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Focal Clear headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. devilboy
    Houston, tranquility base here.
    The Eagle has landed.
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  2. RobinTim
    Thanks for your response koiloco. I do not intent to wake sleeping dogs with my question, merely trying to find somebody who might have had a go at the combination Clear/Blue Heaven :)
  3. koiloco
    Beautiful...gratz buddy
  4. devilboy
    Thank you!
    The pair I auditioned at home were fully broken in. I'm amazed at how well these sound right out of the box.
  5. koiloco
    Anyone try the Dekoni pads for the Clear yet?
  6. Luke Thomas
    I asked earlier with many respected responses but i didnt request the heavy bass requirement.
    Im looking for a heavy bass can . ( more bass than the Clears) To compliment my Clears.
    Any suggestions thanks.
  7. casper3127
    Definitely you should have a listen to the Fostexs TH900 MKI or MKII. On closed cans you've also got the Audezes LCD-XC and Sony Z1Rs.

    On open ones, you can try whatever LCD- you can. I've got the LCD-Xs and their bass slam is really nice.
    Last edited: May 21, 2018
  8. NickedWicked

    They have really good bass, get a Schiit Loki and turn it up a bit. :)
  9. Luke Thomas
    Thx not sure they are available for demo. will resewarch thx
  10. doraymon
    Sony MDR-Z1R.
    But if you like the Clear I don't see you liking their muffled bass.
    When I tested them it took me 10 seconds to put them back saying no thanks.

    TH900 yes, very full but V-shaped, so the mids will be underwhelming vs the Clear.

    I should say Utopia, but yeah...
  11. gLer
    If you want a headphone with better, bigger bass that matches the quality of the Clear’s mids there’s only one I can think of - ZMF Atticus. I have one as a complement to my Elear. I have no idea how anyone can say the Elear has ‘too much bass’. Compared to a bass-tuned headphone like the Atticus, I find the Elear to have plenty of punch but the bass is very balanced to my ears (and no, I’m not a basshead). If the Clear has less bass than the Elear, I’m not surprised you want more :wink:
  12. betula
    The Elear might have more mid bass, but the Clear's bass extends lower and is much better quality (control, clarity). I love my bass and I found the Clear's bass more satisfying than the Elear's. I don't know how can anyone prefer the Elear for EDM when there is quite a sub-bass roll off there...
  13. Luke Thomas
    Do the more affordable lcd 2c or aeon flow open rumble a little more than the Clears
  14. betula
    LCD2C does, the AFO not really. In everything else however the Clear is clearly better. (Sorry :) )
  15. Luke Thomas
    Just ordered a pair of lcd 3 to borrow. Will report back about The Clear and lcd 3 difference. Hopefully the lcd 3 and the Clears could make a good team.
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