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Flattest, Most Natural, Clear & Accurate Headphone, What is it?

  1. syNRG
    So the title kinda explains itself. 
    Might just chuck in soundstage in there as well while you think about what they are.
    Anyways, I own the Q701 and also the HM5, and apparently they're pretty flat and neutral. But some say that the Q701 has a huge soundstage that's un-naatural and doesn't sound right and I don't like the HM5 as much as I do the Q701. So I'm want to know what is the most natural, as well as everything else in the title + soundstage. I've searched the forum, but haven't found much on this exact topic. At the moment I'm looking to sell my Q701 for something a bit different, but was wondering, if i had my budget was limitless, what would I get?
    Also consider IEMs. I heard that the ER-4s are amazing at reproducing audio that's accurate and clear. But would it be better than headphones such as the Q701 and also the HD600?
    Edit: I am not looking to actually purchase the headphone with the flattes, most accurate....., but rather, I'm looking to know the answer. 
  2. svt time
    HD 800? 
  3. syNRG
    I don't think so. Apparently the HD800 is great, but not as great as some people think or thought
  4. HPiper
    Heck this is an EASY one. Stax SR-009. Next question?
  5. troymadison
    I also own the AKG Q701. I'd say that the AKG K240M might work for you. I'm waiting on getting the K240 Sextetts and K240 Studio in the mail to compare. So far I like the Q701 and K240M just about equally and they are my favorites so far. However, I am currently using the AKG K340 Electrostat/Dynamic as I type this.
  6. NZtechfreak
    Short of the SR-009 a well-amped HE-6 worth an audition for those requirements.
  7. vlenbo
  8. syNRG
    Although I do enjoy the Q701, I am going for another sound. I just wanted to know the answer to this question, it's not really "I have this and want to upgrade to something else" kinda thing. I've looked around, but no one seems to have a definite answer. They're all limited to by budget, or something else, so it's good to know that a real answer has been found. 
    I see that the K240M is quite a bit cheaper, but does it sound as good/better as the Q701?
  9. troymadison

    They are just different. I think the K240M is more forward sounding and a tad bit more laidback.
  10. Endcode
    excellent headphone, I suggest looking into it
  11. syNRG
    Even if price was not a factor that you had to consider, you would chose this? 
    Can you please tell me why. You got a "+1" so I am a bit curious as to why you have chose this
  12. vlenbo
    It has everything that the OP is asking for.
    The soundstage may sound small at first, but with a good fit and a few hours of burning them in, the soundstage does actually sound wide, depending on the recording.
    Two, the bass is one of the most beautifully rendered ones in on-ear headphones. This one helps you hear the strings of the bass instruments themselves (if they are bass guitars), or the nice solid bass tone that you hear from an artificial one. The bass goes according to the recording.
    The mids have one of the most natural tonalities i've heard in headphones. I can distinguish different pitches of singers pretty easily, they sound pretty lush (not too lush), and they all sound pretty open, airy in a sense. The clarity behind the mids is also astounding for an on-ear, most natural sounding one up to date imo. I do hear the hoarsiness of throats when its in the recording, I hear the slightest breaths, and the best thing is the instrument rendition of these beauts.
    The sound is somewhat full in body and sound, but at first listen the mids can sound thin, as well as the bass.
    It does need to be amped, but it does well with the specific amps you wish to pair it up with. Need some warmth? Use a fiio. Need some natural sound? Get a high end DAC and pair it up.
    The treble is one of the best I've heard as well, it has a good timbre (as well as the rest of the sound frequency), great tone once again, no silibance, and it is pretty detailed for you to distinguish the high-hats in backgrounds.
    That's pretty much what I can give at the moment.
  13. syNRG
    This may sound dumb, but those headphones>Stax in your opinion disregarding price?
    I mean I wasn't looking for neutral headphones, but you've got me so interested in these, it would almost be criminal not to get a pair.
    Also your recommended headphones>the AKG Q701?
    Since I'm selling the Q701, I might just end up getting these and another "fun" pair. I must admit that I am excited by what you've said about them
  14. vlenbo
    Nope, don't even know that since I don't own stax.
    I'd say stax>these martins, but at a high price.
    If you want, go for it.
    If you want a great budget headphone that competes with $300 (since it originally was that price), then get it.
    These aren't neutral, they are natural. Depending on the recording, you may hear a lot of bass, or little bass. You may hear a strong clash of cymbals, or soft ones.
    The runner up for those are these.
    If not, then I'd suggest going with the q701s. 
    I don't know about the q701s, but look in the discovery thread, someone mentioned those headphones and you'll be able to know how they sound.
  15. syNRG
    I think that there's a misconception about what I was looking to get out of this thread :p I guess I didn't make it that clear which is only my fault. I'm not really looking to buy the most neutral headphone, but I am looking for an answer to that question.
    Thanks for your help. I think I might pick up a pair if I can get there here in Australia for a similar price. I will be on the lookout

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