Flashlight-Fi (LED & Conventional)

  1. guaishushu
    I'm not going to be frying ants or starting fires with it......just something to get around with at night.
  2. anoobis
    Can anyone help me out with a good place to buy a FourSevens Quark (2AA) in the UK? I've found a couple of places but they are relatively expensive when you look at the USD price. Willing to consider used.
    As a side thought, does anyone have experience of the TerraLux TTS-2AA and TLE-5EX? I have a couple of follow-up questions if so.
  3. Chris_Himself
    Paypal me, I'll buy one and mail it to you as soon as it gets here. No extra charge or anything silly.
    Don't buy cheap lights, you'll only end up buying twice because you don't like it or that you keep looking. I mean you're on head-fi, you should know that upgradeitis is very prominent here LOL
  4. wolfen68 Contributor
    Haven't paid much attention lately as I have been so happy with my D25C and D25C2 minis....but noticed the release of the D25C clicky in XP-G2 Neutral White emitter.  Ordered one up from illumination gear and got it last week.  What a great light.  Good color and a noticeable increase in lumen output/throw.  Not a big fan of the extra length due to the clicky...but having a button is handy for one handed operation in an EDC.
    After seeing the great difference, I turned around and ordered a D25LC2 XP-G2 NW clicky (593 lumen and nearly 10,000 lux!) to replace my D25C2.  My beloved D25C2 will be heading to ebay...
  5. Quartz67
    I like to keep one of these around for people who drive to close to my rear bumper.
  6. trendofcases
    i think so,I'll find out in a bit when I go to work and pickup some paper work. I can't remember what it is now.thanks
  7. laizhaomade
    good,There was another thread about candlepowerforums. If you want to get into modding, go there and you'll be sucked in.
  8. pigmode
    My Surefire 6p/Malkoff M61 is missing. :frowning2: I *may* look into something smaller than a 6p, but don't want to loose too much performance or runtime.

    Recommend a small quality pack light, reasonably priced, 400-500 lm, and hopefully around $60. Where to buy?

    I already have a Lupine Piko TL MaxMini coming in, which is a pretty badazz 1200 lm dual duty light, so now I need something in between. Check out the specs for the Piko.

  9. pigmode
    Here's the more informative manufacturers link. although as a dual use light (bicycle, and any other heavy-duty use) its a bit unwieldy in hand, it just might work out. Otherwise I'll be looking at a Jetbeam PA40 or something in its class. 
    In the meantime I'm now researching a more compact light in the 250-300 lm range.
  10. White Lotus
    After years of owning LEDLENSER products, I finally made the change. And I'm glad I did!

    Main benefits:

    1. Micro USB charging
    2. Can use the rechargeable it came with, or 2 x CR123 batteries
    3. Excellent UI
    4. Waterproof
    5. Regulated output (I will never go back to LEDLENSER after learning about this, and how important it is)
    6. Bright as absolute hell.


    I previously have owned the following:

    3. LEDLENSER M7X (rechargeable)
    5. LEDLENSER M14

    I have owned so many due to loss and/or theft. I use them for work, so they get a lot of mileage. The M7X rechargeable torch eventually died, after a year of use the charging function stopped working.

    There really isn't a need to individually compare the Nitecore MH10 to each of these products, the end result is the same:

    Apart from the LEDLENSER torches having a zoom function, and batteries available from the supermarket, the Nitecore wins hands down (in my opinion).

    The UI is pretty well thought out - being able to quickly check the battery level in volts to one decimal point is pretty great. The ability to change modes via the button pressing/holding is a lot more intuitive than LEDLENSER products.

    For example, to get to "strobe" mode, on my M7, I believe I had to half-press a certain amount of times (4?) then long press, to change it into strobe mode.

    Whereas on the Nitecore, simply press twice and hold. To change modes, hold again. To turn it off, just press.

    The beam is also incredibly bright. I haven't compared it directly to the M14, but I would love to do so.

    Having only recently learned what it means to have regulated output, this is now a "must" from me on flashlights, and I'm shocked that LEDLENSER products don't have this feature.


  11. RMSKFX
    Now Here's a beauty SST90 26650 Dragon Body
    If you like that kinda stuff. Made In the USA.
    I do!!
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  12. fuego
    Most people will think: “It is just a flashlight, how could I go wrong?” Well, I guess it is always safe to check reviews online first (Things Reports for example)
    It is often with the simplest products that consumers make the most mistakes when making a purchase.
  13. m-i-c-k-e-y
    My trusted Supbeam/Acebeam X40 (3500LM 520Mt 3x18650 3xCree XM-L2 LED) had a great fall last week. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Had to replaced it with this new badass Nitecore TM16GT (3600LM 1003Mt 4x18650 4xCREE XP-L HI V3) .[​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. White Lotus
    Cost? Impressions? 
  15. m-i-c-k-e-y

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