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Focal Clear headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mtoc, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. Matro5
    Just checking in to say that my Clears are ruining my speaker setup. I literally ran a sine sweep to make sure my office speakers weren't broken after switching to them from my Clears. Those speakers are just entry level little bookshelves, so it's not a fair comparison, but the clarity and presence I hear with the Clears is a constant delight.

    Re: bass, Tidal tossed me a song earlier today that really shows off what the Clears can do down low. So much fun.

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  2. nanaholic
    I would say no, while I'm immensely enjoying the Clear for the clarity and dynamics but the fact is that they are pretty intimate headphones - and in my experience having owned them for a couple of weeks now, they are even more intimate than my Z1R, which are closed back headphones. If you crave HD800-ish size sound stage you really need to look elsewhere.
  3. paul2qute
    My focal clear pro headphones come to tomorrow,not sure if to throw a sickie
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  4. chungjun
    I have both the HD800S and Focal Clear. I align with and share @nanaholic's view. HD800S and Clear share more similarities than differences. To my ears, Clear would be more 'musical' of the two but if I find myself craving for bass, I would be drawn to my Meze 99 Classics.

    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
  5. kino lau
    Looks like my Micro iDSD Black Label may arrive tomorrow. I'm REALLY looking forward to hearing how the Clears behave with more power to drive them than just my QP1R. To sweeten the whole deal, I had a bunch of unused gift cards...so it only cost me $399.89 out of pocket.

    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
  6. givemetacos
    I agree with the others that I don't think Clear is the happy medium you are seeking. I actually think the ZMF Auteur will better suit your needs. The soundstage on that is pretty much in between Clear (intimate) and HD800S (super wide). I also think Auteur has more bass and more warmth than both Clear and HD800S.
  7. franz12
    I think a bit differently. Clear has enough bass, and anything more than that would hurt your ear drums causing fatigue within a half hour.
    Even though perceived soundstage may be larger with hd800s, Clear is more resolving than hd800s, if my audio memory is correct. Basically, you can hear almost everything on track EFFORTLESSLY. Why? Because it sounds rock CLEAR literally. Also, instrument separations are better. I don't think any offerings below $2500-$3000 can beat Clear. At least, you wouldn't think Clear is not worth its price tag.

    The only issue for me was that Clear is short of some rhythmic coherence as it pulls apart everything.
  8. musicmaker
    Clears are not about soundstage. IMO tonal accuracy and imaging are much more important than soundstage. I've been through a bunch of headphones and have not heard anything sub $2500 yet with the imaging and tonal accuracy of the clears. I also find the clears pretty neutral and true to the source. My Fostex TH900 has more visceral bass quantity but the clears are more accurate. I'm willing to bet anything in this price range with a better perceived soundstage will not equal the clear in imaging and tonal accuracy. If I want soundstage, my speaker setup gives me that and none of the headphones I've heard come close to it, let alone match it.
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  9. snafu1
    After the delays you have suffered through - absolutely!
  10. TSAVJason
    Yes I agree with this assessment. The 800s definitely has very little bass presence. The Clear is very accurate in bass quantity and quality. The ZMF is a very good headphone but no where near the presentation of the Clear.
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  11. paul2qute
    Cheers mate,I've suffered hair loss,mum thought I was dying so hopefully it will grow back once I get my clear pro tomorrow,don't think I'll sleep
  12. Wildcatsare1
    Agree, I sent my modded 800 packing when I picked up the Clear. Headphone soundstage, no matter the headphone, can’t match a decent two channel system. The clarity, imaging, tone, dynamics and bass all superior to the HD800.
  13. paul2qute
    I'll be honest and my honesty means nothing in Ere or anywhere else but I hated the Sennheiser 800 it's a joke I don't get it,focal destroyed Sennheiser with the release of the utopia, in how many years has Sennheiser been going for ?How embarrassing is that,trust me focal are just starting,they will destroy the competition and let's face it the competition has been pathetic,Sennheiser bringing out the hd800 closed headphones with some miracle glass,all these manufacturer's have been totally destroyed by focal.Best thing Sennheiser ever did was make the ie 800 in ears then they brought out the ie 800 s ?focal bring something out its because it's black and white better than the previous model
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
  14. DivaFonda
    I have some old earbuds from them that are incredible for the price. The Momentums are OK on the lower to mid consumer end, and there are those who swear by the HD 598/600/650. But I have to agree that for higher end, Sennheiser is lackluster. I haven't looked at anything from them for high end. Sony too. The newer brands are far more exciting with far more options, IMO.
  15. paul2qute
    What has Sennheiser really done all these years,no competition that's what,focal destroyed it all,let's see Sennheiser try harder or fall miserably
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