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Focal Clear headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. paul2qute
    I'm listening to mine now with the Nordost heimdall 2 cable,that cable transforms the focal clear into a totally different beast,far more than the cable did with the focal utopia I owned
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  2. kino lau
    Cables make no difference at all. One wire is just like another. It's all snake oil...lol
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  3. RobinTim
    You clearly have very different ears than me.
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  4. hannahjherself
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  5. Shazb0t
    Something that would be interesting for you to try would be to setup a double blind listening test with your wife/girlfriend switching cables if you can. I think you'd be surprised.
  6. RobinTim
    Why do you assume that I have a wife/girlfriend :wink: But for sure, that would be an interesting experiment.
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  7. kino lau
    I actual have 3 different aftermarket cables noted in my signature.

    I actually noted a comparison between the stock coiled cable and my latest from Trevor at Norne Audio in a recent post in this thread. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/focal-clear-headphones.861727/page-221#post-14161763 Obviously there are a lot of cable manufacturers that are selling product that yields no significant benefit to the listener...or "would have been" listener.
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  8. dreamscape
    This interests me greatly, would you mind expanding on what you learned about LCD-3?
    I've got an LCD-X that I'm considering moving on...a baby and less time on my hands means I lean towards HD650 more often for the lightness and comfort for the brief time I have. Love the Audeze sound, though, and its energy. But all I've read about the Clear makes it sound like an appropriate sidegrade.
  9. Wildcatsare1
    The Clear is very high energy (not bright), dynamic, with accurate tone, versus the thicker, slower sound of the LCD (haven’t heard the 4) Audeze Cans. After I had the Clear for a couple weeks I sold my LCD-3 and HD800.
  10. dreamscape
    Interesting thank you. Your preference of Clear over the HD800 is also interesting, one thing keeping me from pulling the trigger on Clear is waiting to hear what the HD820 the closed version sounds like.
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  11. hannahjherself
    Sure. At first I was really disappointed with the LCD-3s when I swapped back to them after listening to the Clears. The clears offer so much detail and sparkle in the mids, it sounded like the LCD-3s were bogged down and clouded. Also the Clears offered surprising impact, for me at least, so I felt like I wasn't getting anything back from the LCD-3s. But when I started to switch up the music I was listening to I realised that I was favouring music that allow the Clears to excel. With symphonic music in particular, the additional detail and texture from the Clears give so much voice and texture to violins and woodwind I sometimes find myself holding my breath in anticipation.

    When I moved on to simpler forms of music, say arias and lieder with piano and light string accompaniment, I found that the rich musicality of the LCD-3s were a joy to listen to. The Clears are unforgiving of vocal compression in contemporary music, particularly female vocals, which end up sounding fizzy and sibilant. I think the rolled off highs of the LCD-3s take the edge off the additional energy modern production processes add.

    Some caveats. This is based on what I was hearing from a loan pair of Clears that did not have much burn-in. They may relax slightly over time. I did my listening through an Oppo HA-1 which I think is particularly neutral. Other amps might add warmth that would help take the edge off modern production. In both cases the differences between the Clears and LCD-3s might become less apparent. I haven't listened to LCD-Xs so I cannot comment on cross-grading to the Clears. My understanding is that the LCD-Xs have a more neutral sound so overall they may be closer to the Clears than the LCD-3s?
  12. NickedWicked
    Anyone have experience with litz occ cables and the Clear. I heard some people say it adds some midrange aggressiveness.
  13. paul2qute
    I did a blind test with the Mrs and she picked the Nordost heimdall 2 cable over the coiled cable by focal every time.I'm really impressed with the bass on the focal clear,it's just right for dance music
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
  14. nishan99
    can you please give us a brief difference between the 800s and the Clear ?
  15. GodsInHisHeaven
    So I have been living with my new Clear for a couple of days now and I like them a lot.

    The headband can be come a little uncomfortable when compared to my hifimans / sennheiser hd 800 after a while,
    Do we have any good tactics to battle this hotspot?
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