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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. Flcforrestwei
    Working on it very hard now.[​IMG]
  2. audio123
    will definitely be getting it!
  3. nmatheis Contributor

  4. xuan87
    Yup, that's the link.
    I'm just curious why the Taobao site doesn't sell the silver cable that LMUE is selling and why LMUE is not selling the silver cable that is available on Taobao lol. I was tempted to get the Taobao one but decided to hold off since I already have 3 cables for the FLC8 (default, single crystal silver, and Null Vitesse Copper 8 braid modded).
    Just a picture of how the one on Taobao looks like:
  5. yakiddenme
    Can't wait to hear more about it, have money saved for a new IEM burning a hole in my pocket and the Celeste seems like the only logical thing to look at
  6. FUYU

    Take your time. We all want the Celeste to turn out great. :D
  7. terminexia

    The cable looks really good. I might get it and compare it with the stock cable.
    Is it official though?
  8. xuan87
    That will require @flcforrestwei to answer
  9. Flcforrestwei
    That's the old cable for flc7, conductor is same as the old flc8 cable.
  10. nmatheis Contributor

    FLC7? What's that Flcforrestwei?
  11. Flcforrestwei

    It's an old product, CIEM, already faded out.
  12. canali
    to FLcforrestwei.
    seems the area of wls iems and cans is spiking in popularity, and is
    only going expected to grow..aptX, aptX hd, etc
    ...does FLC have any plans for such releases?
  13. ZzBOG
    Guys a couple questions to holy owners:
    1) how is the durability of FLC8s? I realized I am not too careful with my hesdphones :frowning2:
    2) is there a way to get really good isolation (so I can block sound off completely on subway / in airplane)?
    3) will iPhone 6 drive them well?
    4) how do they compare to triple.fi? 
  14. audio123

    1) decent
    2) depends on ear canals and tips
    3) yes
    4) it is better in all aspects but less dark than tf10
  15. xuan87
    1) No idea, I have only just got them. And although I don't take special care of my gear, I am not rough with them. Hmm... I will say durability is probably on par with most iems.
    2) For me, the isolation is slightly better than the average iems. With music playing at a comfortable level, I am able to achieve total isolation on my subway (although miss a couple of stops due to that). For best isolation, aim for the custom version of the FLC8s instead.
    3) This is kinda subjective, but I will say the FLC8s scales better than most iems. For example, I'm able to hear a bigger improvement going from the DPX1 to the Liquid Carbon for the FLC8 compared to the Hum Pristine.
    4) They are way above the Triple-Fi. I have not done an A-B comparsion between the FLC8 and the Triple-fi, but I did between the Triple-fi and my Dita Answer. I was surprised at how much better the Dita Answer is, and I will say that the Dita Answer is on par with the FLC8.
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