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Focal Clear headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. dmdm
    Funny, I can't hear a difference between the dac1 and dac2 at all. Just linear 1s and 0s with amplification.
  2. Soundizer
    Anyone tried RME ADI-2 DAC with Focal Clear?
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  3. Tekunda
    Do you want the Clear sound almost as good as the Susvara?
    Take a Android phone or Android tablet and download USB AUDIO Player Pro.
    Connect the phone using a USB - OTG adapter with a Questyle CMA 12 DAC/AMP.
    THE USB AUDIO Player Pro comes with a Parametric EQ.
    Change the settings accordingly (you can save and delete all settings, so no harm will be done to the Clear):

    section 1:
    20Hz Digital bell style Filter, 7dB Gain, Q-factor 2

    section 2:
    240Hz Analog bell, 2.5dB Gain, Q-factor 1.8

    section 3:
    720Hz Analog bell, 2.0dB Gain, Q-factor 1.35

    section 4:
    4200Hz Digital bell, - 1.7dB Gain, Q-factor 2.57

    section 5:
    8500Hz Digital bell, 3.7dB Gain, Q-factor 2.80

    section 6:
    12500Hz, Digital bell, 3.4dB Gain, Q-factor 2.45

    I hope you will like it.
  4. Iron-Buddha
    Anyone know if it's possible to replace the plastic ring around the earcups? My Clears fell off the stand and have two small dents. I thought that part was metal but it's plastic.
  5. Mh996
    Just purchased the Feliks Audio Euforia. Excited to see how this OTL tube amp performs with Clear. Despite breaking the rule of 8’s for matching impedances, there are many positive reviews from users who have paired Euforia Focal’s with headphone line. I’ll report my impressions on this pairing here.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2019
  6. pataburd
    Just ordered an 8-cores, balanced cable for the Clear: 4-cores solid UPOCC Neotech silver and 4-cores solid Neotech copper, Neutrik connectors.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2019
  7. Tekunda
    Which company and how much?
    And the sound.......?
  8. Soundizer
    Anyone tried these Dekoni Pads on Focal Clear.
    My Focal stock pads are worn out after 14months and these Dekoni look good. Plus cheaper than Focal replacement.

    Dekoni Audio Fenestrated Sheepskin Earpads for Focal Headphones - EPZ-FOCAL-FNSK

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  9. Soundizer
    I just discovered the Focal Clear pads price are now reasonable. Same as the Dekoni. So I will just order them instead.
  10. pataburd
    A fellow Head-Fier and hobbyist made them. They left the UK on Wednesday and are en route to central New York State as we speak.
    Will follow-up after break-in.
    : )
  11. catscratch Contributor
    Where are you seeing Clear earpads for the same price as Dekoni?
  12. songmic
    I received my Clear yesterday. I bought it used so I assume it has been fully burned-in. I compared it with HD650M, Code-X and Verum 1. The amp used was MCTH. Though not TOTL by any means, I feel that the MCTH is an excellent amp for Code-X and Verum 1 in the sub-$1K range, and actually preferred it to the supposedly higher tier LP due to tonality reasons.

    VS HD650M

    I get why people are saying that the Clear is a super HD650. To be more precise, it should be called a super HD650M. The Clear isn't as smooth as HD650M, but retains a fatigue-free tonality I prefer to that of Utopia. The Clear is obviously more transparent, faster and bigger sounding than the HD650M. I didn't feel that the Clear outresolved the HD650M, however.

    Clear was the clear (no pun intended) winner here, but in my experience, I'm aware of how scarily the HD650M could scale. The EC Studio was the best amp I've heard with it and that particular combo remains the best traditional dynamic setup I've heard so far. I cannot say that the Clear could reach those heights, all I can say for now is that unless you own a megabuck TOTL amp, chances are the Clear will be better sounding than HD650M for most scenarios.

    VS Code-X

    I expected the Clear to be slightly brighter sounding than Code-X based on others' impressions, but I was wrong. To my ears it's actually warmer and more full-bodied (in other words, the Code-X sounds brighter and leaner in comparison). I didn't have high expectations for the Clear's soundstage, since soundstage is not one of Focal headphones' fortes (not even Utopia's soundstage was something to write home about), but to my ears it was still a bit deeper than that of Code-X. Resolution was on par.

    Overall I preferred Clear to Code-X on the MCTH, both technicality and tonality-wise. However, it could be that the MCTH is the bottleneck here for Code-X. While the MCTH has little trouble driving the Code-X for almost all (not all) of my music, the Code-X sounded a lot better on the LG which I no longer own, perhaps due to its laid-back character and higher power (the Code-X scales higher with more power, being one of the less sensitive planars around). I'm sure the Clear would noticeably scale from MCTH to LG, but not so sure if I could still say that it's more preferable to Code-X on the LG. I'm guessing something like a DSHA-3F would be more of an ideal amp for Clear.

    VS Verum 1

    As much as Verum 1 is lauded for its performance in its price category, the Clear easily destroys it. The Verum 1 cannot resolve like the Clear could (nor could it hold a candle to HD650M and Code-X in this regard). The Clear sounds significantly cleaner, less veiled and more refined than the Verum 1. The Verum on the other hand sounds a tad brighter and thicker than the Clear.

    The Clear was a pleasant surprise for me. While it doesn't have HD800 or Utopia's technicalities, I really enjoy its tonal balance and what it could do. The Clear is the first dynamic headphone that I felt was at least as good, if not better, than the Code-X in their price league (around $1.5K).
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  13. bryceu
    I own the RME ADI-2 and the Clear. Are you asking about using the amp portion of the RME or just the DAC? I love my ADI-2 and I definitely enjoy the Clear with it. I primarily use the ADI-2 hooked up to the 789, which significantly improves the sound, but the Clear sound good out of the ADI-2 amp as well. I don't find the Clear as picky with amps as some other headphones I've owned. The Clear is my favorite "casual listening" headphone. It does so well at delivering a clean/enjoyable/musical experience. If I really wanna analyze the music I'll throw something else on, but I find myself using the Clear whenever I'm reading or working on school work. As far as the RME ADI-2 goes, it's probably my favorite piece of audio gear I own :) Big improvement over Mimby and SMSL-SU8, and more fun too.

    Oops I got off track, in terms of the pairing of the Clear + ADI-2 I think it's excellent. The ADI-2 DAC presents a lot of information, especially when paired with the 789. The Clear does well to give you the most important information up front, and allow you to find the rest of it if you want to, but not be forced to listen to everything if you're trying to casually enjoy.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2019
  14. Mh996
    Have you, by chance, compared the DAC section of the ADI-2 w/ the line level out option on the Chord Mojo? I just upgraded my amplification to the Feliks Euforia, and it’s becoming evident with break-in that Mojo is probably the weak point in my set-up. Upgrade-itis hurts :frowning2:
  15. bryceu
    I have not had the chance to compare it with the Mojo. My experience with the Mojo is very limited. From what I remember the first time I heard it about a year ago it was quite warm and musical. It was a weird setup though, DAP (forget which) -> Mojo -> Valhalla 2 -> Elear.
    I wouldn't call the RME warm by any means, and would say it strikes a nice balance between musical and analytical (but might lean slightly towards analytical, especially paired with 789).
    Congrats on the Euforia btw! I listened to that beauty at CanJam last month and it was one of the more impressive amps I heard, so much detail for a tube amp. What headphones are you running?
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