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Focal Clear headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. Mshenay Contributor
    I agree, it'd be a nice compliment. It seems I missed that part of his/your response
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  2. Ifwiff
    I'm enjoying the setup, all the important equipment is within reach - especially the beer!
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  3. up late
    did you audition the clear before buying?
  4. kn0ppers
    I had my first hour or so with the Clears today. Only driven by my little DFR, but I was honestly impressed. Luckily the Pro version fits my colour scheme and both versions are locally available for the same price. Maybe some time later this year...
  5. paul2qute
    No mate but I had a good idea from reading Tyll review as I owned the focal utopias not that long ago,I sold my trilogy 933 and Utopia headphones as a part ex and upgraded my Arcam avr 550 for the avr 850 plus the oppo 205,my AV SYSTEM is spot on now,Dolby Atmos and 4k,bought an lg oled TV as well.Selling my naim nd5 xs was a massive plus for me as I put my laptop in its place started using roon and with the money I got the focal clear pro headphones and part ex my Chord 2 qute dac and got the Hugo 2
  6. up late
    i hope the clear pro grows on you
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  7. Slim1970
    Wow, serious upgrades all Round!
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  8. NickedWicked
    Hmm, heard a lot about the Atticus bit v-shaped but very fun headphone, might give it a spin if I can manage to nab one for a nice price!

    Thanks! I've read lot of both mixed reviews about the Audioquest Nighthawks, I might just try them though.
  9. stersa
    Nice combo....:)



    Last edited: Mar 13, 2018
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  10. Paulo Abreu
  11. givemetacos
    It isn't V-shaped in the slightest. It has a gently rolled off top end like HD650, except no veil. Think of HD650 with bass boost, or rather, a combination of HD650, LCD-2, and TH-X00. But Atticus has a wider soundstage than HD650 (and Clear for that matter), more detailed, with lush and forward mids. Treble is clear, but refined and not particularly sparkly or airy, with no sibilance or peaks. But it slams like a demon in the low end. Note that it isn't mean to be neutral at all, rather it has character and does it well, which is why I think it works well to complement a more reference level headphone like Clear rather than be your only headphone.
  12. paul2qute
    The things you do for hi-fi ! 20180313_173209.jpg
  13. Paulo Abreu
    ROFL ... I knew you loved cats! Nice hack for perserving the head pad
  14. Matro5
    Beautiful. I've got the Clears and am looking at the WA6SE. Would you mind sharing a little more about your impressions? Any comparisons? Thanks!
  15. stersa

    Total control and tonallity with ALL my Headphones. High and Low Imp.WA6SE have both.
    An Impresive Amp . I m very happy with it.


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