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Discussion in 'Music' started by wolfetan44, Jun 18, 2012.
  1. wolfetan44
    Where do I find FLAC music. Ive looked up a couple of albums and have only gotten 1 album so far in FLAC. Is there a good place to get FLAC music? Im trying to find Animal Collective music btw.
  2. kryten123
    bandcamp.com have tons of music in various formats, including FLAC.
    You can search by artist or genre - dont know if Animal Collective have music listed on there
  3. wolfetan44
    I have to fake that I have a band?
  4. kryten123

    No - you dont need to login - thats for bands to upload their music.
    About half way down the page: "Fans: discover new music & directly support the artists who make it."
    This is where you'll find featured bands\albums, genre TAGS and a search box to search for bands or genres of music
  5. wolfetan44
    OH! Thanks!
  6. wolfetan44
    They dont even have Radiohead! Where does everybody get their FLAC music?
  7. Radioking59
    They buy the CDs.
    Here you go.  Free legal downloads of their concerts.
  8. wolfetan44
    What format are CDs in? Do they sound better than MP3?
  9. kwkarth
    https://www.hdtracks.com/ is a great place from which I obtain really good flac music.
  10. KT66
    this is my favourite ever head-fi posting
  11. murrays
    My first port of call is the artist's own website.  Often you can get FLAC direct from them, or maybe a link to a distributor website.  Failing that, contact the artist and ask them if and where you can but their material.  If possible, I prefer to avoid the middlemen.
    For example: Burning Shed provide some 24-bit FLAC downloads for Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson and Anathema <https://www.burningshed.com/store/24/>.
  12. roadcykler
    Because you seem to be confused, I'll try and spell it out for you. A FLAC file is nothing more than music that hasn't been compressed. If you have a cd and you rip it to your computer, depending on what programme you use to rip it, you can choose FLAC, WMA, MP3 or maybe others. When you rip it in FLAC, you generally aren't compressing the music at all so it is just like it is when you play the cd itself. If you use MP3, you can compress it to save space to fit more music on a drive but you run the chance that it might not sound quite as good as FLAC. MP3s that are ripped at a very high bit rate, 320 or close to that, will likely have no noticeable sound difference from FLAC regardless of what anyone will try and tell you.
    So basically, a FLAC file is just a type of uncompressed file as is WMA and some Apple file (I don't do Apple so I don't know which one it is).
  13. Smeckles

    Ummmm, you might want to double check your understanding as well.  FLAC files are most certainly compressed.  They are lossless, however.  That's the more important part. WAV files are lossless and uncompressed.
  14. samsquanch
    It's pretty darned amazing, troll level even.  But I think it's an honest question, though if it's a troll it's gold.
  15. Feedback
    Buy CDs. Why is it that whenever this question is asked, the first answer is almost always HD Tracks? I figure that CDs would be the most obvious answer.

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