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Focal Elear, Headamp GS-1, Mytek 192 DSD, Stax SR-007MKI & Headamp KGSS, Quickstep

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by ambchang, Aug 10, 2019.
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  1. ambchang
    For Sale
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    • North America
    For sale are a few items:

    Focal Elear - In really good condition, there is a little bit of a chip in the metal part of the ear cups. It's very minor, and I believe it came in this way (I didn't notice it until weeks with it, but I never bumped or dropped the phones). The box is not in too good of a condition as there is bubbling and a bit of a scratch at the top - $400

    Mytek 192 DSD - Had this for a long long time. Unfortunately for me, I haven't updated the firmware, and this is a couple of versions back. That said, the sound is phenomenal, and this is a very versatile DAC. I will regret selling this thing for sure - $750

    HeadAmp GS-1 - I am on the fence in terms of selling this. It is still by far the best pairing I have with my Grados, and as much as I think I should sell my Grados due to lack of use, I just can't. After parting with this amp, I will have to plug this into some amplifier outlet, which is a total waste of some phenomenal headphones. I am trying to talk myself out of this, but if the right offer comes along, I won't say no - Offer

    Stax SR-007 MKI and Headamp KGSS - The 007 has the dreaded cable issue on the right channel if the cable sits at the certain angle, but 90% of the time it is fine. I didn't get the fixed as it is unnecessary, but if you want to, I have taken the time to check out how much it is to fix it, and took the cost off my selling price ($300). The headband is also in pretty poor shape, but the pads are still soft and supple. The KGSS is in decent shape, there is a slight dent at the top, but overall the amp is in pretty good shape. I will not separate this pair as they are really a match made in heaven. Set - $2600

    Meier Quickstep - This is the best portable amp I have ever had, and that is why I had it for so long (See my gear, I have had the ALO Rx MKII, RSA SR-71A, RSA Tomahawk, but I'd say none compares to the Quickstep). There are paint chips all around. I just changed the volume control knob not too long ago, but this still functions perfectly. I can also throw in some rechargeable 9V batteries - $150

    I would also consider selling my Tralucent 1p2 - they are in decent shape, but the original case has been shattered. I have since gotten a real pelican case for it - Name your price if interested. I don't want to sell them as they are my only IEMs right now, and I really love their sound, but again, would consider if the right price and trade comes along.

    What I am interested in to trade for:
    1) Campfire Andromeda, Inear Prophile 8 (preferrably small), KSE1200, UERM universal (if such a thing exist) if I am ridding the Tralucent 1p2
    2) A DAC that has coaxial and toslink input. Also would take analogue, through RCA/XLR. Would be great if it takes USB, but not absolutely necessary. Would be great if it can be used as a preamp, but not necessary.
    3) A decent DAP, no need for anything crazy high end, just something in the iBasso DX150 Fiio M9 type of range.

    Pictures upon request (too lazy to take them now)
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
  2. ambchang
  3. ESL-1
    PM Sent....
  4. ambchang
  5. ambchang

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