Florida Meet on May 19th and July 14th


Will you be attending the meet July 14th ?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Buddhahacker
    I'll bring my HD-800, Fostex(Massdrop) TH-X00 Purplehearts, Audeze Mobius and a couple of DACs and Amps.

    Anyone bring some Oppo's?
  2. wazzupi
    I had a sonica but sold it i will be bringing a metrum acoustic Onyx la Figaro 339 or Glenn otl tube amp(custom/w $1100 worth of tubes) possibly my cayin iha-6 if it doesn't sell. Hd800 zmf auteur blackwood rbh hp2 and audeze mobius if it arrives which doesnt look like that is going to happen.
  3. wazzupi
    Would love to hear the code x !
  4. Gordhifi
    This is shaping up to be a good listen.
  5. wazzupi
    Onyx sounds amazing, I just wish I could get my Glenn otl amp by July 14th (i was told may)
  6. Gordhifi
    Trying to round out my collection. I think A pair of Grado like 325e would be nice to hear. I've never listened to that sound. So if anyone has a pair, I'd like to take a listen.
  7. UntilThen
    Wazzupi you are as bad as I am. Anyway I hope you get it in time for the meet and you get to sample all those lovely tubes.

    I love meets and all those enthusiastic people you get to meet plus all the gear to sample.
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  8. wazzupi
    Lol yes indeed
  9. KiPad
    I just sold my Oppos unfortunately, or I could have brought em. Would anyone be interested in me bringing my Beyer t5p gen 2?
  10. wazzupi
    Always welcome !
  11. TimeLord
    I’m not 100% sure I’ll make this meet, but if I do I would be interested in the T5p Gen 2. I’d like to compare them to my modified Gen 1.

    Also, if I’m there I can bring an Oppo PM-1.
  12. Chozart
    We'd better tell them to put their AC on freeze! We're gonna cook that room with our tubes otherwise.
  13. wazzupi
    Yep my Glenn amp will have 8 tubes haha
  14. Th3Drizzl3
    in trying to get off work for the meetup its tough with my job they usually want a good month notice for weekends unless i get lucky and dont get put on the schedule. the company just let like half of the people go who were just screwups and for now we are making up the extra workload. more money but sucks time wise.
  15. wazzupi
    Hope you can make it ! It's only on Saturday so you can come in and out essentially
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