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:flag_gb: CanJam London 2015 Impressions Thread! August 29-30, 2015!

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  1. moedawg140 Contributor
    London was a memorable experience that I will never forget.  Thank you to everyone that came out to make the first London CanJam such an awesome event!  The sponsors, exhibitors, volunteers, CanJam Global Team and hotel staff helped to make the event happen, but it was the attendees that helped make CanJam one event that I will always cherish in my heart.
    The camaraderie was exemplary, and it was fun hanging out with various Head-Fi'ers before, during, and after CanJam.  You are all simply beautiful people, inside and out.
    Here is to the start of many more London CanJams, and hope to see you all next year!

    Since I didn't get to listen to much equipment, my impressions post will be my London experience, with lots of pictures and video.  In order to create as least scrolling as possible, each day will have clickable spoilers that will house only small-size pictures.  Please click on any picture to see the full-size version.
    And away we go...
    Pictures in order of occurrence

    IMG_8722.jpg   IMG_8724.jpg   IMG_8725.jpg   IMG_8730.jpg
    Group shot of Warren (@warrenpchi), Ethan (@third_eye) and Maurice
    IMG_8736.jpg   IMG_8737.jpg   IMG_8738.jpg
    IMG_8739.jpg   IMG_8740.jpg   IMG_8744.jpg   IMG_8756.jpg
    IMG_8757.jpg   IMG_8761.jpg   IMG_8763.jpg  
    The person that sat next to me accidentally broke my plug while he was listening to my Shure SE846!  He was terrified because before he broke it I told him how much the Silver Litz cable and SE846 are worth.  It was kind of funny, but kind of not because it looked like he was going to have a heartattack after he broke the plug!  I reassured him that it was perfectly fine, and that I can have my cable guy replace the plug, no worries!
    IMG_8768.jpg   IMG_8773.jpg   IMG_8774.jpg   IMG_8783.jpg
    IMG_8784.jpg   IMG_8788.jpg   IMG_8800.jpg   IMG_8802.jpg
    IMG_8803.jpg   IMG_8806.jpg   IMG_8812.jpg   IMG_8813.jpg
    IMG_8817.jpg   IMG_8819.jpg  
    Ethan (@third_eye) being bold wearing the HE1000 at London Heathrow Airport!
    Ethan and I ran into culinary and restauranteur superstar Gordon Ramsay near the luggage and then in the same elevator/lift at London Heathrow Airport.  Mr. Ramsay even wore the HE1000 and held the QP1R!  Really nice gentleman. 
    IMG_8824.jpg   IMG_8969.jpg
    IMG_8825.jpg   IMG_8827.jpg   IMG_8829.jpg   IMG_8830.jpg
    IMG_8831.jpg   IMG_8832.jpg   IMG_8833.jpg   IMG_8834.jpg
    IMG_8836.jpg   IMG_8838.jpg   IMG_8839.jpg   IMG_8841.jpg
    IMG_8842.jpg   IMG_8843.jpg   IMG_8845.jpg   IMG_8846.jpg
    IMG_8847.jpg   IMG_8849.jpg   IMG_8850.jpg   IMG_8852.jpg
    IMG_8854.jpg   IMG_8856.jpg   IMG_8857.jpg   IMG_8858.jpg
    IMG_8859.jpg   IMG_8860.jpg   IMG_8862.jpg   IMG_88639900KB.jpg
    IMG_8864.jpg   IMG_8867.jpg   IMG_8869.jpg   IMG_8870.jpg
    IMG_8872.jpg   IMG_8874.jpg   IMG_8876.jpg   IMG_8878.jpg
    IMG_8880.jpg   IMG_8881.jpg  
    Sennheiser Event with Imogen Heap and Youth Orchestra performances
    IMG_8882.jpg   IMG_8883.jpg   IMG_8886.jpg   IMG_8887.jpg
    IMG_8889.jpg   IMG_8890.jpg   IMG_8891.jpg   IMG_8892.jpg
    IMG_8893.jpg   IMG_8894.jpg   IMG_8895.jpg   IMG_8896.jpg
    IMG_8897.jpg   IMG_8898.jpg   IMG_8900.jpg   IMG_8901.jpg
    IMG_8902.jpg   IMG_8903.jpg   IMG_8905.jpg   IMG_8906.jpg
    IMG_8909.jpg   IMG_8911.jpg   IMG_8916.jpg
    Imogen Heap
    IMG_8919.jpg   IMG_8922.jpg   IMG_8923.jpg   IMG_8925.jpg
    Unveiling of the successor to the original Sennheiser Orpheus
    IMG_8929.jpg   IMG_8930.jpg   IMG_8932.jpg   IMG_8933.jpg
    IMG_8934.jpg   IMG_8935.jpg   IMG_8937.jpg   IMG_8940.jpg
    IMG_8944.jpg   IMG_8945.jpg   IMG_8946.jpg   IMG_8947.jpg
    IMG_8948.jpg   IMG_8949.jpg   IMG_8950.jpg   IMG_8951.jpg
    IMG_8952.jpg   IMG_8953.jpg   IMG_8954.jpg   IMG_8955.jpg
    Maurice, Warren and Ethan toasting to a great event
    @ejong7 (Eu Jin) and Maurice ready for the concert
    IMG_8963.jpg   IMG_8964.jpg   IMG_8965.jpg   IMG_8966.jpg
    IMG_8971.jpg   IMG_8972.jpg   IMG_8973.jpg   IMG_8974.jpg
    IMG_8975.jpg   IMG_8976.jpg   IMG_8977.jpg   IMG_8979.jpg
    IMG_8980.jpg   IMG_8981.jpg   IMG_8982.jpg   IMG_8983.jpg
    IMG_8984.jpg   IMG_8985.jpg   IMG_8986.jpg   IMG_8987.jpg
    IMG_8990.jpg   IMG_8991.jpg   IMG_8992.jpg   IMG_8993.jpg
    IMG_8994.jpg   IMG_8996.jpg   IMG_8997.jpg   IMG_8998.jpg
    IMG_8999.jpg   IMG_9001.jpg   IMG_9002.jpg   IMG_9003.jpg
    IMG_9004.jpg   IMG_9005.jpg   IMG_9006.jpg   IMG_9007.jpg
    IMG_9008.jpg   IMG_9009.jpg   IMG_9010.jpg   IMG_9012.jpg
    IMG_9013.jpg   IMG_9014.jpg   IMG_9015.jpg   IMG_9018.jpg
    IMG_9021.jpg   IMG_9023.jpg   IMG_9024.jpg   IMG_9025.jpg
    IMG_9028.jpg   IMG_9029.jpg   IMG_9030.jpg   IMG_9031.jpg
    IMG_9034.jpg   IMG_9035.jpg   IMG_9036.jpg   IMG_9038.jpg
    IMG_9039.jpg   IMG_9045.jpg   IMG_9046.jpg   IMG_9047.jpg
    IMG_9048.jpg   IMG_9049.jpg   IMG_9050.jpg   IMG_9051.jpg
    IMG_9052.jpg   IMG_9053.jpg   IMG_9054.jpg   IMG_9055.jpg
    IMG_9058.jpg   IMG_9060.jpg   IMG_9064.jpg   IMG_9065.jpg
    IMG_9066.jpg   IMG_9067.jpg   IMG_9068.jpg   IMG_9071.jpg
    IMG_9073.jpg   IMG_9074.jpg   IMG_9075.jpg   IMG_9078.jpg
