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FLC Technology - New FLC 8N - Impressions Thread

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  1. danielvintagkeys
    ...and there is one more question.

    According to the flc homepage there is a difference between cable connectors of flc 8s and 8n.
    will UE TF10 replacement cable fit in both 8s and 8n?

    ..its because I would like to have mouldable (plastic-wrapped) cable ending as for most other IEM on stage.
  2. WhiteKnite
    Just got my Flc8d from the LMUE Christmas sale today. I had the S maybe 2 years ago and absolutely loved it but I just couldn't handle the fit as it caused a lot of pain for me. The fit of the new shells is SO much better. I threw some spin fits on and a Null Audio Arete mkii cable with mic that I had lying around (not for the sound, I need a mic and controls). These are exactly what I was looking for. Ever since I sent the FLC8S back I've been searching for an end game universal IEM that I can use when I don't want to risk losing or damaging my ciems. I couldn't find anything under $1000 that I liked as much. These fit the bill perfectly and at this price I don't have to stress about wearing them to the gym or taking them on trips. I just wish the nozzles were angled, the spin fits mostly fix the problem with that, but I do have to readjust them more than I'd like. Very happy with these and an absolute bargain at the sale price.
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2018
  3. csglinux
    Congrats on your purchase! In hindsight, I should have purchased the FLC8d too, because I've only ever used my FLC8n in the FLC8d configuration (definitely my prefered signature for the lows and ultra-lows). I agree, the shell shape is much better than that of the FLC8s and the shape of the cable connectors is also more ergonomic. To my ears, there's a small loss of isolation with the 8d/n because of the extra vent ports, but it's no big deal, as I tend to use something else anyway in situations where I need isolation. I'm also loving those SpinFit tips. I keep going back to SpinFit. They tame the treble a bit (which is sometimes needed with anything but the blue filter) and I find them more comfortable than the FLC tips for long-term use.
  4. nghiatran139
    What type of SpinFit are you talking about?
  5. WhiteKnite
    Pretty sure they are the CP100. I just used the ones I tried on my FLC8S.
  6. csglinux
    Yes. Cp100.
  7. Zelda
    I found the CP145 to work much better on the 8s and 8n. the flange is longer so they seal better
  8. FunkeXMix

    Does anyone use a portable USB DAC or DAP with FL8n/d that they can recommend? Impedance is pretty low 11 (sensitive) so output impedance optimally should be 1,375 or lower.

    DAC options:
    Hifime 9018 2 ohm
    ZuperDAC-S 1.6 ohm
    DragonFly below 1 ohm according to several reviews
    Audirect Whistle 1ohm or less
    Shanling UP below 1 ohm

    This guy thinks it matches well with XDuoo X3
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2018
  9. nghiatran139
    Is anyone getting channel imbalance with the 8d? Everything is fine except for the lower bass, which is shifted to the right. I might just need to get used to it but it is somewhat annoying right now.
  10. Zelda
    If you're looking for small DAP, then the FLC8 worked well with Shanling M0, Fiio M3k, Lotoo Pico and Nano D3. if you can go higher in the price, there are some other options too
  11. Zelda
    Does it happen with all the filters and ear tips?
  12. FunkeXMix
    Sure, I can go higher. This info is for everyone not just me :)
    Has anyone tried it with Tempotec idsd plus AKA hidizs dh1000?
    Sabaj DA2 or SMSL IDEA seems suitable in regards to output impedance: 0.4 ohm. But I heard the micro usb connection is not durable
  13. thejoker13
    I find that the Radsone ES100 is a good pairing, and for a great price too.
  14. FunkeXMix
    Just thought of something important. Can you mention your favourite FLC8n/d configuration with you advice. And if you use silicone or foam tips. Sound taste and where you are coming from actually matter alot. I could never use foam tips due to the more warm treble while others like it. I will collect all the advice in one post later on. Thanks.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2018
  15. nghiatran139
    I only have the CP100 and the stock tips on me right now, but it does happen across the filters and both tips. I know that it is not my ears because my HE4xx sounds just fine, bass and all.
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