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flinkenick's 17 Flagship IEM Shootout Thread (and general high-end portable audio discussion)

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  1. buonassi

    check out Zero Audio Carbo Tenore. They go for 45USD, single dynamic drivers and make a great backup pair. I put them in and often ask myself why I spent so much on gear when these get you 80% of the way there. They pick up well with a good source, and need a little bit of power to get going. They have a "W" shape Japanese tuning. Nice sub bass, scooped out midbass, a peak at the mid-high midrange, another scoop out of the sibilance region, then a nice treble.
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  2. pithyginger63
    Will do, I'll scout out a pair to audition
  3. KuroKitsu
    Probably a pair of Andros bolted to some new tech with a healthy measure of unicorn dust and black magic.
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  4. Deezel177
    I still have their Doppio and Duoza to this day; excellent IEMs for the price. I have to give their latest releases a listen. :wink:
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  5. KuroKitsu
    I was just wondering can one truly go back to the world of budget-fi after being at the summit. This could be the authoritative anwser.
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  6. papa_mia
    Probably almonds, I mean what else could you stuff into there?
  7. Kerouac
    Boogers? :thinking:

    ...or maybe even a complete 'Flea Circus Band' that actually plays the music inside the iem
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2019
  8. pithyginger63
    18 flea orchestra
  9. jeffhawke
    If I may chip in, Final Audio sells the E4000H (without cable) for under $90 on their Japanese website http://final-audio-design-directshop.com/fs/final/d-earphones/FI-E4DALDH
    That could be an excellent spare iem, considering the p/q ratio, and you may already have a MMCX cable you can use with them.
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  10. KuroKitsu
    Everyone is talking about cheap spares and Im planning to use Phantom for daily and Zeus as a backup. Please don't throw me in the asylum.
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  11. linux4ever
    We all are already in the asylum :)
  12. BananaOoyoo
    This is the asylum
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  13. KuroKitsu
    Well if the asylum is filled with audio gear, I dont mind as much
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  14. pithyginger63
    I keep thinking of getting a new iem and turning my A12t into a backup. I'm probably going for an electronics and cable upgrade first, likely the new iBasso player and a Leo ii or a Horus
  15. KuroKitsu
    A12t as a backup eh? absolute madman, a 2K CIEM as a backup. My backup is only $1.7k :p

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