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FLC Technology - New FLC 8N - Impressions Thread

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  1. Zelda
    ^ agree. those 2 filters are the best sounding. overall similar, just in a different flavor
  2. FunkeXMix
    Has anyone tried Sabaj da2/smsl idea with these iems on smartphones. Are they a good match?
  3. gazzington
    Narrowed my options as a metal listener to these or periodic audio be or campfire comets. Any advice?
  4. Zelda
    No idea on the CA Comet. But the 8N or Be, might depend on your bass preference and midrange forwardness too
  5. csglinux
    I've heard all the PA IEMs and the CA Comets. To my ears, it's not even close. FLC8N (or FLC8S) has much better sound quality than any of these. The only caution might be in situations where you need really good isolation. The vent ports in the FLC8N do let a little ambient sound leak in.
  6. originalsnuffy
    So I am wandering around the CES show in Vegas. Probably some others on head fi are here too.

    Have not made it over to the venetian towers yet which is hifi heaven.

    On the trade floor listened to some nice new Sony Pro headphones playing DSD versions of Kind of Blue.
    Sounded an awful lot like the FLC8 signature.
    The FLC8 family is quite the hifi bargain.
  7. gazzington
    I'm still thinking of getting these. My decision making goes from these to Sony N3, campfire comets to periodic be and back again
  8. FunkeXMix
    I had the Sony N3AP, once upon a time they became my HIFI reference point. Then ALWUP UPC630 (20 bucks!), imagine that, quite an exception to the price rules. My journey ends at FLC8n, but you could get the FLC8d. Uses the best filters from n version.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2019
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  9. Focux
    interested to know this too along with ER4SR vs FLC8N

    or FLC8N vs Sony M7/M9, Solaris, Acoustune 1650/1670
  10. ShredOhr
    Any incoming news regarding new products from FLC like those those IEMs that are ment to be higher up in the ranks than the existing FLC8N/D? What about Celeste? Only a little piece of info to make us exited? When can we board the hype train?
    I have used the FLC8. According to the info in this thread, the FLC8N/D improve on soundstage width but what about the height and depth? Is it true that FLC8N/D seems to be brighter in tonality that the FLC8 which was already a bit on the bright side (v-shaped)?
    Are the high equally smooth or was there a change with the FLC8N/D?
  11. csglinux
    Some thoughts on filters for the FLC8N...

    As per my review, my initial impressions of the FLC8N were that its frequency response was notably more v-shaped than that of the FLC8S. I switched from red/(modified)black/gunmetal filters in the FLC8S (white curve below) to red/grey/gunmetal in the FLC8N (green curve below), but FLC8N still has a lot more bass. Raw (uncompensated) measurements from a 711 coupler:


    Now I actually don't mind this at all. The main effect is in the sub-bass and I love a pounding sub-bass :) However, normalized at 1 kHz, the FLC8N also gives more treble. I didn't really enjoy the extra energy around 8 kHz, so what I did was to put TWO dampers in the gunmetal filter tube (DFG=double-filtered gunmetal - red curve above). This takes the edge off the treble, without completely killing it (as with the blue filter). The mod is pretty easy as the dampers are in flexible little plastic sleeves and can be pushed out from the bottom of the tube. Just be very careful and push them out gently around the edges using something like a paper clip. Push against the edge of the tube, because you don't want to push your paperclip through the middle of the damper. You can easily remove and re-insert them, or insert two of them. For me, this rescues the FLC8N :)

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  12. FunkeXMix
    I strongly recommend this DAC for the FLC (desktop), sounds utterly amazing. Great DAC in general. It beats a lot of premium $200+ DACs. Reason being that the market is divided into HIFI Nerds who are willing to pay premium and Music Producers who are willing to pay less. But the music producers get the same quality or better then you HIFI Nerds who are milked for money. Haha. I'm a HIFI Nerd to btw.

  13. csglinux
    I love Focusrite - they make some great products! Usually I'd be nervous about using anything with a 10 Ohm output impedance, but this actually might be a good pairing because the FLC8N impedance curve has a bit of a drop around 8.5 kHz, so it's possible something like the Scarlett-2i2 could help take the edge off that lower-treble peak: flc_impedance.png
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  14. originalsnuffy
    Thanks for the chart.

    Is there some kind of reference on how to read these? At first blush one would assume that flat is best; but in the real world I am not sure that is the case.
    For a typical listener, what would be an ideal curve?
  15. csglinux
    You can find your ideal curve using the link below. Sonarworks created a web tool to figure out what people's favorite sound signature is. To participate, you need to own a pair of headphones supported by Sonarworks (FLC won't be on the list, but many others are):


    Let us know what you prefer. I would bet it's not flat :)
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