    IMG_9080.jpg   IMG_9081.jpg   IMG_9083.jpg   IMG_9084.jpg
    IMG_9085.jpg   IMG_9088.jpg   IMG_9089.jpg   IMG_9090.jpg
    IMG_9091.jpg   IMG_9092.jpg   IMG_9093.jpg   IMG_9094.jpg
    IMG_9095.jpg   IMG_9096.jpg   IMG_9097.jpg   IMG_9098.jpg
    IMG_9099.jpg   IMG_9100.jpg   IMG_9101.jpg   IMG_9105.jpg
    IMG_9106.jpg   IMG_9107.jpg   IMG_9108.jpg   IMG_9109.jpg
    IMG_9113.jpg   IMG_9115.jpg   IMG_9117.jpg   IMG_9118.jpg
    IMG_9120.jpg   IMG_9121.jpg   IMG_9122.jpg   IMG_9123.jpg
    @dnun8086 brought his AR-M2 to the DAP party - listening to the QP1R + HE1000 
    Eu Jin listening to the QP1R + HE1000
    IMG_9133.jpg   IMG_9134.jpg   IMG_9135.jpg  
    Various UK keys
    IMG_9139.jpg   IMG_9140.jpg   IMG_9141.jpg   IMG_9142.jpg
    IMG_9143.jpg   IMG_9144.jpg   IMG_9145.jpg   IMG_9146.jpg
    IMG_9147.jpg   IMG_9149.jpg   IMG_9150.jpg   IMG_9161.jpg
    IMG_9163.jpg   IMG_9167.jpg   IMG_9172.jpg   IMG_9173.jpg
    RHA's Emma listening to the QP1R + HE1000
    IMG_9176.jpg   IMG_9177.jpg   IMG_9181.jpg   IMG_9182.jpg
    IMG_9185.jpg   IMG_9186.jpg   IMG_9187.jpg   IMG_9190.jpg
    IMG_9197.jpg   IMG_9198.jpg   IMG_9199.jpg
    IMG_9200.jpg   IMG_9201.jpg   IMG_9202.jpg   IMG_9203.jpg
    IMG_9204.jpg   IMG_9205.jpg   IMG_9206.jpg   IMG_9207.jpg
    The HyperDynamic Transducer IEM.  I will add one to my collection.
    IMG_9213.jpg   IMG_9215.jpg   IMG_9216.jpg   IMG_9217.jpg
    IMG_9218.jpg   IMG_9219.jpg   IMG_9220.jpg   IMG_9221.jpg
    IMG_9223.jpg   IMG_9225.jpg   IMG_9226.jpg  
    The Sennheiser Orpheus
    IMG_9227.jpg   IMG_9228.jpg   IMG_9229.jpg   IMG_9235.jpg
    EarWerkz Legend Omega
    IMG_9236.jpg   IMG_9237.jpg
    IMG_9238.jpg   IMG_9243.jpg  
    Sony PFRV1 Personal Field Speaker Headphones
    IMG_9246.jpg   IMG_9248.jpg   IMG_9249.jpg   IMG_9252.jpg
    Sony Walkman + Cassette Tape + HE1000 combo 
    IMG_9253.jpg   IMG_9254.jpg
    IMG_9255.jpg   IMG_9256.jpg   IMG_9257.jpg   IMG_9258.jpg
    CanJam Volunteer and Head-Fi'er Çağın (pronounced chaa-UUun), Maurice, and Head-Fi Moderator Duncan 
    IMG_9272.jpg   IMG_9273.jpg   IMG_9274.jpg   IMG_9275.jpg
    IMG_9277.jpg   IMG_9279.jpg   IMG_9280.jpg   IMG_9282.jpg
    IMG_9284.jpg   IMG_9285.jpg   IMG_9286.jpg   IMG_9287.jpg
    IMG_9288.jpg   IMG_9291.jpg   IMG_9295.jpg  
    Gift from CanJam attendee
    Read the placard - pretty interesting
    IMG_9307.jpg   IMG_9308.jpg  
    Exact design dining hall as in the Titanic
    IMG_9311.jpg   IMG_9312.jpg  
    Warren enjoying half of the food
    View from outside Royal National Hotel
    IMG_9316.jpg   IMG_9317.jpg   IMG_9319.jpg   IMG_9320.jpg
    IMG_9321.jpg   IMG_9324.jpg  
    Decisions, decisions...
    IMG_9326.jpg   IMG_9327.jpg   IMG_9328.jpg   IMG_9329.jpg
    IMG_9330.jpg   IMG_9331.jpg   IMG_9332.jpg   IMG_9333.jpg
    IMG_9334.jpg   IMG_9335.jpg   IMG_9338.jpg   IMG_9339.jpg
    Continental dinner selection
    IMG_9341.jpg   IMG_9342.jpg   IMG_9343.jpg   IMG_9344.jpg
    IMG_9345.jpg   IMG_9347.jpg
    IMG_9348.jpg   IMG_9374.jpg   IMG_9375.jpg   IMG_9376.jpg
    IMG_9378.jpg   IMG_9379.jpg   IMG_9380.jpg   IMG_9381.jpg
    IMG_9384.jpg   IMG_9385.jpg  
    My old school DAPs - iRiver Clix 2 and Creative Zen
    IMG_9403.jpg   IMG_9405.jpg   IMG_9408.jpg   IMG_9411.jpg
    IMG_9412.jpg   IMG_9413.jpg   IMG_9414.jpg   IMG_9416.jpg
    IMG_9417.jpg   IMG_9420.jpg   IMG_9421.jpg   IMG_9422.jpg
    IMG_9424.jpg   IMG_9425.jpg   IMG_9427.jpg   IMG_9429.jpg
    IMG_9430.jpg   IMG_9431.jpg   IMG_9432.jpg   IMG_9433.jpg
    IMG_9435.jpg   IMG_9437.jpg   IMG_9438.jpg   IMG_9440.jpg
    IMG_9442.jpg   IMG_9444.jpg   IMG_9446.jpg   IMG_9447.jpg
    IMG_9449.jpg   IMG_9450.jpg   IMG_9452.jpg   IMG_9453.jpg
    IMG_9455.jpg   IMG_9456.jpg   IMG_9458.jpg   IMG_9459.jpg
    IMG_9460.jpg   IMG_9461.jpg   IMG_9462.jpg   IMG_9463.jpg
    IMG_9465.jpg   IMG_9467.jpg   IMG_9469.jpg   IMG_9470.jpg
    IMG_9471.jpg   IMG_9472.jpg   IMG_9473.jpg   IMG_9474.jpg
    IMG_9476.jpg   IMG_9478.jpg  
    These three posters were in the Casino's bathroom - shhh, no photography!
    IMG_9481.jpg   IMG_9483.jpg   IMG_9484.jpg
    IMG_9485.jpg   IMG_9487.jpg   IMG_9488.jpg   IMG_9490.jpg
    IMG_9492.jpg   IMG_9493.jpg   IMG_9494.jpg   IMG_9495.jpg
    IMG_9496.jpg   IMG_9497.jpg   IMG_9500.jpg   IMG_9502.jpg
    Tour starts here
    IMG_9503.jpg   IMG_9504.jpg   IMG_9506.jpg   IMG_9510.jpg
    IMG_9512.jpg   IMG_9513.jpg   IMG_9516.jpg   IMG_9520.jpg
    IMG_9521.jpg   IMG_9523.jpg   IMG_9524.jpg   IMG_9525.jpg
    IMG_9527.jpg   IMG_9528.jpg   IMG_9529.jpg   IMG_9532.jpg
    IMG_9533.jpg   IMG_9535.jpg   IMG_9536.jpg   IMG_9538.jpg
    IMG_9539.jpg   IMG_9540.jpg   IMG_9544.jpg   IMG_9545.jpg
    IMG_9546.jpg   IMG_9547.jpg   IMG_9548.jpg   IMG_9549.jpg
    IMG_9551.jpg   IMG_9553.jpg   IMG_9554.jpg   IMG_9556.jpg
    IMG_9558.jpg   IMG_9561.jpg   IMG_9571.jpg   IMG_9572.jpg
    IMG_9573.jpg   IMG_9574.jpg   IMG_9575.jpg   IMG_9576.jpg
    IMG_9578.jpg   IMG_9580.jpg   IMG_9582.jpg   IMG_9583.jpg
    IMG_9585.jpg   IMG_9586.jpg   IMG_9587.jpg   IMG_9589.jpg
    IMG_9591.jpg   IMG_9592.jpg   IMG_9593.jpg   IMG_9594.jpg
    IMG_9596.jpg   IMG_9600.jpg   IMG_9602.jpg   IMG_9604.jpg
    IMG_9605.jpg   IMG_9606.jpg   IMG_9607.jpg   IMG_9612.jpg
    IMG_9614.jpg   IMG_9616.jpg   IMG_9617.jpg   IMG_9618.jpg
