Fixing random CDP skips
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Apr 5, 2002
I know, I apologize, there have been numerous posts concerning this issue. The reason I'm even trying is that I love my Panasonic SL-CT570 to death -- because it's the Japanese model. It's blue, it's got optical out, and sports a beautiful backlit remote. Ohhh ....

It skips. Not often, and never in the same place (even after a quick rewind). I have noticed it tends to skip on the outer half of the disc. Sometimes days go by without a skip, followed by two or three skips in ten minutes.

What I wanted to know was whether anyone has tried rescuing their portable CDP through a generic stereo repair shop. I get the impression they're better with home system components. In any event, I wanted to try something (anything!) before I try to obtain a NA replacement.

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Jeff Guidry

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Apr 6, 2002
It's POSSIBLE that the track that the laser moves on is dirty or has some sort of small obstruction. Several of those CD test tone discs suggest doing a 'laser exerciser' routine; that is, programming your CD player to play the first track of the test CD, then the last and put it on repeat, which causes your player to move back and forth across the whole length of the laser path several times. This will generally clear any debris on the path and insure a smooth tracking. If you don't have such a CD, just get a CD that is very long, and skip from the first track to the last track several times.

That may help. Also, with my american 570, I find that if I play it for too long, it develops mental problems. Shutting it off for a few hours corrects this problem.

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