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Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by grizzlybeast, Jun 21, 2016.
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  1. joeq70
    I was fortunate enough to participate in the Vali tour, and I sat down recently with the Elear. The Elear is significantly more detailed/clear sounding than the Vali. For reference, the Vali, IMO, has less detail than the HD6X0 headphones, as well. Further, the Vali has more of a midbass emphasis than the Elear, while the Elear has more sub bass.Bass is also tighter on the Elear. 
    TBH I would not really describe the Elear as warmish. It is cleaner and more detailed than the LCD-2, DT1770 (yeah, there is perhaps more treble presence in this one but it is smoothed over detail-wise), HD650/600, and ZMF Omni. It is, however, warmer than the HD800/HD800S and Ether. Hope that helps.
  2. BunnyNamedCraig

    What's your reference point in regards to cleaner and more detailed than the ZMF Omni? Aka what source amp ect? If you have time. I have YET to hear a ZMF Omni and have heard all the above mentioned minus the DT, and very little head time with ether and 650.
  3. joeq70
    Listened to some various setups for the others but for the Omni it was Aune T1 DAC (ok dac, neither great nor horrible) into a Schiit Mjolnir. I listened to the Elear out of the Hugo TT and straight out of the Aune T1 (shockingly not a huge difference w/the Elear). The Omni has a more robust and satisfying bass response and more richness in the mids but has a relaxed/rolled off/non-sparkly treble. I have to give the clarity, detail, and cleanness of treble to the Elear. The Omni is a bit slower and less snappy sounding than the Elear, as well. Both are really good headphones, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone strongly preferred either one over the other. IMO the Elear is the better all-arounder whereas the Omni is a better specialist for bass heavy, electronic, and acoustic tracks.
  4. GI-Mike
    I have all three, Shure 1840~senn-650, Now Focal elear. While i still love the other two phones...The Elear is a class above. IMHO best 1k I think Ive ever spent.
  5. GI-Mike
  6. GI-Mike
    The Elear is really Stunning..To my ears anyway.
  7. GI-Mike
    It is MUCH Better..
  8. Arcamera

    Thanks for your thoughts. I still want both the Elear and the Vali! I can imagine both being quite appealing in different moods.
  9. BunnyNamedCraig
    Thanks Joeq70 for the response. I am still stuck on the Omni and your answer helps a lot. I love how snappy the Elear is.... I see the difference between my Vibro and the Elear in regards to how you described the Omni. I feel like the Elear is for people who want to stay focused the whole time on the music flying at them, while the Vibro (and possibly the Omni) is still engaging due to the bass, but it doesn't throw the music at you.
  10. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I had a Vibro x and the bass was not really that strong a part of the signature. It was adequate and clean, but certainly not impactful. I have heard that the Omni has more bass which would be good for people like me who really prefer good quality bass, but also enough of it and impactful bass.
    Edit: For the record, the Vibro was an excellent headphone with a smooth sound signature so I hope my comments don't seem disparaging. Zach certainly knows a thing or two about voicing a headphone.
  11. jlbrach
    The Elear costs 25% of the Utopia and provides about 80% of the sound quality...I know,I have both
  12. Sonic Defender Contributor
    The high cost of diminishing returns. That is why the very high end toys are only for those with lots of disposable income, or those who are comfortable with taking on debt. I won't lie, I wish I fit either of those descriptions! I could take on some solid debt and fund a Utopia, and believe me I itch to do so, but I just can't go above $2000 for a headphone no matter how badly I may want to. You are a lucky person, and I'm sure you appreciate that fact. Enjoy those two fine headphones.
  13. bugger43
    I received my Elears today and I am stunned by the quality overall. As far as sound, I have not hear anything like this except on my Martin Logan towers with a dedicated amp running them. But apples and oranges. These are so very punchy yet detailed however I am new with these. Now to upgrade my dac/amp.......
  14. TsKen
    Running my Elear off the Chord Mojo, any opinions on whether there is a better performing amp for the Elears?
  15. bugger43
    Not sure about the Mojo but I would think it would depend on what you want in a dac/amp. For example basic or connectivity, or lots of connecting options. I am in the same boat. I received my Elears today and need to upgrade. I am looking at an Oppo Ha-1 and a few others.
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