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Focal Clear headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. 441879
    True. for efficient moderate impedance headphones like the Clear / Elex /Elear / etc additional power is unlikely to matter.
  2. Ichos
    If a DAP or a Dac / Amp combo are inherently balanced by design then they will
    sound better from the balanced out.
    Single ended is summed with slightly worse performance.
  3. Emmanuel Palmer
    thanks for your concern and response, but I was actually asking about which norne audio headphone cable sounds the best with the clears
  4. 441879
    My bad. I personally can’t hear any difference between cables so I just buy on features like quality of construction, color, etc. From my perspective, either Norne will sound about the same, but others will undoubtedly express a preference.
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  5. nlwouter
    I owned the silvegarde s3 from norne for my clear, it was a beautiful cable that sounded very nice. I really recommend norne and if you have any questions The owner is a really nice guy that will answer all your questions.
  6. KingCharizard
    Thanks to those who gave cable replacement suggestions!
  7. Nasty Pillow
    Hello guys, do you think Focal will make a 1000 $ € deal for Clears again or was it one time opportunity? I was late to the party...
  8. phthora
    The Clear Pro version has gone to $1000 several times over the last year, and I would imagine the Clear will go down to $1000 for this Black Friday at least. Whatever happens, it will get posted on the deals thread:

    Happy hunting.
  9. NovaFlyer
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  10. GearMe
    Agreed, the deals threads are quite helpful...at spending your money! :wink:

    Believe it or not, the European Deals thread has some great deals as well. Just picked up some nice mid-level, closed cans for $350 on Amazon UK that are consistently $699 in the States.

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  11. 441879
    Thought I’d share a track that I just heard for the first time on the Clear. In this case the path was Tidal HiFi > Topping D50 > Lyr3 > Clear.

    I put this song on the above setup after hearing it through some semi decent IEMs while walking the dog. I liked it, so I played it on the home set-up to hear it properly. The difference was shocking. So much more detail, texture and imaging. These phones rock!

    Last edited: Oct 12, 2019
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  12. Thomaswa
    Anyone got cable recommendations? I want a less stiff cable, preferably in EU.
  13. roskodan
    omg, i thought zeos was exaggerating as always, but no, these cables are made from tree branches :smile_phones:
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  14. Tsukuyomi
    Hey guys, quick question.
    Aside from the obvious colour/accessories in the box, are the Focal Clear and Focal Clear Professional the same internally(hardware/driver wise) ?
    or is there a slight change in sound signature/tuning ?
  15. roskodan
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