Foam tip choices
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Jun 27, 2014
I just got the Moondrop Starfield. My first thought was "zero lower midrange and bass." I know they need time to burn in, but what? Then I put some comply tips on there. Instant improvement. I quite like them. They have bass!

However to get the best sound I need to push them with my hands a little bit into the ear canal. IEMs like the the Starfields that have large bodies often don't seat well in my ear canals (which are on the smaller side and perhaps more deeply positioned in the ear pinnae).

I was looking into Spin Fit tips and they say about one model that it's "long" and goes deeper in the ear canal. Perhaps that would be a good option for me? Do the Spin Fits give a good seal as well (for bass)?
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Jun 14, 2010
Only way to know is to try.

I prefer foam tips.

I'd recommend the Tennmak 'strong' foams if the standard barrel shape comply foams work for you. These just won't break down after a month or two of use.
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The thing about memory foam like Comply is that you're supposed to squash it down, put it in and let it expand to fit your ear canal. Don't just jam it in. Maybe that will make the fit more comfortable?

Comply is just overpriced, though--sorry but true. SpinFits, also expensive, are not foam--they're silicone, with flexible stems that allow them more ways to fit in your ear. You'd just have to see if they work with your ears or not.

The Tennmak are good, too, and if you're in a hurry you can get some from Amazon, though it looks like you have to buy the S-M-L variety pack. (I've never understood this--once you know what your size is, the other two sizes are wasted.)

If you are patient enough to wait for the slow boats from China, AliExpress has a lot of other foam tips (and Tennmaks in one size). I have gotten also good use out of Anji Rui foams from Ali; they're cheap, but prices vary, and keep an eye on the added shipping costs from some sellers.

Tips can be really frustrating because tips that work beautifully for one IEM will be useless on others. Everybody has a different favorite: expensive ones like Azla/Sednafit and Final Audio or Chinese cheapies from Ali like Tennmak or BQEYZ or BGVP's Spinfit knockoffs:

If you want to try Final Audio tips, which some people love though I found they run a bit small for me, you might as well get the Final Audio E500 IEMs, which come with a full set of tips for less than $10 more than the tips alone.

Figuring out what size is best for you is the place to start. Then try what you can.
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Dec 24, 2013
I have small ear canals too. Like others have mentioned, Tennmak are usually the go-to for most folks, but I dug through my Amazon purchase history and found 4 different orders for small foam tips. Here are 2 I've used that are "fine" -- basically indistinguishable from Comply, come in small, ship with Prime in the States, and should fit the Starfield.

12Pcs Replacement Eartips- RIYO Premium Memory Foam Earphone Earbuds Tips -- $7

Earphone Tips F FEYCH Premium Replacement Earbud Tips Memory Foam Earphone Tips Blocking Noise Foam Tips Suit for 4.5-6.3mm Nozzle -- $5.60

Hope that helps while you wait for some Tennmaks (I ordered some during the 11.11 sale that should be here next week).


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