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Focal Clear headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. kino lau
    Simply for clarification sake...Nor does yours
    LATE EDIT: Nor anybody else's...

    Last edited: Mar 10, 2018
  2. dontfeedphils
    Yep, I'm aware, I'm also not here stating my opinions as facts.
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  3. Drewligarchy
    I'm sure this was answered somewhere in the thread- but couldn't find it quickly so apologize for my laziness :)

    Are the Focal Clear and the Focal Clear Professional the same exact headphone outside of aesthetics and the accessories?

    Honestly, I've looked for the answer on head-fi and elsewhere and can't find a definitive statement. Thanks for the help!
  4. jude Administrator
    We do not have the Focal Clear Professional here, but, as I understand it, they (the Clear and the Clear Professional) are exactly the same (other than livery and packaging/accessories).

    However, the Listen and Listen Professional are different from one another. (I only mention those models as the Listen Professional was announced at the same time as the Clear Professional.)
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2018
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  5. Mshenay Contributor
    Mhm, the HD 800 is like that as well an I feel a lot of the truly resolving totl cans I've heard are like that as well. My time with the Ether C Flow was 50/50, harsh coming out of a Rag but more enjoyable/pleasant out of my heavy modded PB2 and HM901 which has a HF roll off filter... As a matter of the HeK V2 I heard up a moon was like that as well, so it's pretty common for those highly resolving cans to reflect harshness in a system that has it

    An my understanding of the Clear Professional is that the accessories pack is more suited to a Studio environment, and it has some extra cables and what not, though I really like the paint job!
  6. Drewligarchy
    Thanks so much, Jude! I personally really like the red and black - and they are now in stock at B&H so was thinking of picking up a pair tomorrow. I have listened to the Clears and really liked them - so just didn't want to be disappointed. I do want balanced - but don't mind getting a third-party cable as It's worth it to me to pay a couple hundred dollars extra for it.

    BTW, got to attend my fist CanJam here in NY a couple weeks ago - and was a great time!
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  7. kino lau
    From what everybody has said, they are the same. Though I am convinced that having the word "Professional" on the badging obviously instills better performance. Similar to that of adding chrome engine parts to automobiles...
  8. MrPanda
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  9. MrPanda
    I'm finding the Clears remarkably easy to drive... I've been experimenting a little

    Schiit Bifrost Multibit/Asgard 2 -- a really good combination with the Clears, might accentuate the brightness a little, but nice dynamics and sound stage

    Dragonfly Red -- plenty of power - less sound stage though. Also a problem since the volume control is so touchy on my setup with the DFR, it if resets, the volume jumps to 100% and that is dangerously loud. So I'm avoiding that setup for now

    Chord Mojo hooked up as a Roon endpoint -- my favorite way to listen to the Clears so far. The warmth of the Chord and terrific imaging help out the sound stage of the Clears in a really good way -- I'm really tempted to hear the Clears with a Hugo 2. The Chord sounds great also using an iPhone 8 plus with the Apple camera kit USB adapter. Since the Chord doesn't draw iPhone power, it doesn't instantly drain the battery

    FiiO E17 -- not bad, but the Clears really betray all the weaknesses inherent in this DAC. It sounds a little harsh with the Clears....
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  10. paul2qute
    Neither does urs
  11. dontfeedphils
    Yes, I'm well aware. I'm not the one trying to assert my opinion as facts though.
  12. Rowethren
    Yes we all have opinions, some are the same some are different... All are valid to each individual.

    The end.
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  13. paul2qute
    They facts to my ears,I'm paying for the headphones and I'm listening to them end of,so wind ya neck in
  14. Mshenay Contributor

    definatley! part of their appeal imo is how easy they are to drive! Really game the headphone as a whole is game changing, so much so Audeze followed up with thier MX4 that's also super easy to drive

    And while I'm sure that audeze had plans for an easy to drive open-back planner long before focal came up with the clear it just goes to show how both companies are taking advantage of a shift in market trends

    I'll save my clear vs Mx4 out of a bare bones low output set up for later
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  15. 55Powers
    I also have the 800S and LCD2C... but i totally agree that they borked the launch, and I would also think that the Clear would've taken the market by storm a couple years ago (moreso than what we got in the Elear). Tbh the Clear is acctually held back a lot for being the "improved Elear"....
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