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Flashlight-Fi (LED & Conventional)

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  1. stevemoore
    I've been bitten by the flashlight bug. What is the best under $40 highest lumen small flashlight? I've heard that the lumens aren't always accurate.
  2. m-i-c-k-e-y
    I have this super bright headlight that doubles to small compact flashlight. It's 1000 lumen rated, carry only 1 18650 battery and all heavy aluminum. A bit over your budget at $54. But quality is top notch.

  3. wolfen68 Contributor
    Pick your flavor..you can't go wrong.  Pay attention to lumens, nowadays for a small pocket light you should hit 350+.  Also look at lux, the higher the number the better for long distance throw if that matters to you.
  4. MooTaters

    Am I missing something here? It says that the XP-G2 version is cool white, at least on the spec sheet for the D25LC2 clicky.
    Actually been looking at getting the D25LC2 clicky myself.  Since both my Maratac AA extreme rev1(fatal ~2ft fall) and AAx2 rev2 died recently, it has taken a while for me to find a replacement with similar operation(click to turn on, half clicks for modes, and orange peal reflectors).  Just can't imagine using 2 different buttons over 1 for turning on/off and going through modes, especially when it requires adjustment of your grip.
  5. wolfen68 Contributor
    Illuminationgear gets custom versions of Eagtac lights all the time.  That was one of them.  
    I'm still loving that light, though I've considered replacing it with a D25LC2 tactical or a DX30LC2.  However those possible replacements don't have a reversible clip to use the light as a headlamp on a ball cap like the D25LC2 does.
  6. MooTaters
    Finally got my D25LC2 clicky, it's a custom XP-L Hi neutral white that's sold by Andrew and Amanda.  Still waiting on some 18650 batteries, but grabbed some cr123's to hold me over.  Also realized what seems to make it "custom" is it's already dedomed.  Great light so far, though I wouldn't have minded seeing double taps or holding half press to get to some of the flashing modes(strobe, SOS, etc.).
  7. wolfen68 Contributor
    That's a great light, mine's an XP-G and I love it.
    I just received a XP-L HI Domeless D25c Ti and it's also a great light.  I'm experimenting with 16340 rechargeables which really kick up the output.  I'm curious to see what the runtimes will be with that battery.... 
  8. MooTaters
    Yeah, I couldn't believe how warm it was too, honestly would say it's warmer than neutral white(not a bad thing of course).  The pocket clip is thicker than I'd have expected too, thicker than my dead Maratac AAx2, and my spiderco centofante III.  The nerling is a bit on the smooth side compared to my Maratac lights, and while tail standing is nice, it would have made things easier to press the button with a thumb cut out in the end.
    That all said, still loving the light, especially with such a similar interface compared to my old Maratac lights.
  9. DarKu
    Haha, never knew such a thread existed.
    I'm pretty new to this hobby.
    Started with an Olight S1 Baton few months ago, in about 2 months I was already having:
    Olight S1
    Olight S Mini (black copper)
    Olight S1R (turbo S version)
    Nitecore MH20 GT
    Limintop Tool (both tailcaps)
    So far I'm in love with CR123A based lights, small yet powerful, but love the throw of the MH20GT in such a small package.
    Nowadays thinking about a Manker U21.... (THAT THROW!).
  10. wolfen68 Contributor
    Seems like a good fit for Head-fi....just another thread to discuss how we blow our money...
  11. pigmode
    Picked up a Malkoff MD2 forward clicky (single output) w/M61NL as a nightstand light. Will probably order a Surefire Z41 switch for it.  
  12. turbobb
    If you're still interested in the U21, here's my review of that light:

    And if you like throw, then check out their latest, the MK35 uber thrower:

  13. 7candlepower
    Unless you're doing the mod simply for fun, I'd recommend going on eBay and grabbing a CREE LED flashlight. They have small ones which take either a AA cell, or it will take a higher voltage rechargable for brighter output. See this example:
    Disclaimer: I just like the format, size and brightness of these, and have bought more than a half-dozen, in white, red and ultraviolet.
  14. WraithApe
    Amazing how powerful these things are for relatively little money these days. I just picked up a Nitecore MT26. Tiny thing - fits in the palm of the hand - but shining it out of the window in turbo mode, it illuminates practically the entire garden of a house a good 100 meters away! It's also got a strobe mode, so I can practice vigilantism on the streets of Peckham at night now...
  15. Dinnr
    Picked up an LED Lenser p7.2 a while ago, stupid bright. Batteries don't seem to last too long though.
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