Floor Seat Experience in Concerts
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Feb 1, 2006
Has anyone ever been in the floor seating section in concert's before? I've purchased Floor Seats for the Roger Water concerts, but my wife is concerned that we will be standing up too much and wouldn't be able to see anything, due to the people in front of us.

Has anyone ever sat in these sections? If so, what are your experiences?

Anyone in ottawa has sat in the floor seating in Scotiabank centre, in ottawa, before?

My wife is worried that we spent 400 dollars just to see people's heads.
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Well I've been to couple... and if you're considered average height you would just be able to see the performance.

But uh 400... I don't think I've ever spent that much for such accomodation lol
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I went to go see Lionel Ritchie a couple of years ago, and sat at about the tenth row, Really cool experience,

Supposed to be going to the Gwen Stefani concert in August, also with floor seating, cant wait,

Let us know how you liked or disliked it.....................

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Also going to see Waters in Vancouver. Row 30-something on the floor - by the time I found out that the show was coming they were the best seats we could get, it was either those or like the 12th row in the balcony. I'm a bit concerned too, considering they were about $150 each (still less than you, but way too much IMO), but it's a once-in-a-lifetime chance and I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan so I'm hoping it'll be worth it.
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My wife is worried that we spent 400 dollars just to see people's heads.

She's got a right to be worried. You could wind up standing for the entire concert. The only saving grace is that most older acts like Waters, attracts an older audience who either can't or don't want to stand for the entire show, and because of the price of the seats, you might wind up with mostly older folks in front of you .... but Waters/Pink Floyd are popular with all ages still, so wear comfortable shoes. Unless your wife is extremely short, she should still be able to see the stage while standing however.

The worst this has ever happened to me was at a hastily put together concert held in Toronto to support the victims of 9/11 . I had dead center 10th row floor seats and the youngish crowd stood up for the entire concert .... all 5 1/2 hours of it. (a lot of bands wanted to participate) Being someone who doesn't like to stand in one spot longer than 1/2 hour at a time, I had to sit down quite a bit of the show ... and it wasn't the back of people's heads I wound up looking at.
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I sure hope there's going to be older people in front of us...

I'm thinking because of the concerts mellow tone, there wouldn't be alot of standing around, but then again, it's a very special concert and people might get a bit excited...
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We usually catch the Journey concerts when they come to Colorado (which seems to be every year now). My wife really loves them and she's still stuck in the 80s. We typically get seats within the 1st 10 rows and end up standing thru the whole concert. It's a small price to pay to experience one of your favorite bands growing up so close and personal! Go for the floor seats!
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I've seen both ways. If the scene is well elevated, front rows are usually seated. However, depending on the crowd as well...I'd say you're 50/50 here

400 CAD...wow
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I'm thinking because of the concerts mellow tone, there wouldn't be alot of standing around,

Good point. Waters/Pink Floyd's music is listening music not dance music so after the first few songs, people will likely sit down.

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