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Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by grizzlybeast, Jun 21, 2016.
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  1. theveterans
    If you can get the Hugo TT at the same price as the Gungnir and MJ2, I wouldn't hesitate to get the TT, The TT is far more versatile (has DSD and can be used as a remote controlled preamp too).
  2. joeq70
    I think the Hugo TT sounds quite nice with the Elear and fantastic with the HD800S. It is not that the Elear didn't match as well with the Hugo TT but rather I think it's easier to make the Elear sound great on less pricey gear. I definitely think the more picky HD800S was done justice on it.
  3. TsKen
    Ordered my focal elear. Going to compare them with my Ether C. Planning on driving them out of the Chord Mojo.

    Might give the hd 800 a try too... Maybe
  4. music4mhell
    What is the price difference between Gungnir and Hugo TT ? If i may ask ?
  5. music4mhell
    Why not go for Chord Mojo ?
  6. rvernon
    so price wise (in uk prices), Gungnir Multibit is £1,125, Mjolnir 2 is £775, whereas Chord Hugo TT is £2995, but again I've seen that going for about 2/3 that price used (about £2100)
    my only concern is the sound quality really, both setups would have the features I need (although I do like that the Schiit setup could go full balanced) - I only listen to CDs ripped to flac format on my pc, not the most demanding feature-wise. I'll admit I'm a little skeptical about the ability of the dac/amp to change sound characteristics considerably, but given the choice I'd probably want the Elear brightened up a tiny bit and after that my only concern is the ability to resolve details and good positioning
    I'm curious about the suggestion for the Chord Mojo - I know price doesn't necessarily mean all that much past the point of diminishing returns but given that the Mojo is 1/5 of the price of the setup I'm considering, does it really punch that far above its weight? (portability isn't a concern for me)... I had been considering getting the Mojo anyway to use my HD650s at work, so a comparison could be interesting
  7. music4mhell
    I am using my HD650 at my work with mojo from last 6 months.
    Now i will buy Elear to replace my HD650.
  8. john57
    I did compare  those headphones at the RMAF in Denver.   I like the Focal Elear much better than the HD800. I also compare the Ether flow open and the closed version to Elear. The presentation of the highs are very different and wanted to wait for your opinion before I say more. Maybe having a friend next to you and tell me how much outward leakage you get from the Elear.  
  9. TsKen
    Thoughts on the Ether C vs the Elear?
    I purchased the Focal Elear because some guy on reddit piqued my interest. He was so adamant that the Ether C is complete garbage compared to the Focal Elear that I wanted to see for myself.
    He was comparing the Ether C to be on the same level as the ZMF Blackwood so of course I was pretty skeptical and wanted to see for myself.
  10. joeq70
    I can't speak to the Blackwood, but IMO the Elear sounds way better than the Ether C.
    TsKen likes this.
  11. gonzfi
    I've been rocking the Elear with a mojo for the last couple of days and have to say it's truly immense. I think the comparison with a Sennheiser HD 650 doesn't do it justice. To me it's more like a souped up He-500. And that was the headphone which gave me the most goosebump moments which is what we're looking for in this hobby.
  12. john57
    If you have tidal and listening to Bach air on the G string the difference between the Ether and the Elear is very strong. The Ether flow is smoother and more detailed and the Elear is far more shouty on this piece. With the Ether C you loose a bit of resolution and soundstage as compared to the Ether flow open. Just different trade offs and you have to decide if you really wanted a open headphone. If someone says that the Ether C is complete garbage I would stop listening to that person. However the Focal Elear is great and sounds more like a soup up version of the HIFIMAN and far better resolution and wormanship. The Focal Elear is also far better than the Sennheiser HD 800 and the workmanship is top class. The Sennheiser HD 800 sounds like a compressor is used in the headphone. One thing the HD800 has going is a big soundstage. The one thing I did not like about the Elear is the super long and long stock cable. I can go in more details as you like but writing is not my strongest suit. 
  13. Dionysus

    What HD800 have you been listening to? A compressor? I'd say that anyone that says an HD800 sounds like a compressor, I would stop listening. cmon Man.
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  14. siwolfman

    I have a Gumby and an Eddie Current Zana Duex (which is also a tube amp if you're unfamiliar with it). I love the sound that the combo produces. I can't speak to the Mjolnir or the Hugo TT but I do have a Chord Mojo and the sound is excellent through it! I would check other forums for info about the Hugo TT. I've read in several places that it doesn't sound marginally better than the Mojo but it comes with a hefty price tag.
  15. john57
    Just to say that the Elear has a greater dynamic, punchy and more shouty character than the HD800.  
    P.S. I listen to the headphones at RMAF using the Mytek Manhattan dac and the Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon amp in the Hotel not in the CanJam tent outside.
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