Flac and lossless music files

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  1. Ekul61
    Do most people with hi end systems ($2000 +) use a computer to play their flac lossless files?
  2. cossix
    It really doesn't matter but I'd say computers are popular for it. Even laptops will work fine!
  3. buke9
    I use a computer most of the time on my headphone setup and sometimes on my speaker setup or CD’s and most of the time I stream Tidal HiFi so definitely a computer for that.
  4. Muinarc
    Dedicated streamers are all the rage in the high end these days. I don't think they sound better than a PC with a good DAC though.
  5. adydula
    All my 500+ cds are ripped to FLAC, to a HP All-in One Desktop....USB to a Schiit Mulitbit Dac to a Schitt Vahalla 2 tube amp..to T'1s'.
    The PC has Foobar 2000 and Jriver for playback and file search etc...

    Makes life easy....very seldom use any of my (5) cd players.

  6. Ekul61
  7. Ekul61
    Thx for all the info above. I like to rip CDs to my laptop. A music player that reads sd cards would work great. I'm thinking of buying the smallest laptop I can find,and use is as my source.
  8. adydula
    You can try just using a laptop of even a smartphone....copy all your music to them (need enough storage..) and just try the audio out to your earplugs or headphones....it might be just fine for you.
    Most of us buy and external dac to amp for "better" sound but at more cost etc.

    There are some pretty good smartphones that have 128gb memory...room for lots of tunes.

    The thing here is to get the earplugs or headphones to work well together, ie look at the impedance of the earplugs/hp's etc so the pc source or phone source can drive the transducers
    to an acceptable level and clarity,,,,
  9. Ekul61
    Thx above. But what I'm looking for more related to very high end systems. Say if you had the Focal Utopia headphones and a woo 22 amp set up. What would be the most common way to play flac or wav files through the system
  10. ahmadfaizadnan
    I use my laptop (my only dedicated source so far) for my system and not bother to get a streamer.
  11. adydula
    If your starting out with Utopias and a woo 22 amp your on the upper end of whats out there today...
    That said, if your going to spend that much money of this stuff....and what your stating for "stuff" is pretty good....a pc source can still be a great music player.
    Its not a mobile one, but neither is the Utopias or Woo amp.....
    You may or may not need some USB cleaning device in between the PC and dac....Schitt has a few options here.

  12. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    If you're looking for the most common on Head-Fi chances are it's a gaming/workstation rig with a cooling system that isn't too loud.

    If you find setting one up daunting (and fanless laptops are expensive and have limited storage), you can always get a music server if you can afford it. There's a Marantz that goes for around the price of a CDP and has USB connections for storage drives. For more silent operation and huge storage you can set it up via your home LAN and have an HDD server in another room.
  13. cossix
    What everybody is getting at, is that it doesn't make a difference in sound quality what you use to store your files. A laptop will sound the same as a desktop which will sound the same as a DAP, if they're all being connected to the same rig. Digital files are all 1 and 0 strings so as long as there isn't something wrong with the transfer cable (USB, optical, coaxial, etc) then it'll make no difference if you're using a FiiO X3 or a $2000 custom PC with the fastest SSD
  14. Ekul61
    laptops seem quite
    thx will keep using my fiio x5. for now
  15. Grimbles
    id second this. Nothing like your high end system but I actually usb out from a Samsung dex straight to a schiit modi.

    I am sure a few people will tell me my comment is sacrilege but surely (excluding noise etc and presuming usb cleaner deployed) the component that outputs digital to the dac is irrelevant? What matters is the digital to analogue conversion then amplification?

    instead of a small laptop, why not use one of those Intel pc sticks?
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