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Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by grizzlybeast, Jun 21, 2016.
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  1. BubbaJay
    The only thing about that amp I don't like is the volume adjustment. Just the smallest touch can make the volume go really loud. I don't even bother with IEMs but I never use them much at he anyway.

    I used my Elear for a few hours today and they did sound wonderful. The background definitely was darker and the added depth was a real treat. Anyone that doesn't have a THX based amp needs to get one, your ears with thank you.
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  2. fokta
    Any one have tried this setup?
    MoJo using 2x Aux male to male 3.5...

    hahaha... wild thought pouring in...
  3. dontfeedphils
    Well, you're not really gaining anything over a single output, as both outputs on the Mojo are from the exact same source, just different physical locations.
  4. fokta
    I see... u re prob right...

    Curiousty already kick in... let me try first....
  5. thebrieze
    You’ll probably end up in dual mono mode rather than stereo. Now you could get two stereo-mono cables that extracted different channels. That said, as has already been said, it’s still no different (and likely worse) than a simple stereo cable.
  6. Goldvein
    One question.
    I'm looking for a new headphone and I've tried the focal clear a few times in stores. I absolutely loved it compared to other equal headphones. Problem is that it's too expensive.
    I haven't tried the elear but the pricing seems really good these days.
    How is the sound compared to the clear?
    Some says that it's the same signature, but the clear is just a bit better.
    In the reviews, they normally say that the elear has a serious impact and the clear is really well balanced. If I buy the elear, will i get the same presentation as with the clear, or os it too boomy for that?
    I appreciate the help
  7. 441879
    I have an Elex (close cousin of the Elear) and the Clear. I run the Elex with Dekoni’s fenestraded sheepskin pads, which put the sound signature between the Elear and the Elex. The main difference between the two is the Clear is more detailed and neutral, the Elex has a little more slam. The Elex isn’t boomy at all, but it does have a little more mid-bass. I’d say the sound of the Elex is very good for Rock, EDM etc while the Clear is much more of a jack of all trades.

    While I definitely prefer the Clear, the Elear is still a fantastic headphone and for the money a heck of a deal.
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  8. cel4145
    The Elear is not netural. But it's not "boomy" like the X2HR or more consumer bass-emphasized headphones. However, I love mine because they have more bass than my HD6XX (as well as better low end bass extension).
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  9. kith86
    Which one, have more bass by default, elear or elex?
  10. 441879
  11. coletrain104
    I currently use the Elear with Elex/Clear pads (now available on massdrop, very rare drop), and seeing measurements of both on the same source (another site I probably can't mention here), the only real difference is that the clear is brighter. I personally love my elear with clear pads, much preferable to me than stock Elear, and should be very very similar to clear, more than the gentleman above me says, I imagine. It is not that they are bassier, they're just 2-3 dB down in the treble peak and upper mids. The reviewer in the article I saw these measurements in actually preferred the Elex, which is identical to my setup. If you're going for bang for buck, I strongly suggest getting an Elear with Clear pads, its almost a Clear, and maybe a little more balanced/less bright. PM me if you want me to link you this article, its from a lesser known site from very critical audiophiles.
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  12. 441879
    I tried my Clear pads on my Elex and I didn’t like it. It sounded like a less detailed and muddier version of the Clear, and it didn’t (to my ears) sound as good as the Elex//Dekoni pads on the Elex. I also tried the Elex and Dekoni pads on the Clear and didn’t like that either, as it took away what I perceive as the very nice timbre of the Clear without delivering the fun factor of the Elex.

    To each his own though and at this level of headphone quality it’s mostly about personal preference rather than “better”
  13. Strat1117
    Totally agree. I may be the only one, but I like my Elears best with their original pads. Some other pads I tried, like the Utopias, made them sound more ‘neutral’, perhaps, but at the expense of that special magic fun factor with which the Elears are born at the factory, an innate, unmeasurable characteristic which I prefer to the less luscious sound signature of it’s costlier siblings. The Elears remain my favorite dynamic headphone for simply relaxing with my tunes. Maybe I’m an audio hedonist - I prefer to use whatever gives me the most musical pleasure, not what some graph says is ‘measurably superior’.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2019
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  14. Goldvein
    Thank you everyone for the answers. Seems like the elears are a bit more for the heavier music and the clears for classical and acoustic.
    I'm sure the elears will do the job though.
    I'll go for them and depending on my experience I might order some clear pads.
  15. Strat1117
    I’m not sure it’s that clear cut. To me it’s more like chocolate or vanilla.

    Either way, I think you’ll be very happy.
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