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flinkenick's 17 Flagship IEM Shootout Thread (and general high-end portable audio discussion)

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  1. pithyginger63
    nah, it was a swear word

    quick question, how would you compare the alclair electro to the ve6?
    (also how would you compare the electro to other electrostatic iems?)
  2. Deezel177
    The VE6 has a warmer, upper-bass oriented low-end than the Electro's. The latter has a sub-bass tilt that doesn't really come online until triggered by the track. The VE6 has greater perceivable impact as a result, but its punches are light, airy and jab-y. The Electro's are more condensed and thump-y, but only when the recording calls for it. The Electro has a more forwardly-placed midrange, resulting in bolder, weightier and taller images. The VE6 has a feathery, laid-back midrange that can be perceived as distant or un-engaging. But, the benefit is in technical performance, where the VE6 has a finer, more elegant delivery of detail, which is favourable if you want to pay attention to what's going on.

    The Electro's transients are comparatively punchier, so you're more actively engaged by the instruments, rather than analytical of them. However, that's not to say the VE6 is bright or clinical either. The VE6's soft, wispy treble has a delicate touch, but the authority and extension it possesses give way to heaps of nuance and micro-detail. The Electro has a crisper treble with a stronger peak, but the treble region as a whole is placed a bit further back relative to the VE6. So although the former has greater articulation, the latter is brighter in overall tone. In terms of stage structuring, the VE6's laid-back midrange gives it a greater sense of depth. When it comes to imaging precision, the Electro's sharper treble takes the cake.

    Electro vs. Jomo Audio Trinity: https://theheadphonelist.com/jomo-audio-trinity-the-prologue/
    Electro vs. FitEar EST (not in-depth): https://theheadphonelist.com/e-earphone-japan/2/
    Electro vs. Shure KSE1200: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/alc...om-in-ear-monitor.886611/page-3#post-14663508

    If it's not there, I haven't done the comparison.

    I sincerely hope these quick questions aren't just for your amusement, my friend. :)
  3. Kozato
    Hi Kerouac,

    Just to clarify, the price of the 2 wire 1960s has only been adjusted once, from 1399 SGD to the current 1499 SGD by request of PWaudio to bring our price closer to their domestic market HK pricing. We're still confident that the 2 wire 1960s is an exceptional performer for the price range!
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  4. pithyginger63
  5. pithyginger63
    In all seriousness, I'm trying to learn more about audio more seriously now. I've been playing around with EQs now per your advice, but my non audio life keeps me really busy. I get very little ear time, much less going out to audition things :cry:

    I read your comparisons just now, I've been interested in the Trinity SS for a while but have yet to find a chance to find one, especially since the store I'm relatively loyal to no longer carries Jomo products. Yet, I still hesitate between customs and universals. I like my custom comfort too much, silicone tips aren't isolating enough and foams make my ears ache. I think my first sidegrade iem will be the electro, though the A12t is quite neutral in tone already. I just don't really know what I like yet in terms of sound signature, and I'm still exploring sound
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
  6. Deezel177
    Tone is only one component of sound. I'd call the VE6 and U12t similar in tone, but they differ wildly in bass reproduction, midrange structure, treble peak placement, etc. What store do you frequent if I may ask?
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  7. pithyginger63
    My IEM in Taipei at the moment, relatively small store. Luckily, they have the vision ears line which I plan to demo next time I visit (which is probably when I'm picking up my A12t reshell)

    actual quick question: which model ve6 do you have? x1 or x2? I'm getting more hesitant every second
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
  8. Deezel177
    I'm reviewing the XC, which allows me to switch between the two.
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  9. twister6 Contributor
    Just as a side note, 1960 2wire has 4 conductors (equivalent of other cables 4 wire versions), while 4wire has 8 conductors (equivalent of other cables 8 wire versions).
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  10. Kerouac
    Thanks for clarifying and obviously my mistake. When I read (just before I posted) that it was 1200 USD now, I instantly figured that there had been a ± $200 increase in price.
    I should have checked the facts and done the maths (SGD vs USD conversion) myself => sorry 'bout that!

    Imho there's every reason to be confident about that and besides superb sq it also delivers some of the best cable ergonomics out there :thumbsup:
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  11. davidmolliere
    So today was the annual meetup of the French community in Paris, I had the opportunity to listen to some nice stuff, like @MrLocoLuciano Jomo Trinity, one of the most awaited IEM around. Luckily I have been able to use my custom eartips so at least no uncertainty about impressions skewed by lack of tip rolling. This was not a long listen, and they deserve more but I had a feeling that both bass and treble are the star of the show along with an impressive soundstage. I’d need more time to wrap my head around the mids and go deeper into the signature. I had inconsistent impressions across tracks, sometimes I felt it was great and I liked it, sometimes much less so... I’d need to take notes and be less in a hurry as many wanted a listen but let’s say it wasn’t love at first sight.... unlike the FIBAE Black

    I got a preview (waiting eagerly for my customs...) of thanks to a pair of uni I was also able to use with the custom tips from Custom Art :p This was clearly a “coup de cœur” as we say in French, I was immediately drawn into the FIBAE Black signature those mids are so sweet and beautiful, so very musical. Bass surprised me as they are pretty good, very textured and beautiful as well, very very nice. Highs certainly have less sparkle but still very subtle and nuanced so there is details there. Soundstage not huge but not congested either, which could have been a concern with the signature. Kudos! I am definitely smitten with the signature and pretty sure I am going to enjoy the Black so very much :D I see hundreds of hours of the Black during late night sessions...

    This is fantastic that a brand like Custom Art is building IEM at this price point with that kind of SQ. I am a brand convert and I’ll probably also go for the FIBAE 4 and purchase blind, that’s how much I trust their ability to provide top SQ at a reasonable price. I just WANT to support what they’re doing in a market going crazy...

    That’s a great point that is often overlooked the 1960 even in 4 wire is really a pleasure to wear an use...
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
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  12. kubig123
    I’ve been enjoying the PW 1950, 1980 and the 1960 8 wire as part of the PW tour, I’ve been surprised how good the Phantom sounds with the 1960 8 wire, it’s the only cable that I tried so far that doesn’t change the overall sound signature it just emphasizes the qualities of the Phantom, and the sound stage, soo wide and deep.
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  13. pithyginger63
    I look forward to reading it.
    What do you think of the midrange depth on the A12t? I find it a bit lacking imo

    edit: I retract my statement about the A12t's stage lacking depth.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
  14. Deezel177
    ‘Should be up within the next week or so. I think the A12t’s stage is great. I didn’t notice a lack of depth on my demo.
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  15. pithyginger63
    well, i dont mean lacking as in absent but, I feel like its stage is wider than it is deep?
    although it could be down to my music being recorded that way. I've had an strange experience with a track i found on youtube with a stage that stretched out so far in front of me, I thought someone was knocking on my window. I still can't find other music like that

    edit: now that I'm listening to this track on other earphones, I realize that the A12t indeed has an immensely deep stage if the track calls for it. It just tends to position things more intimately than earphones that sound like they have really big stages. My older ear phones sound immediately wider than the A12t but can't project sound forward at all. I know this is trash music, but at 0:07 there's a clicking noise that comes from really far away on my A12t's. Is there any real recorded music that sounds like this? maybe like a live acoustic recording that was done from far back in the hall?
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
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