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Focal Clear headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. llamaluv
    I recently got a $55 sound pressure meter from Amazon. I stick the mic into the earcup and cup my hand over it to form a seal, more or less. Seems to work well enough.
  2. BunnyNamedCraig
    Wow that is affordable. I find this interesting... especially with great headphones, it’s a lot easier to listen to extreme volumes and not even know it’s damaging your hearing.

    Be careful y’all!
  3. kino lau
    I'm so satisfied with the Clears that I no longer feel the need to pop into the forum or read every email preview to be assured that everybody "else" agrees on the bang for buck value or sound quality. That's really saying a lot...

  4. Matro5
    Yep! I picked up the Audeze Mobius for a different use-case, but my top of the line cans are set for the foreseeable future.
  5. franz12
    you got both..so let us know. I am thinking about whether I will have to buy utopia or clear again..
  6. doraymon
    The reason why I am asking is that I'm having trouble to accept what I hear.
    The sound of the Clear although slightly less detailed and precise in imaging is way more open, airy and snappy.
    I'm trying to understand if I just got a bad pair or its just me.
    If anyone went through this I'd be happy to hear his point of view!
  7. dontfeedphils
    I'd describe the Clear as "dull" in comparison to Utopia. Not to say that Clear are a "dull" headphone, not at all, just when compared to Utopia. I think of the Clear in the same way I do the HD600/HD650, they always bore me for the first 15-30 minutes because nothing really stands out and grabs your attention, then you get used to it and start to appreciate how "balanced" it all is.

    The Utopia, in comparison, demands my attention from the start with the amount of detail thrown at you, the sharper treble, better imaging, etc.
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  8. TSAVJason
    I’m curious. Clearly you found a headphone you enjoy. Why would you need reassurance from others? Aren’t your ears the final say in the matter? :)
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  9. doraymon
    My Utopia sound congested and closed in comparison with the Clear.
    Yes, the detail and realism and impression to be there is much better better but damn do they sound closed!
  10. dontfeedphils
    Can't really say I hear the same thing. Are you not close enough to your shop that you can compare yours directly to another pair?
  11. doraymon
    I went on a business trip soon after buying the Utopia, now I’m back and will definitely do that during the weekend.
    It’s a weird feeling because I can appreciate in which way the Utopia are a step up but I can’t believe that they sacrificed the marvellous sense of air of the Clear.
    I’ll have to figure it out with the dealer and hopefully I won’t have to ship them back to France at my expense.
    I wrote to Focal on Monday and no response whatsoever! If that is the service I’ll get for a $4k headphone God help me for what is in front of me...
    Not good!
  12. llamaluv
    And the brutally punchy bass!
  13. joseph69
    My Utopia definitely don't sound congested/closed in any whatsoever. When I first demoed the Utopia (in home) not to long after they came out, I felt they sounded congested/closed...there was definitely something wrong with that Utopia.
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  14. Svatopluk
    I see in your profile you have Dave and a tube amp. Are you listening to the Utopia straight out the Dave or with the tube amp as part of the setup?

    I know from experience if the amps impedance is too high, the Utopia can sound somewhat syrupy or congested, if that's what you call it.
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  15. doraymon
    I am listening to them straight out of the Dave...
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