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Focal Clear headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. ubs28
    If you pay attention, you will hear that the Mojo is better than the 12.9 iPad Pro, but the differences is a bit too small for my taste. There is also a thread here on head-fi somewhere where other people with an 12.9 iPad Pro also notices the same against the Mojo.

    However it seems that with the Poly the Mojo goes into a much higher level. Especially the soundstage all of a sudden opens up (the Mojo by itself really has a narrow soundstage to be honest).

    Disclaimer: I only use the Mojo and iPad Pro with my IEM’s (Campfire Andromeda with the upgraded Reference 8 cable). I never did a head to head test with full sized headphones.
    Last edited: May 10, 2018
  2. gLer
    I think he’s taking the p*** Jason. After all he owns a Dave and Taurus. That’s a LOT of money to drop on color :wink:
  3. ubs28
    I wasn’t talking about the Chord Dave. That thing is in it’s own league.

    I did various tests with very high-end interconnects that I borrowed and at some point I had a very hard time telling the difference between the Hugo 1 and Hugo 1 + Taurus MKII. There were some very small differences, but I heard it consistently on all my headphones, even my IEM’s. So it was colour.

    I don’t use the Taurus MKII anymore by the way. The Taurus MKII was used to fix the original HD 800 in combination with the Chord Hugo 1 (sounded pretty good for the money actually after also carefully selecting the right interconnect cables to make it sound right).
    Last edited: May 10, 2018
  4. TSAVJason
    Guys I was referring to the statement he made about little to no change using an amp vs a phone
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  5. Wildcatsare1
    I absolutely love the Mojo/Clear/iPhone combination, not great in public spaces, but working around the home or office it’s a killer combination.
  6. bluenight
    So clear wouldent benefit much to be driven by a dedicated hp amp? Even high end ones?
  7. DivaFonda
    Not sure that's true in my case, because I use mobile and portable. I've benefited, both volume and sound wise. I haven't tried any of the mind-blowing ones yet(budget limits right now) and still I see benefits. It probably only gets better if I were to spend real money. Now if you have a powerful stereo set-up, since it draws more current, maybe it puts out enough power that amps are simply extra. Unfortunately I don't have the space or time to invest in a proper system. Mobile and portable simply do not put out the power needed to adequately power many sets, so an amp is definitely needed if I want to enjoy more potential. Some sets are absolutely anemic without an amp on mobile.
  8. devilboy
    My Clears will arrive in a few days.
    I've already auditioned them with my amp.
    I will try them with my phone.

    That said, I find it very hard to believe that there will be no difference or a subtle difference between my amp and my phone.
    ESPECIALLY a revealing headphone like the Clear.
  9. koiloco
    IMO, the answer is an absolutely "yes". I bought the Clear to be mobile on Fiio X7 mk2 around the house cuz the Clear is easy to drive, unlike my HD800 and HE6. Yet, for the last 7 days, I couldn't leave my desk cuz the Clear sounds so phenomenal and addictive on the Woo WA22. Listening to the Clear on X7 always leaves me wanting to go back to my desk.
    I know that the X7 vs. WA22 comparison is not a fair one, but my experience clearly answers your question. The Clear does scale very well with better amps.
    I like the combo so much that I just forked out $500 last night to buy another set of back up tubes (minus rectifier) for the WA22. It was shocking how expensive Kenrad VT-231 Black has become but I don't want to lose this great synergy so the price didn't matter.
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  10. franz12
    I agree. But it is because hugo/mojo are no good. They are overpriced and are just marginally better than iphones. I replaced hugo with Q5+MCTH, and am extremely happy with them. Great mobility with a better sound by a wide margin. I regret having used hugo with ether c flow.
    Last edited: May 12, 2018
    cardeli22 likes this.
  11. koiloco
    You are going to get some heat...:deadhorse::beyersmile:
  12. dontfeedphils
    lol tell us more, arbiter of truth.
    doraymon likes this.
  13. franz12
    i owned hugo for 18 months. I realized hugo is no good only after I bought q5+mcth. At least, hugo was no good with ether c flow. But I will be open to some possibilities that it might work well with another headphones (though i highly doubt it).
    Last edited: May 11, 2018
  14. doraymon
    Although I sincerely respect all opinions, "is no good" is kind of a strong statement when related to HRH Chord Hugo...
    dontfeedphils likes this.
  15. franz12
    i understand. ultimately, it's just one man's opinion. i just wanted to share my experience.
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