Flash or High Drive
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Mar 31, 2008

I'm going to change my Samsung YP-T9 and I've got a difficult choice to do: Should I get flash or high drive?

Both have got their advantage and inconvenients.
What do you think about it?

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Yes, I really like my T9 too, but it's only got 2gb and it's not enough....
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I was a bit concerned when I bought a 8GB flash player (NW-A818) since I was coming from 20GB Hard Drive player. But, I'm happy with A818 for longer battery and quicker response.
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Might wanna correct your title... Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it should be Hard Drive?

Unless there's some new technology I have never heard about...

Anyway, I would never take my H120 out around in my pocket, or chuck it in my bag. Sure, it has loads more space than my YP-Z5 but it's also more fragile due to the hard drive.

Hard Drive mp3 players are generally cheaper per gb though... I guess it depends how your going to use it.
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well, flash is more reliable and generally gives a greater battery life. however, they are generally a smaller capacity. the highest you can get 32 gb (i only of know apple and creative who do that) however, these are very expensive, $300 or more.

I presume you are a audiophile, (why else would you be on this forum). in that case i suggest a hard drive mp3 player to hold all the lossless files. unless of course you have less than 30 gigs of music and ware not looking to expand your collection, or do not use loss less. in terms of battery, there really is no need to worry, because its not exactly going to run out during the middle of the day, and so you can always charge it every night.

Also, although hard drives are meant to be less reliable, i have never had any problems with them, and considering most people use apples ipods, which have hard drives, you can see, there is no problem. (but i seriously suggest you don't get an ipod... just don't. i am sure you already know that, but just to reiterate, do not get an ipod)

O, i forgot to mention, if size is important, then you need flash. hard drives will jest not do.
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So, my mp3 player is always in my school bag when I don't use it. But when I use my mp3 player, he's in my pocket and I don't know if it's good for high drive?
Moreover, i've got a small music collection (around 8gb) but i'll expand it

So what should I get?
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the zen from creative can go as far as 32 gb + sd slot expansion but dont be mistaken the sd card is not yet fully integrated in the library.....waiting for the new firmwares to come out =) i went flash with it because its way more reliable especially when jogging...if i am correct it supports both flac and ogg

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