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Florida Meet on May 19th and July 14th


Will you be attending the meet July 14th ?

  1. Yes

    8 vote(s)
  2. No

    2 vote(s)
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  1. wazzupi
    Hello everyone, welcome to the South Florida meet thread !

    What we currently have lined up is a meet sometime in Jan-Feb(TBD) it is currently looking like a in-home meet with a spacious dining area enough to accommodate 25 people and it will be an all day event. the goal is, we're hoping for a large enough showing so we could have it located in a larger area(meeting room or convention Center) in hopes of gaining a following of vendors for everyone in Florida to have a taste of what a CanJam could be for us floridians and anyone else who would stop by from all around the world !

    We will be reaching out to local stores and possible vendors at this time but we need you, your support if you could post any interest in such an event please post in this thread !
  2. Towert7
    Interested. I'm in SW Florida around Sarasota. If I come of course I'll bring gear. My last head-fi meet was back in 2011 and I'm curious to hear what's new.
    It seems the last thread got very heated and was closed, but I wanted to echo my sentiments. Also, I'm interested to hear what Tyrion and JP had planned.
    wazzupi likes this.
  3. wazzupi
    Glad to have you on board !
  4. MCPT
    I'm also interested. I'm in the market for new headphones and I've had a very difficult time finding local audio stores that have demo pairs available. I only have lower end gear at this time (Fidelio X2, ATH-M50), but I'm in the market for a higher end pair. I live in Palm Beach County, but I don't mind driving some.
  5. wazzupi
    Glad to hear from you MCPT and Hope to see you at the meet.
    PS Best Buys with Magnolia stores usually have a decent amount of mid-fi headphones unforunately they don't have proper amp/dac setups. I don't know about palm beach but down in miami there are a few stores I haven't been to any of them in a while though.

    More details will be available after the Holidays !!!
  6. MCPT
    I appreciate the tip. I've checked the Magnolia near me and they only had a couple available. I've also listened to the LCD-X and HD 800S at Audio Advisors in WPB. They were very different from each other. Of the two, I preferred the 800S, but I would have liked it to have more bass/dynamics. I'd like to hear some of the following: Focal Elear (and soon to be Elex), Beyer DT 770/1990/Amiron, Hifiman 400/560, Mr. Speakers AFO, etc...

    I contacted a Focal dealer in Miami and they told me that they don't stock any demo pairs anymore because too many people would use them as an online showroom. There is definitely a need for these meet-ups. I appreciate you putting in the effort to make this happen.

    Enjoy your holidays!
  7. tekprimehifi

    I'm also interested in attending; Any traction on this?

    I'm in a similar boat as MCPT. I own hd800s with a lyr 2 and bifrost but am looking for a warmer heaphone with more bass for certain types of music. Ive been to all the local stores as well. I listened to the lcd 2 and x at advisors today, as well as the hdvd800 and mt50 amp. I much preferred the mcintosh amp to the senn, but the lcd 2 was slightly sub par to the hd800's. I would love to A/B my current stack with the new mc 150 heaphone amp; but like the heaphones, dealers dont really keep good or up to date stock.
    before I buy a 4k solid state amp I would really love to hear an all tube SET amp, like the wa5-le ( and lcd3 or 4)

    Im considering just going up to can jam in ny. Flights are like 110 dollars round trip today.

    I also find it hard to demo a product when the dealer only has a limited selection of music to test with(audioadvisorscoffcoff), any store display should include at least tidal or a record player or a cd player so folks can listen critically to tracks they know well.
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2017
  8. wazzupi
    Definitely setting up a meet unfortunately my holidays don't end til the 1st of January so it looks like the meet might take place after NYC canjam. I'll be keeping things up to date asap so stay tuned for further updates.
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2017
  9. arrowmark Contributor
    Any updates on the South Florida Meet? Location ? Date?
  10. SoundBytes
    I would go!
  11. Benz-Fi
    I'd be interested as well.:L3000:
  12. Zark
    Hey guys, I'm in a group chat with the owner of the thread and I offered to take over planning the meet, only caveat of this is that I live in Sarasota so the meet won't be in South Florida most likely. The last meet we had was in Orlando which I suppose we could hold another there since it's "technically" the most central place in this long state.

    Anyway, like the last time I organized a meet I made a poll to gather info on the who, what, and when of the meet. So if you're still interested fill that out. I'm aiming more or less to have one around maybe late April to beginning of May but things can come up and people have their lives to live so we'll see what works best for everyone.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
  13. Buddhahacker
    Great news! I filled out the poll. If you would like, I can pull together the list of equipment from the poll forms or posts.
  14. Zark
    Glad to hear! I have the answers from the poll being logged into a google excel sheet so as long as people filled out the poll and answered that question (you don't have to bring something to a meet) I have a list of the stuff people plan on bringing. Thank you for the offer but I got that covered.

    I would have prefered Kaysen, from Inearz Audio to post this herself but her account doesn't have privilege to post in the thread for some reason so... Kaysen, from Inearz Audio pm'ed me earlier this week expressing an interest in coming to the meet since they're based here in the sunshine state! So there will be some nice IEMs to demo as well as all the user gear too! :beyersmile:
  15. pichu
    In Tampa! Would love to make it to an event. Don’t have anything currently fancy but my Lyr 3 could travel with me for those interested in hearing it
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