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    IMG_3741.JPG My almost new FLC8S set is up for sale.

    As you know, the FLC8S offers tunability of very low bass, low bass, and midrange/treble.

    This pair was replaced under warranty about a month ago. The new pair features manufacturing improvements. In particular the tuning piece fit better on the new unit. It was replaced because the cables were coming loose. The vendor replaced both the IEMs and both cables. So everything really is in tip top shape.

    Included is the FLC8S itself; both balanced 2.5mm and regular 3.5 mm cables; and all the extra tuning pieces provided by the manufacturer and some extras I purchased beyond that. Also the original tin and the filter holder is included.

    Some tips are included but they are most likely not the original tips. Most users seems to utilize their own wide bore tips so presumably that is not a big deal.

    The original tweezers for tip insertion is not included (can't find it). But your fingers probably work better for changing out pieces.

    I will pay for shipping to the continental US; other areas will be more..
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  2. originalsnuffy
    You owe it to yourself to own these.
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  3. originalsnuffy
    Can't buy these at Sears. Course its unlikely than anybody will be able to buy anything at Sears as they slip into bankruptcy.
  4. originalsnuffy
    Still available....

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