Foam tips for IEMS.
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Jan 18, 2005
Does anybody here use anything but foam tips for their IEMs? I've owned some 5 pros for a couple of months now, and after experimenting with tips when I first got them I went with the medium size silicone tips.

Now just recently I had some free time, took them apart for a cleaning and decided to screw with tips again. I found the foam pads to dominate the others in every way. Is this a pretty common consensus?

How often do you replace your foam tips? Is it a once a month thing? I wear for about 2 hours a day.
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I never use anything other than Comply foam tips.
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there are threads about how foamies are better for UM-2s, give less emphasis to bass, whereas triflanges are preferred for ER-4p, and shures, well, personal preference, I think. That's my hazy memory, anyway, you can search.

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