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Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by grizzlybeast, Jun 21, 2016.
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  1. emrelights1973
    I think elear is a combination of hd800/fostex 900 in a better made package, excellent craftmanship! If you like both hd800 and fostex 900 and thinking that they have something missing your answer is elear! And it is also far better made than both, go have a look and listen! Welldone!

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  2. Imusicman
    I have been burning my Elers in now for 5 days and I must say I am impressed with SQ. To be fair I knew they would be great as they already sounded good straight out of the box. I am looking to buy a dedicated desk top amp/dac that has a great synergy with Elears. Any recommendations guys? Also a shorter balanced cable would be nice. Is it possible to get one where the connections can swap out to balanced or single ended? Thank you for your responses.
  3. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I would be interested to know how much more bass, including sub bass, people feel the Elear has over the 800S, and the quality of the bass and finally can it be boosted slightly by parametric EQ if needed without getting mushy? Typically I lightly boost low bass for any open headphone. I had been in the market for a top quality closed headphone as I'm a moderate bass-head, but, if the Elear really does provide true solid bass I may consider this route. I'm now kicking the tires between the Ether C Flow, 2016 driver LCD XC or the new Sony Z1R and now potentially the Elear.
  4. beeeatsme
    You should definitely consider the Fostex TH900 as well. The bass is super lovable and not totally blown out like you may have heard. They are semi open but have a lot of the sound characteristics of open cans.

    In a couple of days I'll have my Elear in hand and will finally be able to do a shootout between them, the TH900 and the HD800S. If there is any interest I'd be happy to report back.
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  5. BunnyNamedCraig
    There is a major differences between th900, the Elear and the 800s. Will Be interesting to hear your thoughts. When it comes to bass quanity, the 800s is more bass light. In doing so the 800s sound more neutral. The Elear is definetly warmer and the bass has more of a presence. I got to listen to the th900 briefly. The bass was incredibly present and in full force. It's a bassy can! Can't critique soundstages that well so I won't comment
  6. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Thanks, I actually already owned both the TH 900 and TH 600 (and D7000) so I'm pretty familiar with the signature. Yes I would be very interested in your shootout impressions as I love the 800S, but I am looking to add a more impactful and powerful sound to compliment the 800S ability to make the headphone almost disappear. 
  7. bugger43
    Just about to get me a pair of Elears.......
  8. Mediahound
    I've owned the TH900, HD800S's and Elear's. I'd choose the Elear over the others. 
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  9. Sonic Defender Contributor
  10. Mediahound

    TH900 - too bright treble
    HD800S -a bit too lean sounding, widest soundstage of the 3
    Elear - still a bit too bright treble for me (but I'm treble sensitive), but a nice impactful bass and crystal clarity, upper mid hole a bit annoying. 
  11. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I found the 800S responded quite nicely to a modest boost in the low bass, with a very modest cut at 8kHz. This certainly added body. I am concerned about the reported upper mid issue with the Elear as that is a pretty critical area and adding via EQ will be possibly more problematic whereas with bass I find adding modest amounts are less sonically penalized, mids not so much. Thanks for your post.
  12. Mediahound

    Me too. Probably a bit of a toss up between the HD800S and Elear actually. 
  13. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Well given how good the 800S is, that is quite a compliment to the Elear.
  14. Imusicman

    Totally agree. This is exactly how I heard it when I tested these cans recently. I ended up buying the Elears but to be fair they were all good,  just different
  15. Imusicman

    Do it! Do it!
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