    IMG_9620.jpg   IMG_9621.jpg   IMG_9623.jpg   IMG_9625.jpg
    IMG_9626.jpg   IMG_9628.jpg   IMG_9629.jpg   IMG_9631.jpg
    IMG_9632.jpg   IMG_9633.jpg   IMG_9634.jpg   IMG_9636.jpg
    IMG_9639.jpg   IMG_9641.jpg   IMG_9642.jpg   IMG_9644.jpg
    IMG_9646.jpg   IMG_9648.jpg   IMG_9650.jpg   IMG_9651.jpg
    IMG_9652.jpg   IMG_9653.jpg   IMG_9654.jpg   IMG_9655.jpg
    IMG_9656.jpg   IMG_9657.jpg   IMG_9658.jpg   IMG_9659.jpg
    IMG_9660.jpg   IMG_9664.jpg   IMG_9666.jpg   IMG_9667.jpg
    IMG_9668.jpg   IMG_9670.jpg   IMG_9671.jpg   IMG_9672.jpg
    IMG_9673.jpg   IMG_9674.jpg   IMG_9675.jpg   IMG_9676.jpg
    Big Ben is inside
    IMG_9677.jpg   IMG_9679.jpg   IMG_9682.jpg   IMG_9688.jpg
    IMG_9689.jpg   IMG_9691.jpg   IMG_9693.jpg   IMG_9695.jpg
    IMG_9697.jpg   IMG_9698.jpg   IMG_9699.jpg   IMG_9700.jpg
    IMG_9703.jpg   IMG_9704.jpg   IMG_9705.jpg   IMG_9707.jpg
    IMG_9708.jpg   IMG_9710.jpg   IMG_9711.jpg   IMG_9712.jpg
    IMG_9713.jpg   IMG_9714.jpg   IMG_9715.jpg   IMG_9716.jpg
    IMG_9718.jpg   IMG_9721.jpg   IMG_9722.jpg   IMG_9725.jpg
    IMG_9726.jpg   IMG_9728.jpg   IMG_9729.jpg   IMG_9731.jpg
    IMG_9733.jpg   IMG_9736.jpg   IMG_9737.jpg   IMG_9740.jpg
    IMG_9741.jpg   IMG_9742.jpg   IMG_9743.jpg   IMG_9744.jpg
    IMG_9746.jpg   IMG_9747.jpg   IMG_9748.jpg   IMG_9752.jpg
    IMG_9754.jpg   IMG_9757.jpg   IMG_9758.jpg   IMG_9760.jpg
    IMG_9761.jpg   IMG_9764.jpg
    Maurice and Warren at the London Eye
    River cruise starts here
    IMG_9767.jpg   IMG_9768.jpg   IMG_9769.jpg   IMG_9771.jpg
    IMG_9774.jpg   IMG_9776.jpg   IMG_9777.jpg   IMG_9778.jpg
    IMG_9782.jpg   IMG_9784.jpg   IMG_9786.jpg   IMG_9788.jpg
    IMG_9789.jpg   IMG_9791.jpg   IMG_9793.jpg   IMG_9794.jpg
    IMG_9795.jpg   IMG_9797.jpg   IMG_9798.jpg   IMG_9799.jpg
    IMG_9801.jpg   IMG_9803.jpg   IMG_9805.jpg   IMG_9807.jpg
    IMG_9809.jpg   IMG_9813.jpg   IMG_9817.jpg   IMG_9819.jpg
    IMG_9820.jpg   IMG_9822.jpg   IMG_9823.jpg   IMG_9824.jpg
    IMG_9828.jpg   IMG_9831.jpg   IMG_9833.jpg   IMG_9834.jpg
    IMG_9835.jpg   IMG_9837.jpg   IMG_9838.jpg   IMG_9839.jpg
    IMG_9840.jpg   IMG_9843.jpg    IMG_9847.jpg   IMG_9848.jpg
    IMG_9849.jpg   IMG_9852.jpg   IMG_9853.jpg   IMG_9855.jpg
    Various London's Tower Bridge angles
    IMG_9857.jpg   IMG_9858.jpg   IMG_9859.jpg   IMG_9861.jpg
    IMG_9867.jpg   IMG_9868.jpg   IMG_9869.jpg   IMG_9871.jpg
    IMG_9873.jpg   IMG_9874.jpg   IMG_9876.jpg   IMG_9878.jpg
    IMG_9880.jpg   IMG_9881.jpg   IMG_9882.jpg   IMG_9883.jpg
    IMG_9884.jpg   IMG_9885.jpg   IMG_9886.jpg   IMG_9888.jpg
    IMG_9889.jpg   IMG_9890.jpg   IMG_9891.jpg   IMG_9892.jpg
    IMG_9894.jpg   IMG_9895.jpg   IMG_9896.jpg   IMG_9897.jpg
    IMG_9899.jpg   IMG_9902.jpg   IMG_9903.jpg   IMG_9904.jpg
    IMG_9905.jpg   IMG_9908.jpg   IMG_9909.jpg   IMG_9910.jpg
    IMG_9912.jpg   IMG_9921.jpg   IMG_9923.jpg   IMG_9925.jpg
    IMG_9927.jpg   IMG_9928.jpg   IMG_9929.jpg   IMG_9931.jpg
    IMG_9932.jpg   IMG_9934.jpg   IMG_9939.jpg   IMG_9940.jpg
    IMG_9941.jpg   IMG_9942.jpg   IMG_9943.jpg   IMG_9944.jpg
    IMG_9945.jpg   IMG_9946.jpg   IMG_9947.jpg   IMG_9948.jpg
    IMG_9949.jpg   IMG_9950.jpg   IMG_9953.jpg   IMG_9954.jpg
    IMG_9955.jpg   IMG_9956.jpg   IMG_9958.jpg   IMG_9960.jpg
    IMG_9962.jpg   IMG_9964.jpg   IMG_9966.jpg   IMG_9967.jpg
    IMG_9968.jpg   IMG_9969.jpg   IMG_9970.jpg   IMG_9971.jpg
    IMG_9973.jpg   IMG_9979.jpg   IMG_9983.jpg   IMG_9984.jpg
    IMG_9986.jpg   IMG_9988.jpg   IMG_9989.jpg   IMG_9991.jpg
    IMG_9992.jpg   IMG_9994.jpg   IMG_9995.jpg   IMG_9997.jpg
    "London Bridge is filters on, filters on..."
    LondonBridge--Mono.jpg   LondonBridge-Chrome.jpg   LondonBridge-Fade.jpg   LondonBridge-Instant.jpg
    LondonBridge-Noir.jpg   LondonBridge-Process2.jpg   LondonBridge-Tonal.jpg   LondonBridge-Transfer.jpg
    IMG_0001.jpg   IMG_0003.jpg   IMG_0004.jpg   IMG_0007.jpg
    IMG_0009.jpg   IMG_0010.jpg   IMG_0011.jpg   IMG_0013.jpg
    IMG_0014.jpg   IMG_0016.jpg   IMG_0020.jpg   IMG_0021.jpg
    IMG_0022.jpg   IMG_0023.jpg   IMG_0025.jpg   IMG_0029.jpg
    IMG_0031.jpg   IMG_0033.jpg   IMG_0034.jpg   IMG_0035.jpg
    IMG_0036.jpg   IMG_0037.jpg   IMG_0038.jpg   IMG_0040.jpg
    IMG_0042.jpg   IMG_0043.jpg   IMG_0046.jpg   IMG_0049.jpg
    IMG_0050.jpg   IMG_0052.jpg   IMG_0054.jpg   IMG_0055.jpg
    Picadilly Circus
    IMG_0056.jpg   IMG_0057.jpg   IMG_0060.jpg   IMG_0061.jpg
    IMG_0062.jpg   IMG_0063.jpg   IMG_0064.jpg   IMG_0065.jpg
    IMG_0066.jpg   IMG_0067.jpg   IMG_0068.jpg   IMG_0069.jpg
    IMG_0070.jpg   IMG_0071.jpg   IMG_0072.jpg   IMG_0073.jpg
    Warren and I went to CustomCable in New Malden to tour the store.  We met Head-Fier and friend @Ra97oR at the store as well.  @PhilW and staff were there to talk everything audio, and gave us a tour of the facility.  Anyone who is traveling around London should definitely stop by and maybe even purchase some audio gear!  Here's our adventure...
    Departing from the London Underground (Tube) station near Hotel Russell
    IMG_0079.jpg   IMG_0080.jpg   IMG_0083.jpg   IMG_0084.jpg
    IMG_0086.jpg   IMG_0088.jpg   IMG_0089.jpg   IMG_0090.jpg
    IMG_0091.jpg   IMG_0092.jpg   IMG_0093.jpg   IMG_0094.jpg
    IMG_0095.jpg   IMG_0096.jpg
    Time Lapse of London Train from Green Park to Ewell

