flinkenick's 17 Flagship IEM Shootout thread (and general high-end portable audio discussion)

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  1. Tulku1967
    In August 2017 I bought the U18.
    I sold and bought a Zeus XR in December.
    I just sold the Zeus and bought a SE5 ultimate ... Gregorz has just handed it over to the courier.
    When I arrive and burn it, I will have a quick opinion about this 3 IEMs...
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  2. noplsestar
    That’s great. I‘m looking forward to reading your comparison!
  3. thebratts
    Finally made the payment to Vision Ears for my VE8..
    And also made the final change to the design.. (i guess they start to get annoyed with me now, but hey if they have to many great choices ...)
    So looking forward to getting my clear shell, orange mirror faceplate CIEM:s end of January or so.. FInally found some pictures online with the orange faceplate and they look fierce :)
    I'm thinking that a silver cable or silver/gold might fit the VE8:s ? Or a t-metal, a bit stuck on plussound for cable, i have a silver gold exo already and like it so possibly try that first...

    Anyone have any experience from t-metal compared to pure silver or silver+gold?
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  4. Mimouille
    Don't spend a million and stick to well build ergonomic cables. Silver or copper. Orb Japan, Onso Japan, Beat Audio.
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  5. tim0chan
    Dont forget some of the other stuff like the ares from effect audio and pw audio n05 lastly the hansound zen
  6. ranfan
    VE stock cables are already very good IMO. They have the dark colour, and silver.
  7. rtjoa
    Is VE8 stock cable from OC Studio Montana 6 wire?
  8. Deezel177
    I think that's a retailer exclusive. Only MyIEMStore offers that cable IIRC.
  9. Wyville
    Congrats! I love the VE8 and hope you will get them soon! :ksc75smile:

    Perhaps the best option is to get the VE8 first and spend some time with them before deciding what you would like in terms of an aftermarket cable, as the differences can be quite profound and it is best to know beforehand what you want out of the cable. And if you already have the silver/gold Exo, then definitely give that a try after you have spent some time with the stock cable. Take your time, synergy is very important with cables, otherwise the end result might not be to your liking or even completely underwhelming.
  10. Wyville
    Posted in the Rhapsodio thread, but I thought some people here might appreciate it too:

    A big thank you to @Solarsammy and @flinkenick for letting me borrow the Saturn. I have by now spent about a week with them and thought it would be nice to share some impressions. A full review will come soon. The images are from Rhapsodio's Facebook, as I am on holiday and do not have my camera with me.


    The Saturn required quite a bit of adjusting before I was able to get the best out of them, but after that all I can say is that the Saturn ROCK! Normally I listen to a lot of classical music and these just don't do that well. The treble is too attenuated and some instruments such as violins are pushed too far back, something that can slow down even the fastest classical pieces. So what do the Saturn offer?

    The Saturn are warm and smooth unlike anything I have heard before, which is probably logical, as these are the first DD IEMs I have spent time with since my venerable se215 went into retirement. They have a quite wide stage with good height, but less depth, to create a "wall of sound" and it works very well for the types of music the Saturn excel at. The treble is of a high quality, but pushed somewhat into the background to create a super smooth signature that will never be fatiguing. The mids I felt were a little further back than I am used to with my Ei.3, but not the V-shape I initial thought. More like a U- or L-shape, but with very well-positioned vocals that are clear and easily rise above the rest of the music. But then the bass, to me the star of the Saturn. It is really nice and deep with lots of texture and gives the Saturn a more "analogue" feeling compared to the BA-based IEMs I am used to.

    As I indicated, I normally listen to classical music and trying that I was not very happy with the Saturn, so I went through my music library to see what did work well and found myself getting addicted by music I would normally not listen to as much. Music such as punk, rock and metal suddenly sounded like I had always wanted it to sound. The impact of the bass, the quality of the treble, the vocals, the way Sammy tuned these felt like the Saturn were made for just this type of music. Electric guitars had so much crunch to them, the bass guitars were so sweet and detailed, the drums had so much impact and on top of that the clear vocals... Absolutely flippin' awesome! The Saturn rock so hard and I absolutely love them for it!

    Because of their smoothness and tonality they also work well for blues, jazz and especially older recordings. I have some older, poor quality swing-jazz recordings and the Saturn give a little hint of warmth to the brass instruments to create a very enjoyable and lively sound. Female vocals have some warmth to them, but male vocals feel spot on, which also makes live recordings of Eric Clapton very good to listen to. It feels more like actual live music than I have heard so far. And finally I really, really enjoyed the delicious deep sub-bass while listening to (downtempo) EDM by Astronaut Ape and Carbon Based Lifeforms. Where normally I would describe it as getting a brain massage, the Saturn turn it into a deep-tissue brain massage... Absolutely brilliant! :D
  11. Deezel177
    I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve tried cable-rolling with the VE8 and it’s been a challenge finding a cable that simultaneously retains the VE8’s addictive upper-bass and improves its already-brilliant technical performance. My pick would probably something like the PlusSound GPC or the Effect Audio Lionheart for maximum engagement, but I reckon the stock cable will do you fine for a long time.

    Great impressions man! Can’t wait to get my hands on some of these demos to listen for myself. :D
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  12. Wyville
    Thanks! Yeah, these are definitely worth getting your hands on for a demo or review, and at their price point I think they are a very interesting option. Oh dear... Do I hear the pitter-patter of little paws? :p
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  13. ranfan
    Very nice Wyville. Thanks for sharing your impression. :thumbsup:
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  14. Wyville
    Happy New Year!!!

    The very best wishes for 2018
    may you all be blessed with lots of TOTL gear!

    (I have a feeling the year will soon be off to a great start! :D)
  15. doctorjazz
    Nice write up @Wyville!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! Good listening to all!
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