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Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by grizzlybeast, Jun 21, 2016.
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  1. Stratos27
    Well I am sold on purchasing a set in the near future. Has anyone listened to the Elear through an Oppo HA-1 set up?? Maybe with an after market balanced 4-pin xlr?? Would be very curious in your thoughts of that combo.
  2. greenback
    Anyone compare these to the Fostex TH900? I can't find a comparison of the two anywhere and it seems like they would be two headphones that would be similar in nature if not price point.
  3. xenithon
    Hi all. Does anyone know where I can perhaps get the connectors for the Elear (for a DIY cable)? Is there an online shop that sells the Eidolic E3.5GT1, or similar?
  4. deutschemark

    Norne Audio sells the Eidolic E3.5 GT1.
  5. fate64
    I have hear both although not at the same time. eLear was much more balanced sound IMO
  6. BrutalLegend
    Elear is a more balanced sound in my opinion with a large soundstage than the HD650 but smaller than the HD800S.
  7. Todeon
    Finally received mine :) ! Breaking em in right now. Took a sneak listen. Also own the Hifiman He-560. So far a sidegrade not upgrade vs he-560. Two very different cans though... Will probably take some time to get used to the Elear
  8. james6333

    I have owned both but not at the same time...

    The TH900 has much better quality of bass with more control and slam. It also has much more quantity of bass too. Way too much IMO.

    The Mids are reassessed in both but not too crazy.

    other then the bass the Elear is better at almost everything else.

    With that being said I would take the TH900 over the Elear because the bass is super special on them (almost a novelty) and I feel the Elear is average all around and not great at anything. But to be honeltst neither one worked for me and I "sold" them both.

    I could not see using the TH900 for reference quality music. It is just too bassy but if you want car stereo door rattling bass they will fit that bill.

    If you want a somewhat reverence style sound with heavy handed bass the Elear would be a better choice.
  9. james6333

    Yes very different. I have only demoed the HE-560 and would like to hear about how things shake out.

    Edit. Break in time did not change my Elear from what I can tell.
  10. BrutalLegend
    How many hours did you put on the Elear?
  11. xenithon
    I've put about 100hr on mine. Felt some change - bass felt like it reduced a little in terms of quality; or put differently it felt like it got tighter and more controlled. My missus - a non audiophile - even commented on that improvement.
  12. Eduardo C
    I am driving my Elears with Mojo. Great combo. I find the sound detailed, with plenty of air and at the same time smooth and easy on the ears, which is what I value de most.

    Yes you can charge the mojo while listening.
  13. greenback
    I've been on a bit of a TOTL kick lately buying the Fostex TH900 and now the Focal Elear. I have to say that the Elear are something special. I'm not sure I need anything else other than these two cans. Maybe Keep my EL-8C for office use and my SE846 for mobile use. I guess maybe the HD800 would be the final piece to complete the bunch?
  14. james6333

    I let them run for a few weeks. I can't say that I ever noticed a change in their sound.
  15. joeq70
    The Elear is indeed a great sounding headphone. Right now it is the Elear vs the new ZMF offerings for me. I'd be grateful to anyone who posts a comparison after hearing the ZMFs at RMAF.
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