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Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by grizzlybeast, Jun 21, 2016.
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  1. mlavin
    Thank you all who provide so much info for everyone and especially noobs! I am planning on ordering the Eelam and have been debating buying a Mojo and using an iPhone or iPod for source verses the new Onkyo unit. Having not been into hifi hard to figure out the path that will allow me to enjoy 70, 80, country musically with no intent to critique, but just enjoy. Any advice would be appreciated. My first attempt in the other area didn't find more than a few readers.
  2. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Are you listening at home? If so, do you really need a mobile source? The Onkyo, I assume you mean the DP-X1 is quite good, I owned one myself. The music you are listing is, at least much of it, likely to be recorded more quietly so if you like to listen at louder playback volumes you may be better served with an actual desktop DAC/amp and there are so many to select from. So why don't you tell people about your needs and preferences so that the recommendations are more suited to you.
  3. bugger43
    Hello alll, I am new here and attempting to add to an existing thread. Lol. Does anyone know if the Focal Elear headphones are really back ordered by literally almost all authorized dealers?? I'm wanting a pair of these badly but have an issue with patience. Any info on grabbing a pair quicker than waiting would be great. Thanks!
  4. Sonic Defender Contributor
    You're going to need patience likely. Try headphonebar.com. They are in Vancouver, Canada and may actually have stock. The last time I looked I believe they were showing available to ship, now I'm not sure. Good luck.
    Just looked, they do have it, but they do not ship outside of Canada.
  5. bugger43
    Thank you Sonic. I did see that Audiolab states on their site that they have them and I've checked Focal's site to confirm they are an authorized dealer. Now, I prob need to wait til monday to call and ask officially. Hopefully this hasn't been asked numerous times but are there other headphones that are somewhat comparable? HD800? HD800S? Etc etc. I'm looking for a truly high end set for hi res music on my Fiio X5ii and with Tidal music hifi on my computer with an external dac/amp. Not concerned about portability for I will be using these at home. Ps, I am not a bass kinda guy and love purest type sound. The way it was intended by the artist.
  6. Sonic Defender Contributor
    The 800S is indeed excellent. I frankly did not really expect to like it anywhere near as much as I do. Based on what about the Elear, I would think the 800S might have a slight edge. As with any headphone, some will not agree, and ultimately only you can tell. If there is any retailer you can buy and return from, I would say try both and keep the one that most works for you. Good luck.
  7. bugger43
    Excellent advice, but I might want to keep both! Literally. I do know the HD800S is more money. Several hundred more. 1000 or more is not cheap by any means but considering the law of diminishing returns.....I've got some deciding to do.
  8. DavidA
    The headphone that most say are closest to "intended by the artist" is the HD-600.  I've had them and sold them since they had a slight peak in the 4-5khz range that bothered me but I would agree that they are quite neutral and present most genres "as the artist Intended".  I like many headphones for their different signatures so I don't consider myself a "purest", just a lover of music.
    While I don't have a Fiio X5ii, I use a X3ii, X3 and X1, none are close to being able to properly drive most high end headphones like the HD-800/S and to me they are a little ways off from your "intended by the artist" preference.
  9. bokes

    Same here. I've been trying to find a dealer for over a month now. I keep checking around- but no one seems to be getting these in stock.
  10. bugger43
    Good to know David, I have the x1 and I can see how that would not power the 800S headphones well at all. Same goes for my X5ii. Maybe the Focal are distinctly easier to power than the HD800S? I've dabbled in sensitivity and ohms ratings but that can be quite confusing at times at least to me. I will use these with my dac/amp most of the time but would like to use them occasionally with my Fiio players from time to time too.
  11. mlavin
    I really do listen to a varied group of music styles and just want to get a set up that produces a very nice musical experience. I listen to Spotify and Apple Music and really do have a tendency to listen in lots of different spots that is why I would prefer a more mobile setup initially. I do have a very nice home office where I do charts and you might as well through in a non-mobile recommendation but it is far from being the only place I would listen. My first idea was to get the newest iPod for source and Chord Mojo to go with but would follow much more informed people's recommendations as I don't need to reinvent the wheel and waste a bunch of money in the process. Again thanks for taking the time to answer!

  12. DavidA
    I've also found that its not the power (watts) that many look at, for some headphones its the synergy with the amp that matters, the HD-800 and HD-6XX are these types of headphones to me and if you read their threads you will see many different opinions on the best amp for them.  For me the BH Crack is one of the best for the HD-6XX that I've heard for under $500, with the HD-800 many owners search for the amp that pairs well with them and most settle with some sort of tube amp.  A friend who has the Elear and quite a few other TOTL headphones, amps and DACs told me to pass on the Elear since he knows what type of sound signature I tend to like, I might still get one down the road but hope to hear them soon since my friend is scheduled to visit me next month and I asked him to bring it with him.
  13. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I will be very interested in your impressions for sure!
  14. ray-dude
    I gave up trying to find a demo unit or a rental unit, and bought a used pair.  Gets here Wednesday.  I did manage to borrow/rent ~8 other cans for "Demo Week", so I'm looking forward to direct comparisons with the Elear.
  15. Sonic Defender Contributor
    What about sound signature? Do you like strong bass or more flat reference? I have recently acquired the B&W P7 wirless and man is it a nice signature, but certainly with a bass emphasis. I find Bluetooth sounds every bit as good as when wired so I don't buy into the lost sound quality camp myself. What I really like about the P7 is that it can get very loud and stays very poised sounding, not strained or on the edge. This helps when playing older, quieter mastered material. The build quality is also top notch so for a true, high quality portable, the P7 is a very well priced signature to consider at $399.
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