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flinkenick's 17 Flagship IEM Shootout Thread (and general high-end portable audio discussion)

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  1. Mimouille
    I don't remember but they are very different. If you mean the VE6 from Vision Ears, didn't like it much. Much prefer the 8. And the Spiral Ears house sound is completely different. Thinner and more delicate to me. VE8 is fuller and smoother. Both excellent, I prefer SE5U still but maybe more people would like VE8.
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  2. pithyginger63
    i see, thanks for the description! you use a wm1z now right? have you ever watched videos on your computer while using it as a dac?
  3. Mimouille
    There is a lag. Nothing you can do about it
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  4. pithyginger63
    I heard you can use it wirelessly with your computer and it has less lag, not sure how that would work though, sounds like bull to me
  5. KuroKitsu
    Latency with getting the digital audio stream then pumping it via USB to convert to analog vs Latency with getting the digital audio stream then pumping it via wireless to convert to analog

    Sounds like a delay to me
  6. AC-12
    For those reviewers with an IN to plusSound, it would be great if you can have them throw in a sample of their micro adapter along with the future cable sample.

    It looks like a solid build and solid choice of solder. It maybe a good alternative to e4ua depending on "extra cost". Not feeling the Chinese branded adapters.


    (i.e. CIEM to MMCX or CIEM to MrSpeakers) would be great... interested to see if it's a similar shape and size to the other 2-pin to MMCX adapters.


    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019
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  7. Wyville
    I had no idea Christian also offered mmcx to 2-pin/2-pin to mmcx adapters. Perhaps something interesting for @twister6 to check out?
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  8. AC-12
    plusSound is also on ETSY which accepts custom orders. I don't think this is on their main site.


    It looks like a solid product. No hurry to review. No interest in HPs or Universals at this time, but there maybe a future MMCX Universal or MrSpeakers that's hard to resist. Or maybe that SONY Reference MMCX CIEM at the SONY store.
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  9. pithyginger63
    and here I am wondering when Plussound is gonna release a chrome gold y split and slider
  10. pithyginger63
    my iem store now has the big three 4.4mm daps
    thats like... 9000 usd or something right...
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019
  11. Kerouac
    So, over the past days I've also listened quite some hours with the Vega (mainly out of LPG), because I received an ALO Pure Silver Litz cable (retail $250) which I picked up in the classifieds.

    The seller told me: ''To me the silver cable made the top end sound a lot more airy and spacious. With the stock it’s noticably more closed in. The same goes for the overall soundstage, it becomes more spacious and airy. The bass is a little tighter, but still hits hard. I definitely wasn’t able to go back to stock after using the silver.'' and all I can say is that I totally agree with that so far.

    Listening to LCD Soundsystem (Electric Lady Sessions) right now and gotta love that sweet rumbling lows and holographic sound :ksc75smile:
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  12. davidcotton
    Whats the one on the left?
  13. gc335
    Does anyone have a full carbon shell CIEM from JH Audio? Is the comfort on par with the other shells since they can't 3D print them.
  14. gc335
    Lotoo Paw Gold Touch I believe.
  15. davidcotton
    Thanks, no wonder I didn't recognize it. That one's just a little outside my comfort zone spending wise :)
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