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flinkenick's 17 Flagship IEM Shootout Thread (and general high-end portable audio discussion)

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  1. KuroKitsu
    Usually I would scoff and chuckle about "..placebo effect". But I'm really curious what warrants a $1 to $2k pure copper cable. Is it truly that good.
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  2. aaf evo
    I have the 1950’s which is even more expensive than the 1960’s and yes, it is that good.
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  3. pithyginger63
    I heard their signatures are different, I heard the 1960s are warmer than the 1950s and that the 1950s are very transparent and revealing
  4. aaf evo
    Yeah I’d say that’s fairly accurate. That doesn’t mean the 1960s isn’t a very transparent cable itself either. Both are amazing.
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  5. davidmolliere
    The 1960 is on the warmer side, with a nice bass boost, liquid and smooth mids and nice sparkle up top but most of all it has a background as black as its sheathing! And it’s the only cable that transformed the listening experience that much with the VE8 in particular it’s breathtakingly better than anything else I have tried. Other cable that made an impression was the Thor II 8 wire but for its amazing transparency and air, as well as a smoothness that is unusual for a silver cable. Horus 8 wires also made an impression, especially on textures, but can’t ever justify that price. Note that I got the 1960 4 wire at almost half price secondhand so I got lucky!

    Well, I didn’t click with the Horus which is even pricier I think in 8 wire... the 1960 is, regardless of price, a cable that did something to enchant my ears... but if I hadn’t had a good deal I would never have put such a price in a cable...
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  6. duaned
    How do you find the Zen 8 wire davidmolliere?
  7. pithyginger63
    The aeon 1960 is 1200 USD on music sanctuary after the 1950 was released. hmmmm
  8. davidmolliere
    Great value for money, smooth but not too warm, pretty transparent with very good air the soundstage is quite nice and the layering is very good as well. I’d say it’s a good all rounder that pairs well with pretty much any IEM as it’s just slightly on the smooth side but neither really warm nor bright. Except if you need more bite and sharper attack, I would recommend it.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
  9. Deezel177
    That’s the 2-wire version. :wink:

    10E6AB83-1962-4AFF-8008-4BBD746E7D19.png AF7BA76E-5008-42FD-8C78-9268E59B6440.png
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  10. Kerouac
    First of all: I only heard the 1960 2w and Horus 4w, so I 'only' experienced 50% of your impressions :wink:

    For me the 1960 2w is still the perfect match for my Zeus, where I liked the Horus 4w (loaner) so much on my Phantom (for me it was even the best combination that I've heard so far), that it instantly became #1 on my cables wishlist.
    To my ears the Horus build an impressive bridge between its technical (improved resolution, soundstage and imaging) and tonality (slightly less warm, but still that beautiful / natural timbre) performance.
    I still have to hear (which might happen within the upcomming weeks, thanks to @Wyville) the Phantom + Leo II synergy though, so who knows :thinking:

    Unfortunatelly full retailprices for cables like these are extremely high indeed, so I usually wait untill I stumble on a ''too good to pass by'' deal in the FS forum or on another site.
    Patience & luck (and often lots of both) are the keywords there.
    So, that's basically +$200 because of a new (''aeon''?) splitter compared to the earlier 2w (''Black Icon'') version, which costed $1K?
    Btw, I really enjoyed (just read it before this post) your Phantom (incl. the Layla part) review Daniel, where the one with Custom Art / Piotr also was an 'instant classic' imo :thumbsup:
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  11. Deezel177
    It seems so. Thanks man! Happy y’all loved it. :D
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  12. Wyville
    It is slowly moving its way in your direction. How slow? Depends on how much Nic likes Leo II. :D
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  13. Kerouac
    So, that'll be probably somewhere 'round Christmas then :sweat_smile:
    Thanks in advance buddy!
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  14. pithyginger63
  15. Kerouac
    What was that? A 4 star rating for the 2-wire version?
    I would at least rate it with 4½ (and probably even with *****) :wink:
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