    IMG_0101.jpg   IMG_0103.jpg  
    Time Lapse of London Train from Ewell to Raynes Park

    Time Lapse of London Train from Raynes Park to New Malden

    IMG_0113.jpg   IMG_0114.jpg   IMG_0115.jpg   IMG_0117.jpg
    IMG_0119.jpg   IMG_0120.jpg   IMG_0121.jpg   IMG_0122.jpg
    IMG_0124.jpg   IMG_0126.jpg   IMG_0127.jpg   IMG_0128.jpg
    IMG_0129.jpg   IMG_0130.jpg   IMG_0131.jpg   IMG_0132.jpg
    IMG_0133.jpg   IMG_0134.jpg   IMG_0136.jpg   IMG_0137.jpg
    IMG_0139.jpg   IMG_0140.jpg   IMG_0141.jpg   IMG_0142.jpg
    IMG_0143.jpg   IMG_0144.jpg   IMG_0145.jpg   IMG_0146.jpg
    IMG_0147.jpg   IMG_0148.jpg   IMG_0149.jpg   IMG_0150.jpg
    IMG_0151.jpg   IMG_0152.jpg   IMG_0153.jpg   IMG_0154.jpg
    Unilet Sound and Vision - Lower Level Tour

    IMG_0157.jpg   IMG_0158.jpg   IMG_0159.jpg   IMG_0160.jpg
    IMG_0161.jpg   IMG_0162.jpg   IMG_0163.jpg   IMG_0164.jpg
    IMG_0165.jpg   IMG_0166.jpg   IMG_0167.jpg   IMG_0168.jpg
    IMG_0171.jpg   IMG_0172.jpg   IMG_0173.jpg   IMG_0174.jpg
    IMG_0175.jpg   IMG_0176.jpg   IMG_0177.jpg   IMG_0178.jpg
    Phil adoring my QP1R + HE1000 combination!
    IMG_0185.jpg   IMG_0186.jpg   IMG_0187.jpg   IMG_0188.jpg
    IMG_0189.jpg   IMG_0190.jpg
    Unilet Sound and Vision - Lighting Demonstration

    IMG_0192.jpg   IMG_0194.jpg   IMG_0196.jpg  
    Unilet Sound and Vision - Speakers Demonstration

    IMG_0201.jpg   IMG_0202.jpg   IMG_0203.jpg   IMG_0204.jpg
    IMG_0205.jpg   IMG_0206.jpg   IMG_0207.jpg   IMG_0208.jpg
    Unilet Sound and Vision - Upper Level Demo Room

    Unilet Sound and Vision - Tiring Game Demonstration Part 1

    IMG_0213.jpg   IMG_0214.jpg   IMG_0216.jpg  
    Unilet Sound and Vision - Tiring Game Demonstration Part 2

    IMG_0224.jpg   IMG_0225.jpg   IMG_0230.jpg   IMG_0240.jpg
    I had a great time, now to say adieu, for now...
    IMG_0243.jpg   IMG_0244.jpg   IMG_0246.jpg   IMG_0247.jpg
    IMG_0249.jpg   IMG_0251.jpg   IMG_0254.jpg   IMG_0256.jpg
    IMG_0258.jpg   IMG_0259.jpg   IMG_0262.jpg   IMG_0263.jpg
    IMG_0264.jpg   IMG_0265.jpg   IMG_0266.jpg   IMG_0267.jpg
    IMG_0268.jpg   IMG_0269.jpg   IMG_0270.jpg   IMG_0271.jpg
    IMG_0272.jpg   IMG_0273.jpg   IMG_0274.jpg   IMG_0275.jpg
    IMG_0276.jpg   IMG_0277.jpg   IMG_0279.jpg  
    Vintage Rolexes
    IMG_0280.jpg   IMG_0281.jpg
    IMG_0282.jpg   IMG_0283.jpg   IMG_0284.jpg   IMG_0285.jpg
    IMG_0286.jpg   IMG_0287.jpg   IMG_0288.jpg   IMG_0289.jpg
    IMG_0290.jpg   IMG_0292.jpg   IMG_0293.jpg   IMG_0294.jpg
    IMG_0295.jpg   IMG_0296.jpg   IMG_0297.jpg   IMG_0298.jpg
    IMG_0300.jpg   IMG_0301.jpg   IMG_0302.jpg   IMG_0304.jpg
    IMG_0305.jpg   IMG_0306.jpg   IMG_0307.jpg   IMG_0308.jpg
    IMG_0309.jpg   IMG_0310.jpg   IMG_0311.jpg   IMG_0312.jpg
    IMG_0314.jpg   IMG_0315.jpg   IMG_0317.jpg   IMG_0318.jpg
    IMG_0319.jpg   IMG_0320.jpg   IMG_0321.jpg   IMG_0322.jpg  
    IMG_0323.jpg   IMG_0324.jpg
    IMG_0325.jpg   IMG_0326.jpg   IMG_0327.jpg   IMG_0328.jpg
    IMG_0329.jpg   IMG_0330.jpg   IMG_0331.jpg   IMG_0332.jpg
    IMG_0333.jpg   IMG_0334.jpg   IMG_0335.jpg   IMG_0336.jpg
    IMG_0337.jpg   IMG_0338.jpg   IMG_0339.jpg   IMG_0340.jpg
    IMG_0341.jpg   IMG_0342.jpg   IMG_0343.jpg   IMG_0344.jpg
    IMG_0345.jpg   IMG_0347.jpg   IMG_0349.jpg   IMG_0350.jpg
    IMG_0351.jpg   IMG_0352.jpg   IMG_0353.jpg   IMG_0354.jpg
    IMG_0355.jpg   IMG_0356.jpg   IMG_0357.jpg   IMG_0358.jpg
    IMG_0371.jpg   IMG_0375.jpg   IMG_0378.jpg   IMG_0379.jpg
    IMG_0380.jpg   IMG_0388.jpg   IMG_0391.jpg   IMG_0392.jpg
    IMG_0393.jpg   IMG_0394.jpg   IMG_0395.jpg   IMG_0397.jpg
    IMG_0398.jpg   IMG_0399.jpg   IMG_0407.jpg   IMG_0408.jpg  
    IMG_0411.jpg   IMG_0413.jpg   IMG_0414.jpg
    Last but not least, the videos, in order of occurrence  
























