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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. ezekiel77
    <Looks at wallet>
    Aaahhhh, take your time, Forrest.
    omastic and audio123 like this.
  2. xuan87
    I'll like to thank those who quickly highlighted to me that FiiO's cable will not be able to work with the FLC8. Since the seller took so long to ship out the cable, I can able to cancel the transaction and get a refund in time.
    In the meantime, I bought a SE Single Crystal FLC cable from a member here which I will eventually reterminate to 2.5mm balanced. Also, I got SG Audio Hive, a local one-man company based in Singapore, to reterminate a Null Vitesse Copper balanced cable to fit the FLC8. Eventually I will give a quick comparison between the two.
    Btw, if anyone is looking for cable options besides the FLC silver cable, especially with a different plug at the end, you can consider SG Audio Hive. I can't recommend Yong (the owner) yet because I haven't gotten back any of my gears from him but he has done a number of cables for the FLC8 so you can at least be assured that any FLC cables that you ordered will be usable. 
  3. sandsha2
    Is it normal to experience driver flex? I hear clicks from left side drivers.
  4. nmatheis Contributor

    Which filters do you have installed?
  5. Ziggomatic
    Not sure if it's "normal," but it's a known issue with the red sub-bass filter. It should go away if you switch to gray, if you don't mind the change in sound (I didn't). 
  6. willowbrook

    Apparent with red ULF filter. You have to carefully put it in slowly in order for it to not flex. Becomes less problem with grey and then clear ULF filter. It's no problem though, I've had countless flexes on both sides now and it doesn't seem to change the sound one bit.
  7. Koolpep

    Yes. I have flex with the grey ULF as well. Just insert them slowly. But even with flex, it should not cause any damage.


    Edit: red filter, I meant red ULF filter.
  8. all999

    Yep, I had a driver flex in right earphone and than it failed. Had slight distortions on lower freqs. Fortunate my warranty was still pending and LMUE is a world class company so I just got my replacement yesterday. Dealing with Teo and Forrest is a pleasure.

    ULF filter too.
  9. xuan87
    Can anyone confirm if FLC Technology have a store on Taobao? I found what looked like their store and they are selling some interesting stuff there such as:
    Custom eartips for the FLC8s, but it looks like it will cause the IEM body to stick out quite a bit
    A 6N silver replacement cable for the FLC8s, it doesn't look like what is being sold on LMUE.
    A custom that promises to sound almost identical to MG7 (I assume this is referring to the Futuresonics MG7)
    A dual dynamics driver customs
    FLC7 customs
    The normal FLC8 C customs and a cheaper FLC8 C customers that only have tuneable nozzle (highs and mids).
  10. nmatheis Contributor
    Can we have a link xuan87?
  11. audio123
    based on the chinese words, it is flc
  12. sandsha2
    I am using red, grey and gun metal combination. 
  13. nmatheis Contributor

    Well, that explains it. The usual suspect (red filter) is the most likely culprit.
  14. Flcforrestwei
    Wow! Over 5000 posts in this thread now, and it only takes one year.
    Thank your great support!  Dear friends!
  15. audio123
    bring out the celeste :p
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