Fixing Westone UM2 plug?
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Oct 23, 2012
As it seems the plug in my UM2's has suffered enough to not work properly any more. So choices are to either send them back to Westone to be fixed, or then go and replace the plug with a new one.

Sending them over seas back to the U.S. here from Finland is one thing, but another is not trusting the Postal services too much over not loose them on the way, and on the other hand possibly getting hefty customs duties to pay if I put in the price of the items being shipped. So I have actually started thinging to just replace to plug altogether with a new one.

Any experiences with either on the options?
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Just as an update, did go and have the plug replaced with a Neutrik one, and heard that the wiring is a bit tricky to weld as each cable had two cables twisted together and separated by thin cotton type material. But work now just fine once again.

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