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flinkenick's 17 Flagship IEM Shootout Thread (and general high-end portable audio discussion)

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  1. adonissk
    Yes, I noticed that as well... "ominous ruble" may actually be worth $2k...
  2. jmills8
  3. adonissk
    Lol yes it better be rumble!
  4. SoundArtillery
    Maybe true.  Although I sold my K10s just fine.  The real reality is that us idiots spending $2k on headphones shouldn't be doing so if we're worried about resale value.
    fiascogarcia likes this.
  5. DWbirdseye
    Isn't that the truth!! Oh how we suffer.
  6. DWbirdseye
  7. ranfan
    look like vega 2.0
  8. Cagin
    Nic, try to convince Audeze to give you an iSine LCD-i3 for the shootout x-D as an appendix [​IMG]
    [​IMG] hope to see ya at CJ again
  9. noplsestar
    Counting the days :)
  10. jmills8
    How high can you ?
  11. noplsestar

    Sorry, I don't understand what you mean! Can you please say it in different words? Thx :wink:
  12. MuZo2
    @flinkenick  would like to know more on how the actual comparison will be made. You have written about criteria , hardware etc but not much about listening experience?
  13. sawrym
    @flinkenick  I can't wait for the shootout to be released. Can you tell us any news? :) 
  14. Jalo
    Nic, I enjoyed reading your brief impression on the Dream. Of particular are two phrases "linearity within the frequency range" and "linear relationship between treble, mid and bass..." caused me thinking a bit. Is music linear in nature? Or is music discrete, independent, and non linear, one with another like chaos theory. It goes without saying frequency range is linear as 20 hertz is two times of 10 hertz, and 40 hertz is two times of 20 hertz in a Gaussian manner, but that applies to any iems or any musical instruments. What I am reasoning with myself is the behavior of music or frequency, should the behavior of bass predict the behavior of treble? Is there any linear relationship between them? Isn't some of the greatest accomplishment in music is the unpredictability from movement to movement? Human brain wave is certainly nonlinear and we get bored with linearity really fast. Just some thoughts from reading your take on the Dream.
  15. Ike1985
    Nic don't be like Jelt, give us a review at least once a year. [​IMG]
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