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Focal Clear headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. Wildcatsare1
    I wish we had Facebook Emojis, that pic is too funny (on the medical side, we frequently see pitures of “subjects” with their eyes shaded :wink: )
  2. paul2qute
    I've got come to bed eyes so didn't wanna get anyone too excited
  3. Wildcatsare1
    Lordy, you are full of yourself, hahaha.
  4. paul2qute
    Learn to love yourself and everything else just fits into place
    Wildcatsare1 likes this.
  5. brianc0428
    MVIMG_20180313_191517.jpg Focal Clear Professional in the house !!!
  6. Paulo Abreu
    Congratulations! Just get rid of those plastic covers... fast! That thing is much more sexier with some signs of usage ...
  7. styks
    Sorry moderator, made a post in the the wrong thread.
    Please delete.

    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
  8. brianc0428
    Thanks!!! The plastic covers on the cable??? I am not using those cables. I have my Norne Audio balanced cable I am using.
    Paulo Abreu likes this.
  9. Wildcatsare1
    E5772EB8-79A0-4ED6-962E-990D963E54E7.jpeg Not everyone’s cup of tea musically, but if you you want to hear the pure tone of the Focal Clear, it’s highly recommend.
  10. Drewligarchy
    Just significantly simplified my home office setup thanks to the Focal Clear - and it sounds much better than before. Only problem is that I love the clear so much I just bought a Utopia for the main rig - that I should get today :)

    Focal Clear.jpg
  11. Ifwiff
    So I recently joined the black and red side of team Clear, and I'm now looking to find something to drive them a bit better than a zxr soundcard. Does anybody have any suggestions for a good DAC/AMP combo which would work well with them? (Preferably in the same box)
  12. NickedWicked
    What is your budget?
  13. Ifwiff
    Around £500, I could probably get away with another few hundred on top (without hating myself too much) if it's really worth it.

    - Thanks for helping btw
  14. kino lau
    I saved a boat load by going with the iFi Black Label at suggestion of an extremely well respected forum member. $500 vs the $1200-$1700 I thought it was going to cost me.
    Jearly410 likes this.
  15. NickedWicked
    Hmm, for that money probably Schiit Jotunheim as a 3 in 1, you'll save a lot of money and don't have to look back for a long time as it does sound really great for the money. Also if you don't mind 2 small cases Schiit Modi 2 MB + Magni 3 might be worth considering, crazy performance/price ratio. iFi Audio comes to mind too.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2018
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