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Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by grizzlybeast, Jun 21, 2016.
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  1. cel4145
    Depends on the person. I Like my Elears for classical and acoustic. I haven't used my HD6XX since I got the Elears.

    What headphones are you coming from?
  2. Bob Ley
    You think that sounds good, try adding a dac like the Topping D50s DAC.
    I have the SMSL SP 200 and just added the dac yesterday and wow. It sounds amazing!
  3. coletrain104
    I was under the impression that the Elex and Clear shared the same pads. My pads are actually Elex pads purchased from massdrop, so should be like the Elex. Sorry if I somehow misinformed anyone with this, my impressions are that of Elear with Elex pads.
  4. trellus
    +1 on Elears with stock Elear pads -- I have the Elear and the Elex both, and I haven't tried the Elear with the Elex pads because I don't want to, lol -- I like the Elear the way they are, and the Elex are great and I love those, too, for being less colored than the Elear, but when I put on the Elear it's because I want to hear the Elear, not the Elex or "near-Clear", so to speak.
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  5. Goldvein
    I’m actually coming from some campfire audio cascades because I also like headphones that gives you really nice slam. They made me stop listening to classical though. They were too Bassy. I could only listen to one type of music. I hope to get some headphones to enjoy acoustic and classical and then when I want to listen to other genres I’ll use my LZ A4 because I haven’t got money for 2 pairs of good headphones.
    Would you say the elear has a sparkly and exciting treble that makes it good for classical?
  6. cel4145
    Based on these measurements for the cascades, I think you will find the Elears much more balanced in bass output

    I am not a treble person. Unless headphones are too dark or too bright, I pay way more attention to how the mids and bass sound. So best I not comment on the treble other than to say it's less demure than the HD6XX/HD650.
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  7. Strat1117
    If the HD-600 (which I adore), are the gorgeous but reserved intellectual, the Elear are the younger, more exuberant, curvier sibling (think of Emily and Zoe Deschanel (sp.?))
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  8. fokta
    Yes... This is the reason I prefer Elear at first place.

    Now I prefer listening these at home then my IEM...

    I tried to take elear go on a plane... hahaha.. no enjoyment, since all sound enter...

    Pairing with DX221Mk2 and Abnormalz Cable 2.5TRRS... really i find my cup of tea... Warm with Mid Centric side...
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  9. fokta
    Just chill with DX229...
    great combo...
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  10. fokta
    DARK & Authority...
    PAngled Pad, 4 strand 23 AWG OCC Silver Copper Litz cable, and DX220 with Mod AMP8EX FE edition....

    Other things,
    Bought a sheep skin pad with diameter 110 mm, was not compatible with Elear, anyone know what is the ideal diameter size for elear?
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  11. SantinoSan
    If anyone is considering these, accessories4less.com has these factory refurbished for $400. I have bought quite a few items from the site and they are legit.
  12. cel4145
    That's where I got mine. Came in mint condition.
  13. SantinoSan
    Supposed to be delivered Sunday. I am very anxious to hear them. I have tried to keep tempered expectations, the DT1770 that I just returned were exceptional except for the sibilance...I wanted to love them. Alas I am too treble sensitive.
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  14. SantinoSan
    Just got my new Elear from FedEx today...so far I am very impressed. They were factory refurbished and they looked brand new.

    Sound. I haven't had the time I need to have any opinion other than a first impression, but WOW. They are very dynamic and clean sounding.

    These are a steal at $400. Now I just need to order some Dekoni pads.
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  15. fokta
    Now is in too this setup....


    DX220 via optical cable - > Topping D30 - > AMP A30 (Burson V5i Dual Opamp mod) - > Elear...


    more power = more dynamic is damn true...
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