    Made it home!  Thanks for experiencing the adventure with me, and hope to see you all next year.  Happy listening, everyone! 
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  2. warrenpchi Administrator
  3. moedawg140 Contributor
  4. Takeanidea
    It was great! We were worried it was going to be too commercial , but it wasn't . It was laid back. There were plenty of comfy chairs in the middle for people to have a chat and try each other's kit out. There weren't enough hours in the days, but no one can make that right!
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  5. Cagin
    Please I hope not. I'm on sleep depravation status. I refuse to sleep before I'm done with my impressions. Been at it for the past 13hours now. Awake for 30 hours now, previous sleep was 3 hours.
    I'm praying Chrome won't crash so I won't lose all my stuff. 
    ps: there's no save draft option in the interface is there? 
  6. moedawg140 Contributor
    I would highly suggest saving your work in a Word document in case anything happens.  I usually save (select all, copy, paste content) every so often (for example every 10 minutes) in Word whenever I post anything that will take longer than a few minutes for me to create.  To alleviate RAM and processing issues (especially when re-saving large reviews), whenever I re-save, I select all of the content I wrote in the browser, copy, then I select all and delete whatever was saved on Word and immediately post the copied info from the browser onto Word and save.
    Never depend on an internet browser or device to be 100% stable.
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  7. Takeanidea

    Hi Cagin, we await with baited breath. Do you remember volunteering with me and trying my Encore Ciem's. Alarmed you said to me, these Iem's are misbalanced.
    The right channel has died on them......
  8. Cagin
    Hope I'm not too late with my own set of photos and impressions from my first CanJam and audio related 'meet'. Once I got back home after the show, I decided to make a surprise visit to my family in Turkey, been pretty busy and not much internet access where I stay.
    Warm thanks to Jude, Warren, Ethan and Duncan for organizing this. I'll definitely come back next year and try my best to attend any kind of meets nearby (incl next UK one).
    Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Not just the fellow volunteers [​IMG] Eu Jin (@ejong7), Trevor (@Takeanidea), Maurice (@moedawg140), Michal? from Poland.
    I wish I had met more of you, and please forgive me for not remembering the name tags. I did try not to be too much awkward trying to read them out to associate the person to the forum names ^^ (the lanyards/badges were unruly for sure).
    My initial plan for the show was:
    - hear the Astell & Kern AK380 and its amp module for myself
    - hear the QP1R
    - compare both to my ZX2 and see my resolve against upgraditis
    - audition as many ciems as I could because Brussels is barren
    - test the Linum Super BaX cable and plead to allow me to buy one off on the spot
    - buy as many ear tips as i could to start my tip-rolling collection (only had Spinfits)
    - attend the 3 seminars [Dan/Mr Speakers; Chord Audio; Ask the panel]
    - meet as many headfiers as I could during my volunteering
    Saturday August 29
    Brussels-London St Pancras Int'l with the Eurostar train. The 30min delay at Calais (migrants on the tracks) gave an uneasy weird feeling. Passengers of the train looking around to spot the soldiers and migrants, felt like an awkward safari.
    The Hotel Russell is beautiful, and the small park of the Russell square too. Each tree having full distance space between each other to grow in peace. Sat for a bit by the soothing fountain in the middle before going into the hotel.
     ^ Registration booth. The people in this room (and outside of the photo frame) unknowingly helped me vs my mild agoraphobia as I was about to enter the show and meet a lot of persons.
    Noble Audio pt.1
     ^ I asked about the 'space zebra' Prestige Warren had, followed him to the Noble stand across the main hall to see it in flesh (or fabric ^^). 
    Met Brannan, was tempted to try to pry off info about @Watagump's chosen design for his K10 [​IMG] I'm still amazed at how tiny all the universal models were.
    The Noble stand seemed to be always busy. Got a seat and tried out the Savant (had placed an order for a Wizard designed one during Dr John Moulton's birthday event).
    Ideally I'd wish to have picked up my Savant unit right there after paying Gisele Flower but it wasn't ready yet. I met Gisele on Sunday, she's a very friendly audiologist (Aid2Hearing in London) and also the Noble dealer for the UK/EU.
     ^ Posted my impressions in the Savant thread here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/772698/noble-savant-thread-impressions-reviews-tours/180#post_11899876
    It paired greatly with my ZX2, made me happy. I would have liked to listen to the N4 and N6 to compare with the Savant, and then the K10, but I saw someone waiting for a spot, and I had gotten the reassurance I wanted out of the Savant so I said to Brannan I'd come back later.
    Brimar Audio

    IMG_2038.jpg    IMG_2039.jpg
     ^Right next to Noble Audio were the luxurious Brimar cables, a sure pleasure for the eyes.[​IMG]​ 
    I had my sights set for them after seeing the photos from the Tokyo Fujiya Avic show earlier this year. Their website was inaccessible but Creevy Yu owner of Brimar told me it was due to the site being under reconstruction, it should be functional again by mid-September.
    I was hoping to see one of their flat braided cables but they were all round or squared. It was suprising when Creevy told me that it's rare that people like flat braiding, he said they'd prefer to see round and square/box braids. He also mentionned that flat braid would be more microphonic. Am I wrong in assuming a flat braid would be less tangling and easier to coil for management/case store? I want one for my Noble Savant and EarWerkz ciem but I'm still pondering between this or the Estron Linum Super BaX which I got to hear on Sunday.
    Brimar had their two flagship cables the Monarch Supreme (pure 7N silver with 1%gold) and Monarch Supreme Reference (pure 7N silver with 7% gold). They also have their own solder which Creevy confidently said was better than the Mundorf Supreme silver/gold one they had been using before.
    Whoever gets an 8 conductor flat braided Monarch Supreme Ref for their QP1R gold, I envy thee [​IMG]
    IMG_2040.jpg    IMG_2041.jpg

     ^ I didn't get to hear the HE-1000 or the QP1R at their respective stands but I'm thankful of Moedawg who gave me a combo listen [​IMG]
    I believe Jude has a photo of me with it on Sunday. None of the ciems I tried at CanJam + my ZX2 gave that sound quality but within 30 seconds of wearing it I felt its weight on my neck. I think I'm just too hunched back for headcans. 
    The scrolling wheel motion of the QP1R was quirky for me during browsing up and down in folders, but I appreciate that Questyle had implemented a faster scrolling method with the up and down buttons, which skip a full display page with each press. I'm still waiting for Fiio to do the same with the X5 and X5ii. I'd still like a progressively accelerating scrolling wheel motion but at least implement a display page skip with the up and down keys. /rant 
    I liked how light the QP1R was and it's slender form factor compared to the ZX2. I wish I'd had more time to play with it. Maybe a loan/review tour will take place, hopefully. If the sound quality would warrant the loss of battery duration + Android advantages of the ZX2, I'd make the switch.
     ^ Doorway to the second big hall. All of the exhibitors were in these 2 hall rooms except for Creative who had their own smaller chamber away for auditioning their bookshelf speakers.
    IMG_2057.jpg    IMG_2058.jpg
    I thought I'd have time to visit each during my 2 day stay but I was so wrong. Looking at the photos I'm sure it's not 1/5th only that I got to enjoy, but probably a 1/15th. 
    I have no regrets though. Everything being relatively new to me, I knew it would be too much to take in all at once. I had decided to leave out all the desktop dac/amps and headphones for last if at all, but that wasn't enough heh.
    IEM Clinic

