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Focal Clear headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. koiloco
  2. Blueshound24
    Just wanted to throw in another opinion. Everybody hears differently.
    My experience with the HE500 was that it had non satisfying bass, and I always turned the volume up too much to get the bass to a level I enjoyed. Kinda like the HD600's bass. I did enjoy the HE400 as well, it's bass IMO was far, far better than the HE500. I wish I would have kept the HE400 instead of the HE500.
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  3. Luke Thomas
    thx men, then your more of a lcd 3 to compliment the clears person
  4. koiloco
    He400 is much easier to drive than he500. If I recalled correctly, 400 might have a little more bass than 500 but the overall sound quality left me wanting a little more, even for a fun pair of HPs. Just like the HE-6, HE-500 when not driven properly, ppl will have the impression that its bass is anemic. Assuming that u listened to a properly driven HE500 and still found its bass unsatisfying, u are officially a basshead. :wink:
  5. Blueshound24
    I much prefer HD650 over HD600. I did not like the bass anemic T1, it always left me wanting more, similar to the HE500 not delivering for me. I love the Elear, and from the impressions I think I would like the Elear more than the Clear which is more neutral. At the time I had the HE500 I drove them with a Lyr which should have been able to drive them properly.
  6. koiloco
    Then u definitely prefer much more bass...
  7. devilboy
    I don't know about it being a "fun" headphone, but if you want more bass then i'd go for the Elear. I believe the Clear's bass is more accurate and truthful, but when I auditioned the Elear, it definitely had more impact and it sounded like it went lower. It may be more exaggerated, but when I listen to electronic drum and bass, that's kinda what I want. Lol.
    I was going to keep my LCD2F for that, but I'm probably going to sell them and get a used Elear for electronic stuff.
    My Audezes were the bass kings at my place for electronic music but they were dethroned by the Elear.

    Just got an email saying my Clear shipped today.
  8. koiloco
    Gratz...let us know what you think after the Clear settles down, especially vs. the Elear.
  9. devilboy
    I already lived with a broken-in pair for a while and I was floored. I've never listened to a headphone that convinced me faster.
  10. koiloco
    I share the exact same experience with you. I've been digging through my entire music collection since I got the Clear. On my days off, I average at least 5 - 6 hrs on the damn thing...really addicting.
    I have a Gumby coming on Tuesday. If that DAC is truly as good as as people say, I'd be in nirvana. It's my 1st R2R.
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  11. devilboy
    I'm a huge fan of R2R and I had the Gumby a little while ago. I sold it to fund something unrelated to audio. I've been a Metrum guy for years as well.
    If you like the Gumby half as much as I did I think you'll be happy.
    A natural sounding R2R with a very revealing headphone like the Clear will be a nice balance and IMO, heaven.
  12. betula
    I have been to a shop today (thank you Audio Sanctuary London!) and auditioned the Aeon Closed, LCD2C, Elear and Clear along with my Aeon Open.

    The original purpose of this visit was to decide whether I like the LCD2C more than my AFO, the rest was just curiosity. I used my Chord Mojo for this audition.
    Now I don't really want any of these headphones anymore but the Focal Clear. To my ears they destroyed everything else.

    My least favourite was the AFC and the Elear for different reasons. The AFC is too neutral to me, too thin. Very well balanced, technically great, but far from anything 'fun'. I also immediately disliked the Elear. Something strange is going on there in the overall balance and seriously lacked sub-bass compared to all others which is an instant deal breaker for me.

    Between my AFO and the LCD2C I prefer the latter. In a way they are similar, but also quite different. AFO sounds much closer to the LCD2C than the AFC, but still sounds a bit lean in comparison. More balanced and again, technically probably the better headphone and also more neutral. The 2C however is more fun, closer to my preference. Sound has more body, a thicker, weightier presentation. Bass is better on the LCD, perhaps the best out of the bunch. Mids and treble is airier on the AFO, but also thinner. Mids and treble on the 2C is nothing spectacular, but it is quite nice and ok. Does the job. Quite warm and dark, which is actually good to my sensitive ears. AFO treble can be too much to me sometimes. The details and clarity however is a bit missing on the 2C. I still prefer the Audezes.

    Then I tried the Focal Clear. After the second track I started to love them. They are absolutely incredible. If I had to use one word, that would be 'magical'. After trying all these headphones, evaluating what I like or dislike these just brought me the magic and honestly made me smile. They are also the most comfy. The AFO is a bit tight with those smaller earcups, the physical experience is a bit claustrophobic after a while. I find the LCD2C more comfy despite the weight. Much more space for the ears, soft and big earpads. The clamping force however is quite strong.
    The Clears even though they are actually not much lighter, do feel much lighter on the head with softer and more comfortable pads too.
    The sound of the Clears is enchanting. I stopped skipping my test tracks and was just listening. The space is absolutely 3D like, magical things happening here and there. I feel I could re-listen my collection which hasn't happened for quite a while. Something is very special with these headphones. It is quite hard to pick up one thing, but it has a sweet, liquid smoothness to the sound with incredible balance and coherence. Although I did find the bass absolutely satisfying, if I had to pick one weak point, that would be it. LCD bass is slightly better extended and has more weight. But the Clear comes extremely close here too. Closer than the AFO. Mids and treble on the Clear is simply mindblowing. Nothing comes close in my opinion. That unique 3D like space with the exceptional positioning is amazing. It sounds so perfect, that they might be my endgame (I know...). Sweet, liquid, coherent. Nothing is lacking. I found it to be a magical experience.

    It is a shame that they cost twice as much as anything else on my list. LCD2C is a solid second on my little subjective list. They are very good. But the difference between very good and magical is quite big. I can see my wallet trying to hide somewhere.
  13. BunnyNamedCraig

    That moment when- While listening to a test track you forget about analyzing and get lost in the music = Best Thing Ever...

    When I do an A/B it can take forever if I get a headphone that really hits my tastes well. I forget what what I am trying to accomplish ha
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  14. RobinTim
    Since I moved on from the Elears to the Utopia I am now trying to sell my Nordost Blue Heaven cable which has been an absolutely wonderful match for my Elears. It uses the same adaptors as the Clears. Hence I was wondering wether any of you have tried it with the Clears? If so, would it be recommendable? I am asking because I dont want to recommend the cable to somebody that uses the Clears when its not a good match. Thanks for your help :)
  15. koiloco
    Sry, I am not a cable believer.
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