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Jan 31, 2005
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Jan 31, 2005
Ok, here are some cds for the flute fans:
1) James Galway:Bach vol.2 (including partita, and two flute duet with Jeann Galway)
2) James Galway: Man wiht the Gold Flute(I do believe this is the first recording after Galway left Berlin Phil.)
3) James Galway and the Chieftains(the most famous Irish folk songs with Irish instruments, including Danny Boy)
4) James Galway: Greastest Hits Vol.3(He plays alto flute on this cd)
5)James Galway : Music For My Friends(great flute music from Paris Conservatory)
6)James Galway : music from the composer Malcolm Arnold(with James Galway Wind Quintet)
7)James Galway : An American Musical Journey(with Jay Ungar and Molly Mason)

All the cds above is $4 each(all in great condition)

Here are other flutists
Peter -Lukas Graf( He is considered one of three greatest flutist, another two are Jean-Pierre Rampal and Aurele Nicolet)
1) Classical for Flute Vol.1(including Schubert Variations)
2) Romantic Flute Concertos(Reinecke, Reissiger)

Emmanuel Pahud( one of the flute star of today, first flute of Berlin Phil.)
Joseph Haydn's flute music

Donald Peck( former principal flute of Chicago Symphony, he seated there for 40 some years!!!)
Live flute recital by Boston Records

Katherine Kemler(a great America flutist, professor of flute at Louisiana State University)
Virtuoso American Flute Works( including Muczynski, Liebermann)

Nestor Torres( Jazz flutist, winner of Grammy Prize)
Talk To Me

Some of these cds are just opened!
All the cds above is $9 each.

Low shipping fee.
PM me
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