    IMG_2053.jpg   IMG_2051.jpg  
     ^  The expression "like a kid in a candy store" applies here [​IMG]
    This part of CanJam I liked a LOT. It was held by Maurice Washington  (Moedawg140). There were around 20-30 IEMs on the tables. From Jude and Maurice's collection I think.
     Various price points, low-mid-hi-end. You could just sit down, hear any of them with your own dap/gear or even test em out with Moe's QP1R, and chat with each other to compare and share impressions. 
    While I didn't listen to all of them, it helped me flesh out my preferred sound signature in more depth. Dita Answer Truth, Campfire Audio Lyra, and @tranhieu's DIY CIEM were my kind of stuff [​IMG] 
    And while I didn't particularly like the A&K AKR-02 (or FAD FI-BA-SS as I was told), its absolutely exquisite carrying case left a deep permanent mark on me. [​IMG] Its small form factor is ideal for portability yet felt sturdy for jeans pocket use, has a nice cable management and is magnetically latched. I'd totally be ready to pay a good amount to get one, especially if I could have the earpiece receptacle moulds adapted for CIEMs. And if you could engrave or carve your own name and/or patch a logo onto it, oh my! [​IMG][by all means PM me if this exists already]
    I got to listen to Moe's own EarWerkz Legend Omega with the Ted Allen Litz Silver cable. It was a bit of a painful fit but it worked. I got my confirmation that the Omega's sound signature wasn't tailored to me.
    See the alcohol wipe cloths on the photos? These had to be of some epic medical grade because its alcohol content was so strong it disfigured my leather ZX2 case cover leaving all white stains. Serves me right for trying to remain hygienic [​IMG]
    Musica Acoustics

     ^ Met with Dimitri Trush of Musica Acoustics, so full of energy and enthusiasm. Very friendly too. Passed a great time by that stand. Eventful to say the least.
    I got the learn about the new Oriolus iem, 3 BA drivers + 1 DD in universal fit but with an upgrade possible to a custom shell. The volume of the headstage coming out of the Oriolus was the first thing that jumped at me. The earpiece is much bigger than the Noble univ. The price is a bit too high for me to attempt a leap of faith after a short audition. I'd be interested in taking part of a review tour if one happens.
    I didn't try out the EarSonic Velvets nor the Esther DAP.
    I saw that Dimitri had also brought the Vorzuge Pure II + amp. I had read about its goodness (from Duncan or Soundblast75's posts) but I didn't have any proper iem with me to test it.
    But a British gentleman was who was sitting next to me was in state of ataraxia. He felt so relieved and free when adding the Pure II + to his stack comprising of an iBasso DX90, the Chord Hugo with a circumaural headphone that I didn't know of, which later Dimitri said to be an Ultrasone (I couldn't keep the model in memory so I just made a search now and from the colors I remember it had, I believe it was an Ultrasone Edition 8 Palladium). The gentleman said that the Hugo was a DAC foremost, not an amp. And that its amp section couldn't bring out the pleasure he'd just received from adding the Pure II +.
    He then offered me to hear it out myself. He had no idea of how much of a newbie I was haha. It was the first time I'd wear an expensive headphone + first time I'd see a Hugo (1/3 smaller than I imagined)  and hear one in flesh + same thing for the Vorzuge. That Ultrasone was very light for its size. Didn't expect that. I pressed Play on what his DX90's current track and paused, it was some kind of goa or psy trance.
    Effortless, equilibrium, meaning of fatigue nonexistent would be what I experienced on that moment.
    Imagined a mystical jungle with this palpable liquid fluid bass 'boings' going on, and some sparkling treble that was just defining my amount of wanted brightness devoid of any harshness or sibilance while being clear. His track was presented with such a fairness, not one element trying to overstep another. Everything evenly playing out together.
    I quite cherished that moment by that stand. It's a bit telling of the relativity of head-fi; of our respective journeys. For him who said traveled a lot, with long flights and hotel rooms, his rig was a portable heaven. For me, already obese, I viewed it as transportable, and only want an C/IEM + a DAP. Yet I can only hope to get to hear that kind of sound in my limited iem/dap pairing.
    Off-topic subject: when I read about other show impressions that some persons can listen very loudly, which leaks very easily with open backs, I was prepared to hear this leakage. But while I was chatting with Dimitri I suddenly heard loud music as if there was a small bookshelf speaker right behind me or like a laptop speaker blasting. I turned around and I saw that the source was indeed right behind, it came from Sennheiser's Orpheus haha. There was a lady listening to it but she herself was taken aback back the loundness and pulled it off.
     ^ Whiplash Modular cable with the adapters. 
    Unfortunately, destiny didn't want me to try it out as Dimitri remembered on Sunday after the show had ended that he had indeed brought a 3.5mm TRRS Whiplash cable terminated for the Sony ZX2. No worries :wink:
    Bought me some Ortofon ear tips.
    Aurisonics / Comply / Lotoo / Final Audio Design

    Following the IEM Basshead thread, I wanted to hear the ASG 2.5 to see how the basshead 'king' would compare to my EarWerkz Omega. Did only had the new series line-up.
    So I tried the Aurisonic Harmony. Oh boy that bass was head rattling haha, way too much for my taste. [I was told later by others that the Kicker had even more bass impact. brrr]
    If the ZX2 feels like a brick due to its weight, then the Paw Gold is an ingot. It sat firmly in my hand though. Yes very thick too. But the UI on the the Paw Gold was a delight. Fast, simple, convenient. So easily efficient to navigate from options to folders and all around. I quite liked the band spectrum. I like to learn visually what I'm hearing if that makes sense.
    Love that feature in Foobar2000. Helps me understand what's the frequency of things I'm hearing. And how much does my earphones present it. It could be a bit more reactive on the Paw Gold maybe, but maybe not worth losing battery life over it. The Paw Gold was a wee bit too trebly, but then again I only had my Creative EP830 to judge 'sigh'.
    The Paw 5000 is quite musical. Quite light. Has a nice form factor. The button layout is different than the Paw Gold. I thought the Paw Gold's button layout was more intuitive.
    I think the Paw 5000 would've been a Fiio X5 killer, but with the X5ii now I think not. But then again there's the new Cayin N5 out now which is very promising for that bracket.
     ^ My sister had seen these during her visit to e-earphone store in Tokyo a couple months ago. I told her to listen to them, they look good but are pricey.
    Now was my time to hear 'em. The line-up naming is too confusing. And that they look similar with color variance doesn't help at all. Like I've listened to two of them, the Heaven VI and Heaven VIII, but I'm not even able to 100% be sure. And that's after only 1 week's passing. I will definitely bring a notepad and a pen for future events like this.
    I'd personally opt for customs, which to me look way better visually or universals with faceplate customizations. Plus you're vulnerable on the lack of interchangeable cables.
    Estron Linum

    IMG_2063.jpg    IMG_2064.jpg
    The Danish company Estron was also present, and awaited by those longing for their chance to get a Linum Super Bax cable.
    Linum audio cables gained popularity with their super thin, aramid fiber strengthened SPC conductors making em nearly invisible to see, and providing a comfort that makes you forget they exist (2.7g), ideal for those wearing glass frames and over the ear C/IEMs.
    They look fragile but the normal Linum line as a pull strength of 60N or 13Lbs. The other caveat is the heavy coloration they can bring to your gear.
    The impedance of the Linum cable varies with the model. The BaX has 1.5 ohm, the Music has 2.0 ohm, and the Vocal has 4.5 ohm.
    One final thing that may be cause an issue was the short length between the Y split and the earpiece connectors.
    Enter the Super BaX. Headfiers who've been following Estron are aware that they are working on a release a mass produced version of the Super BaX. The improvements are as follow:
    0.75 ohm impedance, twice the pull strength, twice the amount of conductors, and a longer length between Y-split and earpiece connectors.
    Overseeing the Linum stand was Allan Sørrig, who's the sales director and co-owner and founder of Estron. I explained a bit embarrassed that I wanted to test the Super BaX for a few months now, but that I had no C/IEM with me at the moment to test the cables with my Sony ZX2. He immediately offered me a pair of demo CIEM, the Cosmic Ears CE6P. I had read a bit of its related thread but I hadn't heard them before, now was my opportunity to do so.
    I started with the Linum BaX TRS (1.5 ohm) + CE6P + ZX2 :  low and mids were muddy with thick bass. The pairing felt meh. The cable is kinda tangly/unruly.
    I then switched to the Super BaX TRS (0.75 ohm) + CE6P + ZX2 : I noticed as I was putting it on, that the length past the Y-split was indeed longer. When proceeding to repeat the same tracks the presentation was very distinctly different. The murky mud had gone. This ciem had a controlled tamed bass. And had a nice sound signature I liked. And I remembered that the CE6P was also affordable for a 6BA CIEM (£450).
    I then asked if it would be ever possible to like commission a pure silver Super Balanced BaX in 8 conductor flat braid with 3.5mm TRRS for balanced Sony ZX2/HIFIMAN, I said I knew that 8 conductor would be too much of a tight fit for the currently used small male 2 pin connector  or T2. That I could provide and mail my own plugs and connectors (was thinking Eidolic Tellurium 2pin barrel + Ranko REP-1040 3.5mm TRRS rhodium or Pailiccs angled barrel). Mr Sørrig replied that wouldn't be possible. But he then pulled a small bag from behind the table and told me that they had made another prototype Super Bax cable but this one in 3.5mm TRRS terminated for Sony ZX2 balanced ground!
    The jack plug was this one:  30-701A.jpg
    It was high time to test it  Super BaX TRRS (0.75 ohm) + CE6P + ZX2: yeah well I might of heard a bit better separation and headstage width but I might not. I can't certify. I think I'd either need a quieter environment or more different tracks to discern sensibly. Or, it's just my brain bias. I mean as much as I could say it's a clear cut difference between BaX and Super BaX; with Super BaX TRS and TRRS I wouldn't dare proclaim a thing.
    The Super BaX having twice the conductor amount, is more docile and easier to manage. We have to wait for Q4 to be able to buy it for 250eur  VAT excl until Estron Vietnam and/or Estron China goes into full production.
    I stayed at the table but switched on seat to the right for the part of my journey.

