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FLC Technology - New FLC 8N - Impressions Thread

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  1. FunkeXMix
    Follow up on why Scarlett fits. It has a very nice wide sound that sounds very natural as if you are surrounded by the sound. It's a natural front seat concert sound with acoustic music but also plays electronic means of width that expands into infity..well to, as used in ambient, techno etc. Highs are warm but very detailed, so the best fit are speakers and IEMs with nice bright treble and wide sound.
    If I am going to nitpick, because FLC8n are very sensitive. Low volume listening will be around 10-20% on the headphone volume knob. At that range it has some very slight channel inbalance in the headphone out, it's slightly lower on the right. When you go to 30% this goes away. I don't mind much, the inbalance is very small but would prefer if it wasn't so. This is ofcourse is not an issue with speakers or normally sensitive headphones. I am to happy with the Scarlett and it's practial two volume knobs to return it for that reason only. It also looks nice with it's red metal finish.

    Music production DACs is the way to go for home listening. Here is some proof and an interesting discussion about it. Around same price as Scarlett 2i2. Direct competitor to 2i2, haven't tried it though:

    I feel sorry for HIFI brands dealing in DACs in these modern days with informed consumers.. sometimes
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2019
  2. FunkeXMix
    Sorry to clutter the thread a bit, I just wanted to ask if somebody here is into the music genres Ambient & Techno (among others) and owns some model of FLC8? I need DAP purchase advise from that kind of listener, thanks. Please PM me.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2019
  3. FunkeXMix
    Here is a list of gear I have tried so far with FLC8n:

    My reference point for mobile DAC is my mobile LG G5 with music apps LG Music & Neutron Music Player. It's quite unknown Qualcomm WSA8815 Audio Codec still beats anything I have thrown at is so far in terms of testing with FLC8n:

    Cyrus Soundkey DAC
    Tried it, had bad sound. Too much gain.

    Hifime Sabre 9018 DAC
    Health risk, gain is so high volume is high on 3% volume already

    hidizs dh1000 DAC also known as tempotec sonata
    Soundstage is too narrow, like a smaller club instead of a concert hall. Does not surround you.

    Fiio M3K DAP
    The crystal clear fidelity in the highs is not there and the extension & sparkle is lacking.

    My Scarlett 2i2 beats all of the above, but that's a desktop DAC.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2019
  4. FunkeXMix
    Has anyone found a portable AMP (not DAC, I want to use my phones DAC) that works well with FLC8? So far I have just found Fiio A1, it fits portable use and there is no volume knob to accidently blow your eardrums when in the pocket. But according to reviews it's known for it's hissing with sensitive IEMs, so I guess it's a bad choice.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2019
  5. originalsnuffy
    I have never found a device that did not mate well with the FLC8 series. Maybe there is such a thing but I've not encountered it.
  6. FunkeXMix
    It does fit well with my LG G5 smartphone, it's actually my favourite sound signature of quite a lot of gear iv'e tried. But the bass region is a bit weak, I am not a bass head, it's just weak compared to how music should sound. So I hope to keep the DAC and improve bass with an AMP. Or am I thinking wrong? (equalizers don't fix the issue. Switching to my desktop DAM/AMP or my Xduoo X3 does fix the bass response)
  7. EagleWings
    FLC8D is on sale at MusicTeck for $200. It doesn’t get better than this.


    I personally prefer the 8D over the 8N. I bought one, but I ended up gifting it to my brother, because I wanted him to have the better one. The difference between the 8N and 8D are not that huge. The low end of the 8D is fixed and is not tunable. 8D’s low end sounds like the 8N with the Red(ULF)+Grey(LF) combo. 8D’s mids are slightly better than 8N, as it is a touch fuller and transparent. The difference however is so small that you wouldn’t unless you A/Bd the 2 IEMs side by side.

    The only thing you can’t do on the 8D is, tune the bass down to a neutral level. Else, it’s a better buy than the 8N in every way. Plus, with the 8D, you don’t have to worry about losing those tiny bass filters.
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  8. WhatToChoose
    Some of us are on a budget, you know... :)

    I really like the frequence response description, sounds like my type. Hmm...
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2019
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  9. originalsnuffy
    If you are on a budget then this website is dangerous for your financial health.

    Frankly, if these are out of your budget then why peruse the thread and post on the thread?
  10. originalsnuffy
    I have the 8S and the 8D; but not the 8N. Interesting to note that the mids are improved on the 8D. I really like the 8D; kind of a beefed up 8S to my ear.
    Twister 6 (I think it was him) had an interesting review noting that he did not like the treble on the 8N compared with the 8S. Given EagleWings' comment, I wonder if Twister would like the 8D more than the 8S also?

    The consumer in me wants to have an IEM above the FLC8 series but I am not sure what that would even be....Or how cost effective that upgrade would prove to be.

    I used to take the ibasso IT-01 with me when I travel but lately I have been relegating my 8S for that purpose. So the 8D is the home pair (balanced) and the 8S is the travel pair (3.5mm regular). I do have a balanced cable for the 8S also, but this combination serves well.
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  11. EagleWings
    That probably was not Alex (Twister6), as it was me, who reviewed the 8N for Twister6.com. Alex has reviewed the 8S and the 8C, but has not tried the 8N and the 8D. And I have not heard the 8S. So I am curious to know your thoughts on how the treble differs between the 8S and 8D.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2019
  12. WhatToChoose
    It was a joke my slow friend :)

    I might end up getting these if I encounter more positive reviews, curious about bass speed mainly
  13. originalsnuffy
    Ah, I did not realize that review was yours. I respected your review as you did not simply endorse a product because it was in your hands like so many others.

    I think the 8S has a slightly reduced treble impact profile than the 8D but not by a huge amount. The real difference is that even tuned red - gray - gunmetal it has a bit less bass than the 8D. I tune the 8D with gunmetal also. I realize that more people go with gold for both but that is how I roll. I am on my second 8S; the first had poor tolerances for the cable connection and the filters but the second (received under warranty, thank you LMUE) pair has much improved tolerances and everything fits nicely.
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  14. originalsnuffy
    Sarcasm does not travel well on the internet.

    You are not going to see many more reviews on the FLC in my opinion. That brand is no longer the flavor of the day around here. Nothing wrong whatsoever; just that the interest in known units decreases over time around here.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2019
  15. EagleWings
    Thank you for your kind words.

    I see. So would you say the treble is fairly similar between the 8S and the 8D?
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