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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. Ziggomatic
    Spiral Dots are a good option, though they are a little short for the nozzle, so you have to insert the earpieces a little further than normal. They're a tiny bit loose, too. But very comfortable and to my ears they don't hurt the sound.

    Symbio W tips are also a good option. They might especially be a good try for you because you can choose various sizes, and you can remove the foam if the hybrid (silicon stuffed with foam) feel doesn't work for you. They fit perfectly on the FLC8S.

    You can also get a combo pack of the Meelec M6 Pro tips, with single, double & triple flange options. These are as long (if not a bit longer) than the stock tips and are a little tight to get on the nozzle (kind of a narrow bore).

    Finally, if you haven't given up on foam tips entirely, the Crystal Tips (v2) from lendmeurears.com are far superior to Comply. You'd want the medium core ones.

    Luckily a lot of tips with a wider bore fit the FLC8S, so if you see some that might work for you, it's probably worth giving it a try. AliExpress is a wonderland.

    Hope this helps. (I've done a ridiculous amount of tip rolling with the FLC8S.)
  2. sestki
    Is it possible to get somewhere balanced silver cable with memory wire? I can not find him anywhere. If somebody had it for sale, please let me know. It would help me a lot. Thank you!
  3. Ziggomatic
    Red/gray/gold with Crystal Tips running balanced from the Lotoo PAW 5000 MKii - this is the best these have sounded to me. Just natural and clear as a bell. 20190626_111953.jpg
  4. HouJaI82

    just got my dunu converter and its working perfectly fine! the sound quality compare to unbalanced is out of this world, or its my first time listening to something really clear and "balanced", the stage seems larger with these cables.

    so where do i go from here? is there anyway to get better sound quality with flc 8s + balanced cables. would getting a DAC makes that much difference?
  5. hakuzen
    the adapter allows you using your balanced cable in a single end output, but it doesn't convert the sound into balanced.
    to notice the difference of balanced sound (double power, +6dB, at same volume pot, and less crosstalk -> wider soundstage) you need to plug the balanced cable into a balanced output (no need of adapter if format is the same, for example, 2.5mm TRRS plug and socket)
  6. HouJaI82
    thanks for the response, can you please recommend me a budget DAC/hi-res player that could provide a better sound quality. tqtq
  7. hakuzen
    i'm using xDuoo X20 hi-res player lately, because of its balanced and single end outputs, power, low noise and distortion, its Sabre DAC (which I love), and because it can be rockboxed (dual boot, so you choose if using stock firmware or rockbox at boot time). but many options available.
    if you choose a DAC+amplifier instead of a player, to connect to your phone, you need the DAC+amp has a balanced output
  8. tnoy
    One side of my cable has connection issue so I need a new cable. What is a good cheap cable I can use?
  9. Ziggomatic
    Screenshot_20190702-005400_AliExpress.jpg I'm using this one. It's a bit rubbery, but it sounds clean and doesn't seem to stress the sockets on the FLC8S.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2019
  10. Toastybob
    What is the name of the the tube used to drill the foams? The link is broken now.
  11. hakuzen
  12. Toastybob
  13. qu8it
    There is a British seller on eBay offering the FLC8S for ~$120. It says they have more than 10 in stock so it's not a one off. Is that Price reasonable nowadays or does it seem too cheap to be true?

    I've been enjoying my Westone 4R for the past 6 years until the left earpiece started crackling/buzzing when playing lower bass frequencies so I'm looking for a replacement that isn't a downgrade.

    I found a cheap used pair of Etymotic HF3's to get an idea of the whole Etymotic sound signature but find it to be too bright and lacking in bass. I'm still curious about the ER3XR but I'm afraid I wouldn't be quite satisfied with them. They're also cheap on Massdrop right now for $145 but I'm probably not risking it.

    The Westones do have a bit too much bass at times so I'm really looking for a bit of a middle ground here. Do you think the FLC8S would be a good choice for me to replace my Westone 4R?
    And if anyone happens to have owned both the W4R and FLC8S, do you think the FLC8S will feel like an upgrade over the W4R in certain aspects?
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2019
  14. Ziggomatic
    That's at least $50 cheaper than the best used price I've seen. I'll let you draw your own conclusions, though - I wouldn't want to talk you out of a mega-deal. But I'm suspicious. Do you think it's legit, @Flcforrestwei ?
  15. qu8it
    I contacted the seller and they say it comes in the sealed original packaging and "they will include a 3 month manufacturers warranty as they are clearance stock".
    I will probably go for it and report back after i got them.
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