    Estron was sharing the stand with the UK's stalwart hearing protection supporter ACS. I immediately recognized the person behind the stand from the ACS Banbury tour visit article I had read a few times; it was Andy Shiach, audiologist, founder and CEO of ACS.
    Mentioning that article made Andy roll is eyes haha. Aside for the overwhelming spelling errors, I remember it because it mentioned there were universal versions of the Encore Studio in the store for us in the near future.
    In the beginning of this year there was a show in the UK where some attendees were so compelled by the Encore Studio which they preferred over the Layla and Angie which had just been released, that they placed an order then and there.
    The Encore Studio is ACS' flagship 5 BA driver silicone ciem.
    Seeing as I had just tried the Super Bax TRRS, and that the CE6P and Encore Studio shared the same Linum T2 connector, I asked if I could try that cable with the Encore.
    Unfortunately when Alan or Andy tried to attach the SuperBax onto the Encore, the T2 plug didn't quite fit. So I got to audition the Encore Studio with the Linum BaX.
    The ZX2 + Linum BaX + Encore Studio + Spinfits gave me a sound signature that was somewhat around my alley. The bass had a nice impactful slam to it, but wasn't overwhelming me.
    The electric guitars sounded closer to my Omega, an aspect that I like a lot about them smooth non-harsh treble and not recessed. But it also shared one aspect I couldn't get used to on my Omega. When some voices make a sudden increase in volume, it sounds a bit uncontrolled explosive; like over-amplifying to the point of being aggressive on the ears.
    I hope I'm being able to convey my meaning. It's like a sound of 'paH' that's boomy instead of a 'paaa'. But anyway, on the Encore this was less pronounced yet still present.
    I really wish I could've heard it with the Super Bax even more now. Especially after seeing how it made a difference with the CE6P. And I found the CE6P to be close to the Encore, but with the Encore being better detailed and clear.
    In recurring threads about silicone vs acrylic ciems, I'll see some mention that their ears can get a bit warm, or sweaty with silicone. What concerns me in the event I ever get a silicone ciem, is ear irritation. I have a dermatographic condition which can sound funny: basically, I can run my nail along any area, scratch it just once, even if gently, and within a couple minutes it will go red and give a feeling of burning (like holding a lighter too long). When it happens in my ear it's quite annoying. Andy assured me that the medical silicone grade doesn't cause allergies or irritations. I asked Andy if I could maybe start of on the cheaper side, with silicone ear protection filters for example. So I'll see if my ears handle it well and this way I can further protect my ears from even more tinnitus damage.
    Before I joined Head-Fi, I had thought tinnitus to be an ear infection when you'd get a cold or something. I didn't know that the buzzing was tinnitus. To me I thought we were all hearing a buzz when in quiet environment. I don't even remember ever not hearing it. It's always there permanently. With hindsight I imagine the damage was done during the 3 concerts+2 festivals I've ever been to at around 18-23yo. I'd always be at the very front with nothing in my ears to protect them. Now I'm annoyed by noise in most restaurants and bars to the point I want to leave. 
    Andy detailed me all the different kinds of protection they offered for various situations, but he advised me the Pro17 filters. I agreed to it and he then took my ear impressions the old fashioned way (and my favorite way, it's so soothing when everything is blocked out), silicone syringe.
    I also bought an ACS Revivo sanitizer for ciem/iem maintenance. I already use small dessicant gel pack in the carrying case. I was even ready to buy a couple of the 10 dessicant gel packs to last me a while but Andy told me that it wasn't necessary. When it would turn black, I just have to pop it in the oven at 50 degrees Celsius for as long as it takes until it turns orange again. I tried to insist saying I wouldn't mind buying the 10 packs at all, he said he didn't have them that day, and again that the 1 dessicant that came with the Revivo was all I needed. I appreciate his honest integrity [​IMG].
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zwU-2HEam4  for those interested in how it operates.
    I tried my best to steady my hands for this iPad photo shot. I hope it benefits those that wanted a higher-res close up of the available colors ACS offers. A couple months ago I had contacted ACS to try to get a close up photo of the Smoke, Grey and Purple colors (when I was thinking of getting an Encore as my first ciem). This photo is real light conditions, no flash. Yes, the top 3 on the right and the grey one on bottom row have glitter.
     ^ I had seen a photo of this a few days prior to CanJam, and I thought, that's awesome, just what's needed for silicone customs who do face a certain disadvantage when it comes to customization and looks compared to acrylics. 
    Andy told me these were made very easily. You can have any motif, artwork, name, logo you want, and because silicone shells are filled, there's no risk of damaging the drivers/wires/tubes. You may wonder why am I saying this? Because those faceplates are not permanently attached to your ciem shell. Oh no, these are user removable and interchangeable! That's right! You can have one for each day, for each mood, to match your clothes or for color blocking desire. This is just a start, I'm sure of it. Soon I bet there will be either ACS or third parties making their own variants, with exotic materials, like silver plates etched, real jadeite carvings/grindings and so on. This might even surpass dare I say the prestige of a Prestige [​IMG]
    Sunday August 30
    Awesome morning (9am-1pm) by the registration room with the fellow volunteers . I was quite suprised at the amount of CanJam attendees that weren't from Head-Fi. Which I assume means it can only get bigger next year [​IMG]
    Got to listen to a DIY modded Beyerdynamic T70-T90  + cassette player setup from a headfier it was great. An open airy sound in a closed super light can.
    Met @musicday with his Tera+Portapro, and Chris Martens of HiFi+ we exchanged T-shirts [​IMG] , he also gave us each a copy of the current issue of HiFi+ which covers the HE-1000.
    Jaben Network

    Got to meet the famed "uncle Wilson" Yong. Bought me some more Spinfits haha. But the Spinfits weren't the only star of Jaben's stand. For they got something mighty good brewing and very affordable: the HyperDynamic iem.
     ^ I forgot to take a picture of it, but it looks almost like an unpainted Trinity Delta. It's 1BA Dynamic Driver + 1 piezoelectric transducer. Mr Wilson told me that they had tamed the piezo for music.
    I only got a few minutes of listening time to it, there was a queue for it :p It was popular amongst the volunteer crew. I quite liked its treble presentation and had nice punchy bass, but ut during my very short listening, I found it a bit thin in the mids with electric guitar distorsions. I wish I could've explored that more. 
    Mr Wilson put great emphasis on pricing it under $200.
    @Bobtrinity you gotta watch your back yo! [​IMG]

