr 2 with stock tubes, though I don't have another desktop amp to compare them with.  They also sounded surprisingly good with my FiiO X5+E12 portable setup. 
  14. Mediahound

    I compare the 2 here: 

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  15. frigginloony
    I'm not detecting any midrange or treble fallout or dip.  I don't  own the nighthawks, but I can truly say the elears are about as immersive a headphone as I have ever heard.  I also have to be honest and say that the elear does not have a huge soundstage, and in fact, it's soundstage is somewhat intimate. This is not detrimental to these cans in any way and in fact, it is part of it's unique sound profile. It's soundstage grows and expands to fit the music being played. If it is classical, it grows to a full orchestral arrangement with highly detailed imaging, if it is a rock band, it is dynamic and places you in an  ideal stage image with exacting voice and instrument placing and clarity.  I could go on and on. They are very difficult to describe its sound profile without you hearing them yourself.  Almost everyone says they are "dynamic".  I say the same, but what the hell does THAT mean.  If I was forced to elaborate, I would just probably state the these cans put you where the artist and the sound engineers intended and let you hear the music AS intended. There is no fallout, no harshness, no glare,  no bloat, no artificial intonation.  
    The elears take the music its fed, it gobbles it up with glee and spits it out to your amazed ears in all the glory (or grime if badly recorded) that was originally intended. 
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