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Focal Clear headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. jtinto
    The Clears do sound better with my Bryston BHA-1 balanced, but they're just as enjoyable and getting more head time with my A&K Kann. They make a really nice combination with the short cable.
  2. bluenight
    How well does chord mojo drive them or hugo 2? And comparisons between them driving the clear would be nice.

    Also would clear with hugo 2 be a better system then hd800s with hdv820? Anyone have compared?
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2018
  3. kino lau
    Price range from Mojo to Hugo 2/HDV820 is rather huge. My Samsung Note 8 drives the Clears well, but I wouldn't use it as my goto device for multiple reasons. There are a lot of DAC/AMP choices without needing to spend $2000+ and drinking the Chord Koolaid...lol

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  4. dontfeedphils
    I've had my Hugo 2 for about a month now and I like it quite a bit more than the Bimby/Asgard 2 stack I upgraded from. I recently used it to audition all three Focal cans and enjoyed it very much. The Hugo 2 can power all three as well as they should be, is transportable (which goes nice with the case and cables sold with the Clear) and has a remote. It's made my setup much simpler, easier to use, and flexible.

    I owned the Mojo before the Hugo 2 and enjoyed it as well. It's a noticeable decrease in many key aspects (soundstage, resolution, imaging, etc), and tilts a bit to the warmer side (to my ears).

    Some people like Chord, some don't.
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  5. bclark8923
    Can anyone recommend a good warmer amp for this headphone? I wish these had a slight more bass and tamed the treble just a bit. Budget up to $2k but pref $1k
  6. nlwouter
    Aune s6 probably.
  7. crayons23
    i employ the rogue rh 5 but i do not currently have the clears.
  8. herrsmith
    I haven't heard any listening reports, but you might run into damping factor issues with the low input impedance of the Clear. S6 output impedance is 10 Ohm (20 Ohm balanced). Rule of thumb being generally that it shouldn't drive headphones with input impedance of less than 80 Ohm. Of course, it can be a little more complicated than the general rule of thumb, but most modern headphones seem to be designed for low output impedance. If someone has impressions of the pairing versus other, lower output impedance amps, I'm all ears.

    As for suggestions for the original question, I've heard good things about the Questyle CMA400i.
  9. nlwouter
    Thanks, for looking into that. You might be completely right.

    The questyle cma400i i have myself it's an awesome amp/dac combo that seems to take just a tad edge of the music and makes it sound sooo nice, no increase in bass or anything like that it's suprisingly neutral. To my ears though the sound difference between the questyle and my prior nfb11 where rather small when comparing with my clears. My other headphones did sound better even from SE.
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  10. snafu1
    You didn't mention of you were looking for a desktop or portable solution. But I recently started using a Woo WA7. It's not too "tubey" - just slightly warmer. I've been very pleased with the sound.
  11. bclark8923
    Ah yes, a desktop setup, prefer to be able to run balanced, from my Metrum Pavane Level 3
  12. bclark8923
  13. nishan99
    how big the difference in SS between the two ?
  14. Wildcatsare1
    I’ll save you some money, ppick up a Schiit Lyr 3, hunt down some vintage Sylvania Tubes, and you will have deeep bass, smooth treble, detail stays the same, and the soundstage depth and width are thee best I’ve heard on the Clear.
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  15. paul2qute
    How much is that i.e.m ?
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