    Visiting the Creative room was a way for me to reconnect with my lost fanboism with the company. Being a pc gamer since very early age, I've had the pleasure of the sonic company of nearly each of their soundcards, from the first gen of SoundBlaster to fifth gen X-Fi one. After the end of the Mini-Disc era and the advent of MP3, I went through a lot of Creative players. From the MuVo 16MB to the Zen X-Fi 8GB. 
    X-7 white limited edition (more powerful) with the E-Mu bookshelf 2.0 speaker set. The X7 black normal edition is 35W+35W rated power, while the white is 37W+37W; 38W+38W and 50W+50W Max power respectively. Headphone Amp Out Impedance is 2.2 ohm on the black and 1 ohm on the white edition.
    The next time I'll upgrade my PC I will consider getting the X7 instead of buying a soundcard. The 2 beamforming mic seems nice for making a cone centered on you and reducing unwanted outside noise.
    Bluetooth speakers... something I'd like but unwilling to allocate a budget to at the moment. Plus I don't know the specs, comparisons, reviews of them.
    The differences between the Roar and Roar 2 were the size and weight, the bass ports on the lateral sides. Both have a memory slot with play buttons on the back, so it can play on its own too. We put one in the middle of the room and played a song from the laptop. The room was hmm I'd say like 8mx20m? I kept moving from spot to spot and the sound seemed to remain consistent and enjoyable. But like I said I don't have any practical knowledge of BT speakers.
    IMG_2074.jpg    IMG_2075.jpg
     ^ I wasn't interested by headphones or amps so I skipped these.
     ^ The MuVo compact waterproof bluetooth speaker. I was told they'd be 59eur in mainland Europe (they were 50pounds at the show). I tested it by turning it around facing the small alcove, to mimic a shower/small bathroom, did A/B with my iPad. If I do find one for 59eur around here, I'll definately get one for my daily shave/shower sessions. 
    Seminar: Ask the panelists
    Only managed to catch it mid-way. The panelists were from left to right: Ethan Opolion, Alan Sircom, Chris Martens and Jude Mansilla.
    There was an ongoing debate with the panelists and @Windsor and @Ra97oR. It transcended my knowledge but it was around room speakers and headphones, and if headphones should pursue after room speakers and the emerging trend that it's gettting more about personal audio, so it things might shift the other way around for mixing or mastering? I hope I didn't butcher the seminar content. I tagged both headfiers so feel free to correct me [​IMG]
    If someone filmed any of the three seminars I'd love to have a youtube link of it.
    Noble Audio pt.2
    Went back to Brannan and again all the seats were occupied but Brannan offered his own chair so I got to try the Kaiser Soze 10. I understood @jelt2359 when he said be like water my friend, quoting Bruce Lee in his Fit for a Bat review. It went nicely with the various songs I tried, but it still was a bit on the warm side (with my ZX2 more so). I think I'll be more content with the Savant. We'll see, we'll see.
    Jerry Harvey Audio

    IMG_2076.jpg    IMG_2077.jpg
    Left the Jerry Harvey Audio stand for last (were 30min left before the end of CanJam London 2015, and start of the SHaG drawing for the prizes).
    I tried the Angie first, saved the Layla for dead last. Didn't have time for the Roxanne or 13/16 (dunno if they had those).
    You'll notice these were from the lastest batch haha, perfect weave of the red and black CF. I tried at first with the tips they had, but I felt discomfort so I put on my own Spinfits. I still kept getting a minor seal loss in the left ear (I'd get more bass when I'd press against it). Played around with the bass pot dials.1-2'o clock was nice. 
    There's no way I'd wear universal ones. They are too huge. They'd be way too painful if lying on the side of a pillow. Customs would be the way to go if I'd ever want a JH.
    Moved on the the Layla to see if I'd get a bit smoother treble which I think I did. The headstage was better but I gotta say neither to me were that special. Maybe they'd warrant an extended time to access.
    My own conclusions regarding CIEMs is that well none of em floored me. Or created a feeling of I must have it now. Wish 1964Ears/64Audio would've been there to test the Adel 10 & 12, or SpiralEars for the 5 Way Ultimate. So for now it's a lie down and wait phase :)
    Scavenger Hunt And Give-away contest
     ^ Scavenger Hunt and Give-away prizes in the Virginia Woolf seminar room of the Hotel Russell.
    Oh how I wished I'd have won the QP1R [​IMG]
     ^ Headfier who won the SHaG prize Audio Technica ATH-MSR7
     ^ @mark2410 who had just won the HiFi+ contest's main prize: HIFIMAN HE-1000    Enjoy! 
    End of CanJam London 2015 and after-thoughts
    IMG_2119.jpg    IMG_2120.jpg
     ^ IEM Clinic packing up. Pretty collection of cases. But the A&K AKR-02 one though... hmmm.... [​IMG]
    IMG_2122.jpg    IMG_2121.jpg
    Ra97or listening to the HE-1000. (still haven't forgotten about your phone tips. Trying to find it here in Turkey Z2 and Z3 compact iirc ^^)
     ^ After CanJam London 2015's closing, at a Turkish restaurant nearby called Tas. Thank you very much Jude [​IMG]
    Things I missed and got no excuse:
    1. Orpheus
    2. Blue Note Hawaii + Stax SR-009
    3. HE-1000
    4. QP1R
    5. Ether Closed
    Things I've learned for next time around:
    1. bring a small notepad+pen, it can get hard to remember the differences when you hear a lot of gear.
    2. bring a reference dap+top isolating iem I know inside and out for optimal comparisons
    3. assemble a shortlist of tracks into one playlist of about 10-15min max to help me assess better
    4. read up beforehand so exhibitors don't have to repeat the same things (less taxing for them too :p)
    5. manage me time better
    To close my long winded post, I'd like to nominate myself as well for the CanJam Numpty, as I only had a Creative EP830 (came with my Zen X-Fi player) iem available at the time with me to well hmm, audition stuff. So I was too embarrassed to try out the AK380+Amp module, the QP1R, HifiMan 901s & others. [​IMG] Or how about missing out the prepaid for full English + continental breakfast on both days.
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  9. Cagin
    Damn, I feel bad now. Sorry Trev, did I mishandle them? Or is it bad juju? I got to listen to the Encore, but sadly not with the Super BaX. I still don't understand why it didn't. Maybe the demo Encore had a deeply recessed socket and they didn't want to risk any damage to the Super BaX prototypes if they'd have to pull out be the cable to remove the T2?
  10. Ra97oR
    Oh you Warren, so sneaky and mean. :p
  11. gr8soundz
    Let it crash!
    Thanks to all you've posted, this is the first time I feel like I was THERE without actually going.......
  12. miceblue
    I clicked on this thread to see Cagin's impressions. Instead, my browser nearly crashed trying to load 8762349527 photos and videos from the posts above. >.>
  13. bearFNF Contributor
    Ditto any way we can mod this so the photos are in spoiler boxes?
  14. Duncan Moderator
    FWIW London Bridge mentioned above is actually Tower Bridge, although to be fair, Maurice isn't the first person to get it wrong :)
  15. warrenpchi Administrator
    I'm thrilled that you had a good time!  That "laid back" feeling is one of the intangible qualities of a proper CanJam.  [​IMG]  Ours is a sincere and unique camaraderie, forged through years of online and offline friendships, that pervades the entire event.  It cannot be replicated, nor transplanted, and can only be fostered by all of us over time.  CanJams are created for Head-Fiers, by Head-Fiers, and there is no substitute.  Yes, we care about the gear.  And yes, we care even more about the music.  But truly, we care most about each other.  An authentic CanJam is just as much about community, if not more, than it is about commerce.
    Now that is dedication!  [​IMG]
    WOW!  [​IMG]
    I think it was a kind word that your ears were good enough to detect an imminent failure?  [​IMG]
    It's a tradition at meets and shows... one that they were kind enough to uphold on behalf of the rest of us.  [​IMG]
    Sorry about that... I've spoilered mine.  [​IMG] 
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